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Through its nationwide network of direct operations and agents, Fidelity National Title provides title insurance, underwriting, escrow and closing services to residential, commercial and industrial clients, lenders, developers, attorneys, real estate professionals and consumers.

With a proud history of more than 150 years, Fidelity National Title Agency is one of the nation's premier real estate service companies.

As a member of Fidelity National Financial's family of companies, Fidelity National Title Agency is part of one of the largest title and escrow companies in the United States. We have the most substantial claims reserve in the industry. Let Fidelity show you why customers rely on us for the experience, service and financial strength they need for real estate transactions.

Fidelity National Title Agency is a national leader in title insurance and real estate services. At Fidelity, we offer a complete line of title and escrow services for both residential and commercial transactions as well as a variety of other related services such as Account Servicing, Builder Development, Construction Disbursements, Foreclosure and Multi-County Title.

At Fidelity National Title Agency we are committed to providing you exceptional service. Let Fidelity offer you the price, service, and reliability you expect from a leader in the title insurance industry. Though our nationwide network of offices you're sure to find a Fidelity National Title Agency branch nearby for all your real estate transactions.


Recommendations (355)

Sep 8, 2021

Jenn Rhodes recommends Paula Brown

Sales Executive

What a treat it is to work with Paula! I really enjoy her knowledge, and timely communication! Paula treats each customer with both care and urgency and will always go the extra mile to get the transaction closed on time. It is her years of experience at closing that brings her customers back to her time and time again.
Sep 8, 2021

Jenn Rhodes recommends Elisa Lupo

Sales Executive

What a pleasure it is to have such a wonderfully kind genuine human to work with! Elisa took me under her wing with a supportive grace! Elisa's clients rave of her knowledge, timeliness and consideration throughout all aspects of her transactions with a smile on her face!
Sep 7, 2021

Kimberly Keegan recommends Paula Brown

Sales Executive

I love working with Paula Brown! I know that I can ask her to help realtors and lenders and she will diligently handle their business and do it with a smile. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and up to speed on all things title and escrow. I highly recommend using Paula for all of your title and escrow needs.
Sep 7, 2021

Kimberly Keegan recommends Kim Reis

Sales Executive

When it comes to professionalism and expertise, Kim Reis always comes to mind. Whatever type of real estate transaction you have, you can rest assured that Kim and her team will handle you and your clients with the utmost care. She is well-versed in all aspects of escrow and title and will guide anyone--novice or seasoned--through the maze of buying a home, a multi-family property, or a commercial sale. I promise you will not be disappointed!
Sep 7, 2021

Jack Moran recommends Robyn Anderson

Sales Executive

So happy to have Robyn and Dawnell as part of our team at FNT. Patience and Efficiency are their calling cards.
Sep 7, 2021

Jack Moran recommends Tina Banks

Sales Executive

Tina has been a solid performer with Fidelity National Title for 40 years , She has truly seen (and closed) every kind of transaction. You don't survive in this business this long unless you're providing outstanding service !
Sep 7, 2021

Denise King recommends Kourtney Williams

Sales Executive Fidelity National Title

Kourtney is wonderful in every way possible! She is a terrific Escrow Officer and will always go the extra mile for her clients.
If you need an awesome Escrow Officer to help you with your business; Kourtney will not disappoint you.
Sep 7, 2021

Denise King recommends Tina Banks

Sales Executive Fidelity National Title

Tina is such a wealth of information and a great asset to our company. She is also the sweetest soul, loves all her clients and only wants the best for everyone.

If you are looking for an elite escrow officer to help you with your business; look no further than Tina.
Sep 7, 2021

Andrea Alvarez recommends Chrissy Orr

Sales Executive

I absolutely love Chrissy! She is quick to respond to emails and always finds a way to help her clients. Even as busy as she is she is never to busy to take new business. She is very detail oriented and does it with such ease you would never know there was ever an issue even if there wasn't one. Chrissy and her team are on top of it all the time. They remind me when they need something followed up on or if they need something to get done. I love working with her team and helping her grow her desk of business. I have used her for one of my personal transactions and she was vocal about how grateful she was to have our deal and I didn't even have one flaw with the transaction. If you need a new escrow officer and don't know who to use definitely try Chrissy! You won't be disappointed but instead have peace of mind that your transaction is in great hands!
Sep 7, 2021

Andrea Alvarez recommends Barbi Stewart

Sales Executive

Barbi is one of the most hard working individuals I've ever met in my life. If she is not working after hours, she is working weekends. She goes the extra mile to get her transactions and our escrow teams transactions closed. One situation I had a client who was getting a deal closed with our sister branch in Nogales and she stepped in to help got the signed docs scanned to the escrow officer. It was the end of the year and the end of the month and she did not hesitate to help me get it done. I love working with her and love selling her to our Tucson market. Barbi has over 25 years of experience in transactions not many escrow officers are familiar with.
Sep 6, 2021

