RJ Cutting

AVP/Operations Manager Fidelity National Title Ventura
Sep 14, 2019
Sales Manager
I’ve had the opportunity to work with RJ for over 12 years. Our company has grown exponentially since RJ Cutting joined our Title team. His consistency, professionalism and knowledge of our Fidelity tools/programs has allowed him to be a part of many great agents success. RJ is a bright shining star in the Title/Real Estate industry and Fidelity National Title is proud to call him one our own. Thank you for helping so many realtors to achieve a higher level of growth with your consistency and caring. You’re a Rock Star!
Jul 31, 2019
Sales Executive
RJ is the best title insurance representative & real estate industry consultant in the business today. He is highly knowledgeable in the new tools of today's technology. He is able to help real estate professionals greatly improve their business production through consultation and implementation of these tools, many of which are exclusive to his company, Fidelity National Title. I highly recommend RJ to all my friends and clients within the real estate industry!

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