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Sep 13, 2019

Chanell Lou recommends Renee Lo

I just closed a deal with Renee, she was always there to answer my text messages or phone calls when I had questions. She always did it with a smile and never made me feel like I was below her. My case was a little stressful dealing with people who did not want to play nice to say the least. She always calmed me down and said it will all be ok, I promise we will make sure to get this done for you correctly.

Thank you Renee for your help
Sep 9, 2019

Randall Ramirez recommends Jennifer Adams

Local Realtor

Working with Jennifer was fantastic! Jennifer's communication was always in a timely manner with a personal phone call to keep everyone in the transaction well informed, that is huge to me! Experienced and knowledgable made for a smooth closing! You get two thumbs up and 5 stars. I would recommend you any time! Thank you.
Sep 6, 2019

Candy Carson recommends Renee Lo

Honest, hard working woman!
Sep 6, 2019

Brian Nakai recommends Renee Lo


Renee -Lo is very dedicated work who puts her heart and soul into her work. She’s one you can always count on to get the job done
Aug 29, 2019

Stacy Mattson recommends Renee Lo

Loan Funder

I've had the pleasure of working with Renee Lo for the past 3 years. Renee is one of my top favorite EOs to work with. She's always quick to respond. I always know that whenever Renee Lo is the escrow officer assigned to one of my files I can be assured that it's going to be a smooth transaction on the escrow end. Renee is truly a joy to work with and I appreciate how she is extremely dedicated to her job and never "skips a beat". She is one of my favorite escrow officers to work with!
Aug 29, 2019

Margie Bracken recommends Renee Lo

Escrow Branch Manager

managed Renee when she was relatively new to the industry. She was a very quick learner and a dedicated employee. I always knew she would be successful. If Renee lived in Arizona I would definitely want her to be my Escrow Officer, handling all of my loan transactions.
Aug 29, 2019

Linda Tsang recommends Renee Lo

Mortgage Admin

Renee has always gone above and beyond for each and everyone of her customers and business partners. Whenever I had a problem or an issue, Renee would use all her resources to find the solution. Her enthusiasm and her positive energy made all our customers feel comfortable, which is important when they are signing mortgage loan agreements. Renee is truly an asset to our team
Aug 29, 2019

Trina Hunt recommends Renee Lo


Renee is great to work with. She's knowledgable, personable, and totally on top of it! She made my job so much easier, I hope to work with her again in the future
Aug 29, 2019

Anthony Dejuan Bosier Jr. recommends Renee Lo

Transaction Coordinator

Renee has been outstanding from the beginning and I couldn’t recommend her enough. She always tries her best to be available, on time, answer ANY questions we have in detail, etc. I continue to look forward to future cooperation!
Aug 29, 2019

Michael Miyakusu recommends Renee Lo

Home Mortgage Consultant

Renee is amazing to work with! She is very responsive, extremely hard working, and goes out of her way for all of her clients and partners consistently. No matter the task, can always count on Renee to deliver and exceed expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable
Aug 29, 2019

Michael Ceglio recommends Renee Lo


I Have been working with Renee Lo for 14+ years and have never had anything less than AAA service. Renee is fast on email and her follow up is impeccable. All of my clients really like her and her availability. Renee takes the time to answer all questions from my borrowers. All my clients that have closed their refinance with Renee request her by name when we reapply for a new refinance. Very professional and service is top notch service all around.
Aug 29, 2019

Ashley Loney recommends Renee Lo

Mortgage Funder @ Wells Fargo

I have been working with Renee for several years now and Renee and her team are always very professional and timely. I have referred many WF partners to use Renee and her Team as she always gets the job done. Renee is by far the best title agent to work with and cares so much about the customers and building great relationships and partnerships with all parties involved in any transaction.

Simply put, Renee is amazing!
Aug 28, 2019

Jessica Zamaoor recommends Renee Lo


Renee is one of the escrow officer I know when the docs come over for funding from her it is going to be all prefect and in line. She gets us anything we need promptly. I have never had a delayed closing with Renee, she has amazing support. She will pick up the phone and call if she does not understand what we are looking for.
I feel like she cares about me as a person and not just another funder. She always ask how my day is and always ends the calls telling me to have a great rest of my day.
I really enjoy the experience of working with Renee
Aug 27, 2019