Sommer Green recommends Shannon Smith

Senior Branch Business Development Coordinator NOVA Home Loans

Shannon Smith is a staple in our real community in Tucson! She greets everyone with a smile and her customer service is always so very genuine and top notch! Fidelity National Title is lucky to have her and the Tucson community is blessed to work alongside her!
Aug 27, 2021

Blaire Lometti recommends Denise King


Denise is wonderful in every way. I will be sending more business her way. She is professional and kind. I highly recommend Denise King.
Apr 27, 2021

Doug Eardley recommends Judy Kaiser

home seller

Judy, and Jaime O'Neill, provided excellent services. I am from out of town and sold an inherited house; the transaction was complicated due to probate issues. I The Kaiser team was totally professional and helpful throughout. The transaction was completely remote due to the pandemic, but it all worked out fine.
Apr 15, 2021

Robert Anderson recommends Denise King

I am just beginning to work with Denise but find her informative, helpful and caring to the people she works with. I look forward to continued work in the future.


Robert A
Apr 1, 2021

Jeannie Davis recommends Nadine Rowlett

Vice President & Senior Loan Officer

Nadine is my go to for all of my clients! She is always available, knowledgeable, detail oriented and personable! She goes above and beyond and I am so appreciative of her work ethic and dedication throughout the entire transaction!! Thank you for all you do!!
Jan 29, 2021

Eric M. Schroeder recommends Kourtney Williams


Kourtney is an amazing talent in our industry. Our company is lucky to have her on the team as she adds not only a wealth a knowledge and skill, but her contributions to our team culture as well.

If you're looking to work with an elite Escrow Officer in Tucson, Kourtney should be high on your list.
Oct 28, 2020

Shannon Smith recommends Paula Brown

Sales Manager - Fidelity National Title

Paula always puts her clients first! Paula's commitment to excellence and service is what has led her to great success at our Company. Communication is key to a smooth Escrow closing and Paula's clients are always kept informed during a transaction and even beyond! Paula has a great attitude, a fantastic sense of humor and I am honored to work with her!
Oct 21, 2020

Dale Lynne Vickroy recommends Judy Kaiser

Land Developer

I have worked with Judy for many closings over the years. From the time of our first closing together, I have been very impressed by her thoroughness and attention to detail. Others in my past have presented sloppy paperwork at a closing (my name spelled correctly in one place and wrong in 2 others, etc). I think recorded documents should have no errors and I can rely on Judy to present perfect documents. Makes my life so much easier. She is easy to work with and pleasant to be around. She always responds to my many questions in a timely manner and with a smile in her voice. Thank you so much, Judy, for being there for us.
Oct 21, 2020

Jeremy Jennings recommends Barbi Stewart

Solutions Specialist- Quikbuyer LLC

Barbi was awesome! She stayed on top of everything and made closing easier than expected for our situation during escrow. I will definitely recommend & continue to send fidelity business due to her diligence .

Thanks again Babri,
Jeremy. J
Oct 7, 2020

Chrissy Orr recommends Eric M. Schroeder

Branch Manager, Escrow Officer

Eric is a great Leader who goes above and beyond to help his team and his customers. He is very knowledgeable, having a background in Title and Escrow, and he is always happy to help share that knowledge with others. He is very much respected and admired, and is a true asset to our company.
Oct 5, 2020

Nadine Rowlett recommends Eric M. Schroeder

Escrow Officer

I have had the pleasure of working with Eric since I started with Fidelity National Title, Tucson in April of 2015. I have always admired his work ethic and especially his honesty. He has been a blessing to have as an Escrow Administrator, always there for us when we need advice on a file, or help with figuring out a problem. He is a great Leader, I am looking forward to having him as our County Manager.
Sep 30, 2020

Shannon Smith recommends Tina Banks

Sales Manager - Fidelity National Title

The name Tina Banks and Fidelity National Title have gone together for almost 40 years! When you work with Tina, you not only get her years of experience and knowledge, you get her commitment to excellence and dedication to her clients. Tina has handled just about every type of Escrow transaction. She can hold her own with complicated investors and patience with the first time homebuyer. Tina is a gem and we are blessed to have her at our company!
Sep 15, 2020

Terry Bishop recommends Tina Banks

Broker Owner

Tina has been my escrow agent for more than a decade. She is patient with my clients (and with me) and explains in easy to understand language the answers to questions the clients may have. She has a cheerful disposition and Fidelity is very very fortunate to have her as an escrow agent!!
Aug 26, 2020

Shannon Macey recommends Denise King


Denise is such a pleasure to work with! She makes our lives so much easier - she responds to emails within minutes and provides a level of perfectionism that gives us total peace of mind! Also, she's always professional and a joy to interact with!
Jun 23, 2020

Joleen recommends Denise King


Denise King is the best! She is available, informative and efficient. I have been working with her for years and she has always done a great job in helping promoting my business as well as creating new business opportunities for me. I highly recommend her!

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