Shannon Smith

Sales Manager Fidelity National Title Tucson
Sep 11, 2019
Senior Vice President - Sales & Marketing - Fidelity National Title Group
You My Dear are one of our very best Strategic Leaders, So Proud of you!!
Sep 11, 2019
Sales Executive
I have worked for Shannon for over 10 years and in that time she has selflessly shared her time, knowledge, and expertise with me and the rest of the sales team. Always calm and collected, with never a knee-jerk reaction, she leads our team with confidence and thoughtfulness, and allows us to do our jobs independently while supporting us when we need help. Working with Shannon is one of my best career experiences!
Sep 11, 2019
Sales Executive
Shannon is a great leader. Always there to help, provide excellent insight and be supportive. A true resource in the industry.
Aug 2, 2018
Branch Manager/Senior Loan Officer
Shannon and her team have been an integral part of my success here in Tucson. Every time I work with Shannon, she treats me like a VIP! She goes above and beyond to help find solutions, suggestions or just to let me vent!
She cares for my clients in the same manner that she would care for a family member. I don't always get to direct where the transaction will be in regards to title, but when it's with one of Shannon's amazing teams, I know it's going to be a slam dunk!
Thank you Shannon!!! Thank you for believing in the "little guy"!! Your support means the world to me!
Apr 2, 2018
Sales Coordinator
I work for a great company and for that I have Shannon Smith to thank! She believed in me and hired me for the position I am in today. I greatly enjoy working with her, the Sales Team, and everyone here at Fidelity National Title. Shannon encourages our team’s success, cultivates new relationships, and is always on the lookout for ways that we can grow so that we may help our clients grow.
Mar 30, 2018
Vice President, Fidelity
Shannon is a pleasure to work with. She has successfully managed the sales team in Tucson for many years for Fidelity. She invests herself in finding ways to better serve both her team members and our customers, and it shows. As a member of our leadership team, I have worked closely with her over the past few years and enjoy it very much. If you are looking to align yourself with a business partner who can help you find ways to improve and grow your business, contact Shannon immediately!
Jan 20, 2016
Sales Executive
If you are looking for a fair and honest person to work for, look no further than Shannon Smith. She is knowledgeable in her job and always has the right recommendations for each person she encounters. Quite simply, the best boss I have ever had!
Jan 18, 2016
Business Development Officer
Shannon Smith is truly someone that I would choose to work with on any project given the option. Shannon is able to guide others to greatness through her exceptional leadership skills. She is dependable, organized, detailed, creative, patient and has a wonderful sense of humor. Working along side of Shannon is guaranteed success.
Jan 5, 2016
Owner/Partner Mindful Destinations
Shannon is amazing. She is dedicated to her work and get's the job done. Always there when you need her. Smart innovative business person.
Dec 12, 2014
Sales Executive
Since I've met Shannon she has been a great influence in my life. She is a wonderful manager who listens and always has a way to help the situation. During the process of my recruitment she kept me calm and hopeful knowing once the cross over happened everything would come together and I am so grateful because it did. Shannon is a manager who knows how to push to you success with all the great motives. Prior to working with Fidelity National Title I remember running into her at the affiliate organizations. She always had a confident smile on her face that may you wonder what was so special about working for Fidelity. Now that I am a part of Fidelity I understand and share that same smile.

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