Jill Ballard recommends Kassi Gutierrez


Kassi is the best escrow officer ever!! She is extremely knowledgeable about all things real estate. I can go to her with all sorts of questions. If she doesn't know, then she knows the right people to ask. Recently, I had the Buyer on a transaction up in Redding. They were using another escrow officer for the transaction. We had come to a 3 day stand-still with the loan people wanting a certain title coverage and what the company was allowed to do. I called Kassi even though she had nothing to do with this transaction. Kassi had dealt with this issue many times before. She pulled the affidavit out of her files, sent it to the other title officer and explained how and why it was used. Everyone signed it and we closed on time. This wasn't even her responsibility and she still saved the day for my Buyer! I won't ever use anyone else!
Aug 27, 2019

Stephanie Tran recommends Renee Lo


Renee Lo and her support team were great. They are very professional, friendly and responsive. We would use their service again
Aug 23, 2019

Michael Grant recommends Renee Lo


Renee was very prompt and return all requested items to us for funding of a loan, anytime we needed anything she did it with a cheerful attitude. One day when I called her I was having a tough day but she just made it feel like everything will be ok. I wish all the loan officers would use someone like Renee. I cannot wait to see her name again on another file. Because I would move mountains to help her like she does me
Aug 23, 2019

Liz recommends Renee Lo

Loan Processor

I have never worked with an escrow officer so on top of the files, I can request a document and I know she is going to get it to me promptly. I have worked with many escrow companies and I tell all my loan officers Renee is the best, You will truly enjoy working with her friend go get it mindset. Thank you Renee for helping take the stress of the escrow process off my lap. Here is to closing many more loans with your team
Aug 9, 2019

Elizabeth Castilllo recommends Bridget Harrigan

Senior Sales Executive

As a Sales Executive it is crucial to have seasoned and professional Escrow Officers on your team. I am so blessed to represent Bridget Harrigan who as a Branch Manager/Escrow Officer assures everyone has a smooth and timely close as she mentors and provides a winning atmosphere for our large office that we all can learn and benefit from. With 28 yrs of experience you can trust your real estate transactions are in good hands!! She is one of the reasons I can truly be confident out there in the marketplace. I highly recommend her!
Aug 9, 2019

Nithya & Satish Krishna recommend Kassi Gutierrez


Kassi is a very service oriented professional yet personal with her clients!
Her attention to detail and speedy response to every single email shows thats she truly cares about her clients. Kassi's insight into potential problems and immediately seeking a resolve is a reflection of her persistence, knowledge and patience. Without Kassi, we wouldn't have had a successful close! Kassi is the best!
Aug 8, 2019

Cora Velasco recommends Desiree Baker

Realtor- Realty One Group World Properties

Desiree is very knowledgeable, helpful, and inspiring. Talking to her made me feel I can do much more. I recommend you talk to her.

Jul 26, 2019

SUMANT PENDHARKAR recommends Jennifer Chu Lee

Broker Associate - Realtor & Loan Specialist

Jennifer will give you everything you need to be successful as an agent. She is a seasoned and mature escrow resource. A true pleasure working with her.
Jun 22, 2019

Eric Wong recommends Kassi Gutierrez

Kassi did a tremendous job for us. She went above and beyond the scope of her responsibilities. She was not afraid to take the extra step to help us and follow-up on every detail. She was always available when we called and she investigated every possible option open to us. Because of her extra help, everything we did went smoothly. She is number 1 on our list and we highly recommend her.
Jun 18, 2019

Kelly Le recommends Annie Tyler


If you’re looking for a title rep that cares, I highly recommend Annie. She has always gone above and beyond to help make every one of our transaction go smoothly. Truly, one of the most hard working title reps I know. Highly, highly recommend working with Annie!!!
Jun 15, 2019

Lin-Lin Tsou-Otani recommends Renee Lo

Listing Specialist

Renee has the lion's share of my escrows and I am super happy that she was introduced to me by Teri Larkin. I have had issues with other escrow officers and Teri personally sat me down and listed everything I wanted in an escrow officer. Renee was the one that came to mind for her. Teri took me to meet with Renee for me to "interview" her and I haven't looked back since. Renee is responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. I also trust her to give the same level of service which I give to my clients which means a lot to me. I make it a point to attend the signings with my sellers; however, know if I cannot make it that she will take good care of them, because she really does care about them as well and that means a great deal to me.
Jun 14, 2019

Brian Keith recommends Renee Lo

Account executive

Renee is AWESOME.
I trust her and her work. PERIOD.
Great attitude and always goes above and beyond.
Renee is AWESOME.

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