Matthew Hidalgo

Vice President FNTG Connect Team
Over the last 26+ years Matt Hidalgo has functioned as a Customer Service Manager, IT Systems Field Support, Sales Executive, and Sales Manager. His customer focused and sales oriented technology background benefits his current position as VP of the FNTG Connect Team.

Matt has a passion for learning and helping people. Whether it is conducting industry specific training classes, implementing new systems or solving sales and technology hurdles, he enjoys training sales teams and helping their external business partners achieve and exceed their goals.
Feb 16, 2018

Love these meetings!

Great meeting with our sales leaders sharing best practices, and discovering new ways to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.
Feb 13, 2018

Great Sales Managers Meeting!

Always enjoy brainstorming with our Northern California Sales Managers and our Vendor Partners.
Sep 5, 2017
Sales Executive
Matt is truly a ROCK! He never lets you down on any request you may have; he will get you the answer or know who to go to for it! He is like GOOGLE! Thanks Matt you are the BEST!
Sep 5, 2017
Executive Vice President, Division 3 Regional Manager
I have had the good, wait, great fortune of working with Matt Hidalgo throughout my career with FNF. Matt is a visionary and a driver who creates positive change everywhere he goes. If you have the opportunity to spend time with Matt on your it!
Sep 5, 2017
Assistant County Manager
I’ve had the privilege of working with Matt for over 10 years. He leads by example and promotes positive, solution oriented team work. He is a knowledgeable, dedicated professional who works diligently for our team. He is considered a number one resource by staying up to date on industry changes, knows the title and escrow business, stays in tune with the latest technology trends, is creative in business building ideas and has a vast network of resources. As a co-worker or business partner, Matt is the person to have on your team!
Aug 28, 2017
President, Chicago Title & Ticor Title, Portland
Matt Hidalgo is an authentic leader who empowers and motivates. He is someone I can count on to collaborate and problem solve. He dedicates himself to future growth of individuals and to team success. I have had the privilege of working with Matt for many years and consider him the best of the best. Thank you Matt for all you do and for being fabulous you!
Apr 24, 2017
Account Executive
Matt is very knowledgeable . I appreciate his insights regarding the helpful products and applications in the title industry. He takes the time to guide me through the process so I have a complete understanding regarding the benefits and value of each solution. Matt is readily available and responsive when I have questions even after a focus session.
Apr 21, 2017

Ticor Title Networking Mtg.

Always enjoy collaborating, sharing ideas, and networking with our Sales Managers. Thanks for all the great information Dan!
Mar 28, 2017
Sales Executive
Thank you Matt for your expertise, knowledge and assistance with my move to the Ticor brand. You have made a world of difference in my transition to the coast!
Many thanks, Ellie Ludy
Feb 14, 2017
Sales Executive
With being in remote Montana, Matt still finds a way to bring creative solutions to our entire team to help us raise the bar on our strategies to make our Realtor partners more efficient and profitable. I'm very lucky to have a mentor that I can call anytime to assist our operation and team! Thank you Matt.
Oct 14, 2016

Scrappy Montana Sales Team

What a blessing to work with such a great group of people! Already looking forward to my next Montana trip.
Oct 7, 2016
Sales Executive
Matt has been incredibly helpful in bringing new tools to my attention that have and will create great value for my clients in our marketplace. By being able to connect the dots for my clients, it not only creates value, it creates loyalty. I feel very fortunate to have Matt as a resource and an extension of our team. It's people like Matt that make FNTG the best company to work for. Thank you Matt for your attention to detail, your knowledge and ability to train our team with the state of the art marketing tools and practices, and for always being available to help. We appreciate you!!
Oct 7, 2016
AVP, Senior Sales Executive
One word describes Matt: Wow! He's knowledgeable, passionate about his work, and so very willing to take whatever time is necessary to make sure I understand and can communicate the essence of our ITSConnect products to my clients. Matt responds quickly and always with a cheerful demeanor. I'm grateful to have Matt on my team!
Oct 6, 2016
Sales Executive
Whether it is training state of the art marketing tools and practices, or honing our sales skills to become the very best that we can be; Matt always delivers. You will never know a more competent, yet humble trainer. Great managers build you up, encourage personal growth and challenge you to surpass your potential-in all of these, Matt shines!
Oct 5, 2016
Business Development Representative
Matt! What a gift and an asset. I was fortunate enough to attend a small-scale sales training led by Matt, and could not have asked to be in better hands. He is extremely knowledgeable, fun, and willing to help. I am thankful to have him in my corner as a business partner!
Sep 27, 2016
Sales Executive
Over the past week I’ve been fortunate to sit in on two training sessions with Matt from which I benefited tremendously. Matt is knowledgeable about our solutions and our business, he’s available and willing to help and his delivery is such that makes the content easy to understand. Matt is amazing at what he does and I’m grateful to have him as a resource. Thank you Matt!
Sep 26, 2016
Sales Executive at Fidelity National Title and Escrow
I am extremely excited to write a short note of recommendation for Mr. Matt Hidalgo. Matt and I have worked together on and off for about eight years. He is a brilliant resource for our company he is very conscientious and hard working. Everything that Matt, and his team, brings to us is well thought out and constructive.
I would describe Matt as a dedicated and enthusiastic individual who has a penchant for helping, and assisting others to become more successful.
Thank you, Matt for all you do!
Sep 26, 2016
Sales Executive
I have had the pleasure of attending ITS training with Matt a few times. Every session I have learned so much in regards to the programs we covered. He explains the programs in a way that is easy to understand & that makes it easy to explain to our clients.
Matt also has great ideas for an array of things such as, implementation & communicating with clients.
I highly recommend Matt's workshops to help better understand how the products we offer work & how they benefit our clients.
Thank you for all your help, Matt!
Sep 26, 2016
Sales Executive
Matt is an excellent IT executive. A good IT person knows what a particular program can go, a great IT person is able to share what it can do and more importantly show you how to implement it into your day. Putting the knowledge to work to benefit the Fidelity Team is what Matt is all about. 1 hour with him is an opportunity to improve your whole work flow. Thank you Matt!
Sep 23, 2016
King-Pierce County Manager
Thank you Matt for sharing your knowledge and expertise with our sales team.
You consistently deliver value to our operation. As a county manager I appreciate all the resources you bring to us.
You are always engaging and follow through on everything you commit to.

Sep 22, 2016
Account Manager
Matt is an amazing resource. If your client has a problem, Matt is certain to have a solution! On top of it, you can feel he is passionate about your success. Thank you Matt for helping me be better!
Aug 29, 2016
Sales Executive
Thank you Matt for your visit and sharing all of your knowledge about our sales tools available to us! Your explanation and presentation was awesome!
Aug 24, 2016
International Marketing Executive Fidelity Title and Escrow
Matt gave an exceptional presentation today on 3 of our lead generation products.
Its always a pleasure to have him in my offices. He shares stories and statistics
that support his knowledge of our great tools. My agents are very interested
in knowing more. I look forward to having him back again soon.
Sue Tarabochia
Aug 23, 2016

Ticor Title Seattle

Amanda Bell presenting business solutions at Title Title sales meeting at Columbia Winery. Great job Amanda!
Aug 23, 2016
Business Development Representative
Matt was amazing, the knowledge Matt has is off the chart and I am grateful to be able to glean from all the things he has to offer. Not only did we learn so many tools to be able to offer our partners but he entertained us at the same time. Thank You Matt for making yourself so available to us.

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