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Recommendations (376)

Aug 26, 2023

Tasha recommends Cisely Sandoval


Cisely was great! She took her time explaining the features, how to use the platform and answered all of my questions. I appreciate the fantastic customer service!
Aug 25, 2023

Nicole Kappel recommends Cisely Sandoval


Cisley has been a beacon of support and resource for me in my career. I can always call her with a question or favor. She’s my go to Title rep!!
Jul 25, 2023

Rose Hair recommends Nani Treat

Nani and her team is always great to work with. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Extremely pleasant and communicates information in a timely fashion. I enjoy working with this team and will always refer to others
Jul 12, 2023

Rose Hair recommends Nani Treat

Nani and her team are always give outstanding service. They do go over and beyond in their customer service. I would recommend them to others and use them when I have the chance! Thank you Ladies!
Jun 21, 2023

Tracy Romero recommends Tiffany Galindez

?Thank you for the exceptional service provided by Tiffany Galindez during the recent closing of my escrow. Tiffany was prompt and efficient handling all the paperwork and procedures involved truly exceeded my expectations.
I was particularly impressed by the speed with which we were able to close escrow.
It was a pleasure as always to work with such a competent and reliable personnel.? - Tracy Romero
Jun 16, 2023

Vera Gleason recommends Bobbie Vaudrin

Bobbie Vaudrin has been my escrow officer of choice for several years. She has consistently shown her expertise in handling all types of transactions and any issues that arise. I highly recommended Bobbie and Fidelity in general to anyone who is looking for a great escrow officer and company.
May 30, 2023

Cat Lopez recommends Cisely Sandoval

Sales Manager

Cisely was incredibly informative, providing us with valuable insights on creating a strong FARM. Her knowledge of the industry and understanding of the agents' needs were impressive. By the end of her presentation, we were well-equipped with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Overall, Cisely's workshop was enlightening and left us feeling confident. Thank you Cisely for doing this for us and we really appreciate you!!
May 6, 2023

Robin Stucker recommends Bobbie Vaudrin

Bobbie Vaudrin is the best escrow officer!! Her knowledge and attention to detail is what sets her apart from the rest. I have worked with her for years and will continue to do so.
Apr 19, 2023

Sandy Stewart recommends Bobbie Vaudrin

I recommend Bobbie & her team at Fidelity National Title Vacaville. Very professional & thorough. Another great closing!
Apr 17, 2023

Wendy Sobotta recommends Tiffany Galindez

Tiffany Galindez was very professional, friendly and so easy to work with, she always took the time to make sure I knew where we were at throughout the escrow process. This transaction was in a trust and whole process went very quick and smoothly. I would definitely recommend Tiffany to handle all of your Escrow needs.
Apr 7, 2023

Chris Cocchi recommends Bobbie Vaudrin

Bobbie Vaudrin thanks for a great job!
Mar 30, 2023

Julianne Lyons recommends Tiffany Galindez

Tiffany G and Team were very responsive and fast to answer questions from myself and my client who was the Seller. Very smooth and quick escrow (10 day close - which takes a lot of extra work since the time frame is much shorter than a 30 escrow.)
Mar 24, 2023

Blanca Lomeli recommends Cisely Sandoval

Sr. Loan Officer

Cisely is Amazing!

She has such a great energy, is super helpful, knowledgeable and smart. The tools and resources she provides are critical to the success in today's Real Estate market.
Mar 11, 2023

Robin Stucker recommends Bobbie Vaudrin

My experience was totally positive. Mrs. Vaudrin was very efficient. Her response time is amazing and kept me updated on all things.
Feb 22, 2023

Don Jordan recommends Nani Treat

Ursala Cruz does an outstanding job with your escrow transactions. She makes it a pleasure and gives you confidence your clients are taken care of. She is one of the best.
Feb 8, 2023

