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Recommendations (136)

May 18, 2021

Monte Mitchell recommends Cindy James

Loan Officer @ Central Coast Lending

Cindy is the best. Always dependable with a consistent work ethic and immense knowledge is a recipe for her seamless transactions. She has put together a great team! I am grateful for them!!
May 17, 2021

Linda Kirschner recommends Cindy James

Loan Consultant

Cindy James consistently delivers exceptional service. Her extensive time in the industry gives her profound knowledge and resources to tackle the many challenges through the escrow/title process. She maintains a sense of control and professionalism through the transaction. She leads you to believe you are her only client....
May 17, 2021

Ray Shalhoub recommends Cindy James


Cindy James is my go to Escrow Officer. Always exceptional customer service, always knowledgeable , and simply the best team leader in the industry. Thank you and your team for all your hard work. Be healthy and happy for ever!
May 17, 2021

Mark Willey recommends Cindy James

Loan Officer @ loanDepot

When it comes to overall reliability and experience with nuanced real estate transactions, nobody is better than Cindy and her team. Thank you for all you do :)
May 16, 2021

Deborah Keller recommends Cindy James

Loan Officer

Cindy and her team have always worked to ensure a smooth closing for our borrowers. I always appreciate how prompt she is to return any query.

May 16, 2021

Justin Stearns recommends Cindy James

Mortgage Broker

Cindy is the best around, hands down. She is an integral part of our team at Assist Home Loans and a valuable partner for anyone in our industry.
May 15, 2021

Carrie Kimmell recommends Cindy James

Broker | Founder | Atlas Real Estate and Investment

Cindy is unequivocally the best escrow officer in SLO County. Knowledgeable, dependable, and always a can-do positive attitude with a smile!

We are so appreciative of all you have done for us over the years, and when we're in a position to choose our escrow officer, we always choose you!
May 15, 2021

Maggie Koepsell recommends Cindy James

VP Mortgage Lending

If you want an escrow team that mirrors their leader with rapid response, smooth processes, and joyfulness, then look no further than Cindy James and her team. It always feels great to work with them!
May 15, 2021

Bob Moss recommends Cindy James

Loan Officer

I have sent all my loans to you for 10 years.
I only use YOU.
You are the BEST Escrow Officer that I know.
Your team is also very helpful and always there if I have a question.
We Appreciate you!!!!!
May 15, 2021

Landon recommends Cindy James

Senior Mortgage Advisor

Cindy and her wonderful team are the epitome of professionalism. We've had many transactions together and they always display promptness and precision! I would recommend anyone to them.
May 15, 2021

Jan Sanderlin recommends Cindy James

Broker/Owner of Concierge Realty

Communication is the key to every successful business and organization, but especially in an escrow situation where there are often five or more people/groups needing to be kept in the information loop. Escrow needs to be managed someone who can wrangle this three ring circus of characters and information and do it well!

This information flow is critical to the successful closing of every escrow. Cindy is the consummate professional and has managed even the most difficult clients and situations throughout the years of working with her with grace,, patience, and confidence. I know that when I entrust my clients to her, whether they be Buyers or Sellers that they will be skillfully attended to by her entire team. And I know that the other agent in the escrow will receive the same excellent service that I enjoy which is very not often the case when another agent requires their escrow company. I am a total Mad Raving Cindy James fan! I have been in Real Estate for over 33 years and in this time I have only referred Cindy and her team as my Escrow Officer of choice for over 10 years. Simply put, Cindy and her team are total Pro's!
May 15, 2021

Carol Taylor recommends Cindy James

Loan Originator

Cindy is my go-to escrow officer for all my refinance clients. I always get immediate response from her and her team. They are all very knowledgeable and the service is amazing. As a matter of fact, one of her team members opened an escrow for me and sent me fees after hours on a Friday night. I couldn't be happier with the service I get from Cindy and her team. She gets a 10 out of 10 in my book.
May 15, 2021

