Dan Cowgill

Title Officer Fidelity National Title Tucson
I have been in the industry 21+ years. My clients love the detail that I put into my work and timely responsiveness
One of my personal motto's is: If service is to be provided, it should be world class service. My values are legal, moral and ethical. I love my job and look forward to working with you soon. I was born in Alaska although have lived most of my life in Tucson Arizona. I have 7 children, 2 dogs and when I am not working I enjoy woodworking with my sons and reading books out loud to my family.
Mar 30, 2018
Vice President, Fidelity
Dan is quite literally the most impressive person I have ever encountered in the underwriting/title side of our business. I am certain that his knowledge and technical ability in underwriting exceeds most others who hold similar positions to his. The fact that he has been granted authority to make underwriting decisions for transactions with liability amounts up to $25,000,000.00 speaks volumes for the company's confidence in his abilities.

The best part about Dan however is the way he conducts himself. All of the employees in this organization absolutely love working with him. His ability to provide much needed guidance and support to our staff in a friendly and approachable manner makes him the BEST in the business.

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