Wennie Alexander recommends Bobbie Vaudrin

Home Buyer

Miss Bobbie is an amazing person!! She went out of her way to help my family and I get the home we have been having visions of for the last year. Well when it was time to sell our departing property, there were snags that I was completely oblivious to; that had to cleared. I was so upset and Miss Bobbie listened to me, a complete stranger cry about this horrible problem. Well fast forward, I called her to speak with her to see what she knew, she did not pick up, and the next time that she did, it was great news!! Miss Bobbie made sure I did not have an unanswered question and when I did have one, she made sure she help me understand. I am so glad my real estate agent works with her. Stay great Miss Bobbie!
Feb 8, 2023

Wennie Alexander recommends Bobbie Vaudrin

Miss Bobbie!! Wow!! This lady is great beyond what I can describe, but I will try my best. We were selling our home in a crazy market, (high interest rates) but God sent us special buyers. My home title had some things on it, that I had no clue about, it made me cry literally. I told Miss Bobbie my concerns and asked what I could do, she told me everything she could. I called her back crying on her voicemail letting her know what I knew. At that point since she did not pick up, I was thinking this lady do not want to hear about my drama. I was completely wrong, she did not pick up because she was going out of her way to help me!! Miss Bobbie and her team is the best!! She is very responsive. My realtor loves her too!!
Jan 13, 2023

SURYA KALSI recommends Cisely Sandoval


Cisely is amazing! I am convinced she never sleeps. She works harder than any escrow agent I have ever met and she’s always available to answer your questions. If you want someone who goes the extra mile, a true professional, someone knowledgeable about her specialty, Cisely is the one.
Jan 11, 2023

Marc Afzal recommends Nani Treat

Nani Treat and Ursula Cruz have by far exceeded all my expectations. Working in the Real Estate industry for over 21+ years and this team has absolutely been the most knowledgable, professional and hard working staff I have ever dealt with. Since the minute I started using them, they have been taking care of me and my clients with the highest level of service! They are an integral part of my team for my business and would highly recommend them!
Jan 11, 2023

Ric Bareng recommends Brenda Eddy

Ms Kerry Fisher & Ms Brenda Eddy team are consummate Escrow professionals. The entire transaction was flowed seamlessly, stress free the entire time & their team were very supportive & responsive. Given a chance to work with them, I'll do it all over again. It is quite rare to find a Team that talk the talk & walk the walk. With Ms Kerry Fisher & Team, you can expect this incredible ladies to not just go the extra mile, but always provide their exceptional customer service & certainly remain proactive throughout the duration of the transaction, whether you're in the Buyers or Sellers side. They are bonafide rockstars!
Dec 9, 2022

Sophia Ayala recommends Cisely Sandoval


Cisely is wonderful to work with! She is patient and informative and helpful! I really appreciated the time she has spent and is willing to spend with me to help me. A true gem!
Dec 5, 2022

Peppino Messina recommends Cisely Sandoval


Cisely has been a rockstar helping out new agents and brokerages. She has made herself readily available to show new agents in the office the tools and products Fidelity has to offer. She’s willing to go the extra step so the brokerage has all the updated title and escrow information. She’s punctual with appointments, returns phones, and someone you can count on. Definitely a great asset and always a pleasure to work with.
Nov 22, 2022

Tom Perkins recommends Cisely Sandoval

It is always a pleasure working with Cisely, she is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. I would highly recommend other agents and lenders work with Cisely.
Nov 15, 2022

Sandy Stewart recommends Tiffany Galindez

Tiffany Galindez and her team at Fidelity National Title are the Best!
Nov 14, 2022

Reny Nunag recommends Cisely Sandoval


It’s not often you meet someone like Cisely. She would literally go out of her way to help you out. She always keeps in her thoughts when it comes to training and will drop anything that she’s doing to fit you in her schedule. I’ve benefited from the training she has given me and to this day she keeps me in mind on future training. Thanks Cisely for always accommodating and being available.

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