Gary Gracia recommends Cindy James

After 33 years selling real estate here locally, I can say that Cindy James is without doubt one of the best escrow officers I have ever worked with. Especially in these times, Cindy's demeanor, skill, work ethic and endless patience, have shined and made this pandemic real estate market all the more bearable to all involved.
May 15, 2021

Kellye Grayson recommends Cindy James

Real Estate Agent

Cindy is a total pro! She and her team are always on top of everything and readily available. It is a pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend!
May 15, 2021

Dale Kaiser recommends Cindy James


My office has worked with Cindy James for over 25 years and we highly recommend the service she and her excellent team at Fidelity National Title provide for escrow and title services.

In addition to her high level of professional service, Cindy has empathy and understanding on a human level rarely seen.

We will continue to recommend Cindy and her team for excellent professional escrow and title services.

May 15, 2021

Kay Cementina recommends Cindy James

Realtor, Broker Associate

In an area as small as San Luis Obispo County, the best rise to the top very quickly! Over 15 years ago, I was introduced to Cindy and have been grateful for her service in the escrow industry ever since. Her thoughtfulness in handling the file is evident from the moment she receives the new escrow. Knowing I can trust Cindy's team to follow through with every little detail makes my job easier and I am assured the transaction will be smoother on that end. Thanks, Cindy!
May 15, 2021

Graham Updegrove recommends Cindy James

Real Estate Broker

Cindy and her team are excellent to work with! Cindy is highly organized, efficient and her responsiveness during escrows is astounding. She is pleasant and cordial when working with clients, and ultimately gets the job done! I pass on my highest regards and compliments to Cindy.
May 15, 2021

Hal Sweasey recommends Cindy James

Real Estate Broker

Cindy James is great. It's so nice to have someone you feel confident referring to your valued clients and Cindy and her team have been our go to escrow team for years. Cindy is incredibly responsive, has handled virtually every situation you can imagine and in my 30 years of business I've found her to be just exceptional in doing a great job for our clients. Open your escrow with Cindy and you'll be glad you did.
May 15, 2021

Amy Daane recommends Cindy James

Real Estate Agent and Brokerage Owner

Cindy is wonderful to work with, she and her team are extremely professional and can always be relied upon for smooth transactions. I highly recommend Cindy and sincerely enjoy working with her.
May 14, 2021

Lindsey Harn recommends Cindy James

Real Estate Agent

I have been working with Cindy for over 10 years. She is organized, professional, and one of the hardest working people I know! I would highly recommend opening an escrow with Cindy and then doing it again and again! She is the BEST!
Mar 24, 2021

Ashley Corbin recommends Cindy James

Cindy is the absolute BEST escrow officer that I have worked with in my 20 years in Real Estate! Her team goes above and beyond every single time, without fail. The people you work with are an extension of you and your business so it matters who you having working beside you and we can always count on her and her team! Thank you for everything you do ladies!
Feb 12, 2021

Andrew King recommends Cindy James

Loan Officer

Cindy James is the "Gold Standard" of escrow officers. I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy James for years now. She is one of the most professional people I've ever worked with and has some of the best customer service in any industry. I never have to worry that a call or email will go unanswered and know she will take care of my clients. Can't recommend her enough!
Feb 10, 2021

Margaret Morris recommends Team Arroyo


I recently had a transaction with Kim MacDonald & Stephanie Schaefer, and as usual had a very good experience. I was very impressed with their team, who relentlessly pursued action from Tesla, for which I normally have to spend much of my time on the phone to get results. Tesla has been so backed up that it often takes many phone calls and emails. I’ve not had an escrow team take on that responsibility and it was so refreshing and appreciated, especially since I know the escrow people are working overtime as it is. It meant a lot to me. Thank you Kim & Stephanie and your whole team!
Jan 25, 2021

Teri Williams recommends Team Arroyo


You two are wonderful!!
Jan 22, 2021

Pat Carter recommends Amanda Wood

Loan Officer

I appreciate you and Team CJ. You guys are the very best to work with.

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