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At Fidelity, commitment is not just a word--it's a conviction. We take pride in our desire to serve our customers to the best of our ability.

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Recommendations (997)

Nov 11, 2021

Ed Sias recommends Shilea Venti

I just finished another great escrow with no problems as I had Shilea as my Escrow Officer. She is an excellent escrow officer! She is always quick to get back to me with any issues etc. I know everything is going to be taken care of as she is very thorough and always friendly. I will always use her with my escrows when given an opportunity.
Oct 27, 2021

Marisa Cox recommends Cherie Cocoles

Cherie completes the work of 10 human beings -her energy level is unceasing, and she always has an answer for everything or the ability to find it. She is both personable and kind, efficient and no nonsense. Would not use anybody else.
Oct 22, 2021

Tara Hagen recommends Shilea Venti

Great job everything ran smoothly!
Oct 9, 2021

Melissa Lyster recommends Cherie Cocoles

Cherie was fantastic! We opened escrow on a 7 day close, cash deal. She was quick and efficient and we got our transaction closed in just 4 days!! Record time for my books and I?m absolutely impressed. Thank you Cherie!!
Oct 9, 2021

Mary Anne LaHaye recommends Cherie Cocoles

Cherie and her team worked very hard this month for my clients and myself. We had so many changes from lenders that created so much extra work and Cherie and her team still made it happen and closed multiple escrows. Curve balls are never easy to manage but I appreciated how Cherie jumps in and does whatever is necessary to make things happen.
Oct 6, 2021

Lindsey Mackey recommends Shilea Venti

Sheila and her team at Fidelity title are professionals that consistently exceed expectations and are a total delight to coordinate with during transactions! Thank you all!
Oct 6, 2021

Ed Klotz recommends Debbie Barry

Debbie and her crew were very professional ad did a great job in helping this transaction complete in a smooth and drama free manner.
Sep 21, 2021

Nicole Kappel recommends Debbie Barry

Debbie Barry is simply the best
Sep 17, 2021

Melinda Byrne recommends Debbie Barry

You know I love Debbie and her team to pieces. :)
Sep 10, 2021

Babu Ramadadran recommends Fidelity National Title Walnut Creek

Very professional and thorough company.
Sep 9, 2021

Harlan Griswold III recommends Fidelity National Title Walnut Creek

Fidelity Title Co in Walnut Creek, with Maria Luna, is my favorite escrow agency and agent. I can trust they'll be just as concerned about the transaction as I am, and will not delay at all during the transaction. Maria is the ultimate professional, always calm and knowing what to do. They make my job easier!!
Aug 28, 2021

Nancy Crawford recommends Cherie Cocoles

Cherie is a wonderful, positive, escrow manger, & very knowedgeable & professional!
Aug 26, 2021

Melinda Byrne recommends Debbie Barry

Simply the best...
Aug 20, 2021

Leonard Lopez recommends Debbie Barry

Always Solid Service
Aug 10, 2021

Mary Anne LaHaye recommends Cherie Cocoles

Cherie?s team is fantastic. I appreciate her always going the extra mile for me. This transaction was so smooth I almost forgot it was going!!!
Aug 6, 2021

Miguel Machado recommends Debbie Barry

Very professional staff. Very courteous and on top of everything. Do not hesitate to use this staff or refer to others. I am very pleased.
Aug 1, 2021

Renee Maeda recommends Debbie Barry

Debbie Barry and her team were great to work with. Very responsive and professional.
Jul 24, 2021

Mary Anne LaHaye recommends Tobi Wieger

Thank you for managing a tough escrow and making it seem seamless.
I have never worked with Tobi and her team before and it was a pleasure!
Thank you
Jul 23, 2021

Carylon Dopp recommends Cherie Cocoles

Cherie Cocoles was very responsive and professional. She went above and beyond to handle the details on this escrow.
Jul 23, 2021

Roxi Leal recommends Cherie Cocoles

I've worked with Cherie Cocoles for the past 15 years. There is none better! Cherie responds within a minute or two and has always had the answers! She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient and thorough. I highly recommend Cherie along with Fidelity National Title!
Jul 14, 2021

Mary Anne LaHaye recommends Cherie Cocoles

Cherie is very knowledgeable and has a calming way about her which, when everyone is barking at you, is a special trait to have. She is a problem solver which in this crazy high pressure market is a necessity.
I have enjoyed working with her and i and my team will continue to do so.
Jul 3, 2021

Mike McKeane recommends Tobi Wieger

Tobi Wieger is very responsive and communication throughout the escrow period is fantastic. I enjoy working with her and her team. I have found Fidelity National Title a relible partner with my Real Estate business.
Jul 1, 2021

Robert Combs recommends Cherie Cocoles

This is my second escrow with Cherie it was a bit of a struggle the first time as we got to know each other but this escrow was smooth as silk and she more than met the task. Would not hesitate to use again.
Jun 28, 2021

Mike Kavanaugh recommends Cherie Cocoles

I will be honest and tell you I have been using [another company] for almost 15 years and am very satisfied with them. However, I have had quit a few escrows with Cherie and I would rate her as one of the best in the industry. If I ever made a switch it would be to Fidelity National Title. I appreciate all of the hard work your officers put into their escrows.
Jun 28, 2021

Mary Anne LaHaye recommends Cherie Cocoles

Cherie is very knowledgeable and runs a very efficient process. We appreciate the problem solver attitude she projects. She is also very calming to a high anxiety situation. We have enjoyed working with her and hope to continue.

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