Maria Silvestri

Vice President/County Manager Fidelity National Title San Carlos
I have been with Fidelity National Title for over 28 years. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Psychology, I began my career as a Sales Executive then Sales Manager, and now managing the operation for Fidelity San Mateo County. My loyalty stems from the caring family culture and incredible leadership our company possesses. Having the right ethics, morals and treating people with respect are all values I admire and live by. To be successful in our industry you must remain positive, care about others and encourage your team to be their best at all times! As a Fortune 500 company, our success stems from our ability to humbly provide customers with an experience unparalleled in our market place. I am very proud to work with such amazing, talented and caring people that help others facilitate the American Dream.
Nov 19, 2017

SM Branch Thanksgiving Lunch!

Thankful to be a part of this Yummy Thanksgiving branch lunch. And what better way to wrap up the lunch than with a chocolate See’s Turkey!
Oct 28, 2017

County Managers Best Practices

Two powerful days sharing ideas with the Fidelity Family of companies! Grateful to work at a place that supports education,growth & teamwork
Oct 5, 2017

After a great day in Oregon!

Leadership Training! What's not to smile about with this great group!
Oct 5, 2017

A great day in Oregon!

Proud to be a part of this FNTG Leadership team! Thanks Sherri, Ray and Tracy!!
Jun 2, 2017

Fidelity's Spirit Made It Happen

Congrats on the win of Game #1! Go Warriors!! Play for the Winning Teams!!!
Jun 1, 2017

Fidelity Rocking Warrior Pride!

Game #1 Tonight! Watch out Cleveland!
May 12, 2017
Escrow Officer, Branch Manager Burlingame
I have worked with Maria for nearly 28 years. I have known her as a Sales Rep, Assistant County Manager and now our County Manager for San Mateo County.
Maria has grown into the job at hand and does an amazing job. She is a Natural leader, always positive and a very hard worker. We all look to her for setting a great example for us all. She is not just a boss she is a Friend and a true Professional that we all look up to.
Apr 24, 2017
Mortgage Advisor | Branch Manager - OPES ADVISORS
I have worked with Maria for over 24 years. She is absolutely wonderful. She and her team are always client centric with attention to detail at the forefront of all effort. Never a moment of hesitation when it comes to referring or recommending Maria and Fidelity National Title. I am grateful for her professionalism as that is a core characteristic not easily found in today's world.
Apr 24, 2017
Senior Mortgage Advisor
I've worked with Maria for years, and she and her team are amazing. The staff at Fidelity is professional, proactive and always courteous to my team and my clients. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Apr 21, 2017
Director of Corporate Relations
Maria, is a TRUE PRO! She is not only a forward thinking County Manager for Fidelity National Title, but someone who is highly knowledgeable of the entire real estate industry. She has been amazing to work with for the last 9 years and it has been fun to watch her rise through the ranks of such an incredible company.
Apr 20, 2017
I have known Maria for 28+ years. She is a good friend and a true professional . She is a natural leader who's reputation and commitment shows in everything she does. She has worked her way from sales rep to County Manager and has the respect of her employees and customers and a smile that no one can resist.
Apr 20, 2017
Maria is the Best in the industry bar none!
Apr 20, 2017
Working with Maria is such a pleasure, professionally and personally. She truly reaches over the top to help people and provide amazing service! I have known Maria for over 35 years and worked with her for the last 10 year with Fidelity! I know that I can trust Maria! Maria is responsive, customer service driven and gets the job done!
Apr 19, 2017
There are no words to describe Maria's service to our real estate industry - just the best!!
Apr 19, 2017
Realtor, Broker,
Maria is always willing to go the extra mile to get a job complete and done correctly. I have known her through the real estate industry and Fidelity Title for over 25+ years. She is a true professional, yet exudes a very warm and caring side making her a really unique combination...
Apr 19, 2017
President Pacific Coast Capital Investors LLC
I have known Maria for several years. She is an expert in her field and delivers an incredible level of title/escrow service. Maria loves her job and shows it by finding solutions to your needs in the most efficient manner. She causes everyone around her to have great day with her positive personality and kindness. If you have a title/escrow need make sure you contact Maria!
Apr 19, 2017
I have worked with Maria Silvestri at Fidelity Title for the past 12 years. I have truly enjoyed working with Maria and her team as they are experts in the title side of the business. They are professional, efficient, and able to perceive any potential issues before they arise. When it is my choice, I choose Fidelity.
Apr 10, 2017
San Mateo County Sales Manager
I have worked with Maria Silvestri for 12 years at Fidelity National Title. I have had the pleasure of working on Maria's sales team when she was Sales Manager, and now I have the honor of presiding under her leadership as our County Manager here at Fidelity National Title. Maria is a fine example of superb leadership. She cares about her entire team, from Escrow, to Sales to our local Title Plant. She will walk the extra 100 miles for all of us. I have three daughters, and I try to surround them with great women roles models. Maria is one of those women on my list.
Apr 10, 2017
Assistant VP/Branch Manager
It has been a pleasure working with Maria these 25+ years. She is a very hard worker and dedicated to doing a great job. I have watched her grow from a sales rep to our County Manager. She is someone you can always count on and her leadership has helped this county continue to grow and succeed. She works hard to make sure both her customers and her employees are happy.
I look forward to many more years working with Maria. I know that she will always be there with the help and support I need.
Apr 10, 2017
Executive Vice President, Division 3 Regional Manager
I have had the good fortune of getting to know Maria over the 20+ years of working together and I continue to be impressed with her level of passion and commitment to her team...she is a true leader! I know her employees feel very fortunate to have a management team that has vision and direction and one that continues to inspire growth both personally and professionally. If you have an opportunity to join the FNT team....take it!
Apr 10, 2017
Fidelity National Financial
I have worked with Maria for over 28 years and have consistently found her to be a person you can count on to get the job done. Whatever the task, however big or small, if Maria says she will do it - it is done! Her excellent leadership is built on her kind and caring heart, her experience in the business and her extreme knowledge of title, escrow, real estate and lending. She knows how to bring people together to best serve our customers and our industry. Through her loyalty to the Company and to her team, Maria provides the motivation and the autonomy for success!
Apr 10, 2017
Escrow Operations Manager
I have worked with Maria since she first came to Fidelity as a Sales Representative. She has grown so much over the years and has become a terrific leader. I feel blessed and honored to be able to work with her all of these years.
Apr 9, 2017
SVP Sales and Marketing FNTG
I have had the great pleasure of knowing Maria for over 12 years now and she is a dynamic person who is committed to helping her clients and her team GROW!! She is always excited about finding a competitive advantage to assist her customers in their business and she continues to look to grow herself and her team's knowledge through Best Practices and Masterminding! I could not recommend Miss Maria highly enough!
Apr 7, 2017
Bob Bredel
Maria has done such a wonderful job managing at Fidelity. In addition to being a seasoned pro, she is totally dedicated to her employees and customers. She has a very positive personality and is always very welcoming. She sits at the very top of the title and escrow world in my book.
Apr 7, 2017
Escrow Assistant
Hands down, Maria Silvestri is an amazing leader After working in the escrow industry for over 10 years, it is a true asset having Maria as our county manager. She understands the needs of her staff and moves to make sure those needs are met at every turn. It is a pleasure working under her leadership.

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