Vidya Sinha

Assistant Vice President FNTG Connect Team
Vidya is an energetic, results-oriented manager with over 10 years of a successful track record in managing products and support with Fidelity. Vidya brings 13 years of technology experience to the FNTG Connect Team. Vidya manages the support center for the Connect Team and its 19+ technology products nationwide. Clients can count on Vidya and her "above and beyond" assistance; her responses are timely and accurate. Prior to her getting into the real estate and technology field, Vidya spent time working as a Counselor and Child Advocate.
Jan 22, 2018
Fidelity National Title Marketing Director
Working with Vidya has always been the most exceptional experience. Vidya is incredibly responsive, direct, and organized. She is knowledgeable and able to effectively coordinate complicated projects making it possible translate goals and visions to functioning systems. She is a valuable part of our team and I thoroughly enjoy every opportunity to work with her.
May 16, 2017
VP/Sales Manager
Vidya is great support for our team. I know that she does a lot behind the scenes for our group that we never see, but when we need her direct assistance, she is always there for us. Thanks for all you do Vidya!
Jan 25, 2012
I worked under Vidya for five years. She is tireless and dedicated to accomplishing whatever task is put before her.
While always aware of what was going on and always ready to help, she encouraged me to excel; and yet she still allowed me to grow and learn at my pace.
I learned many things while working for her and state unequivocally that she is an asset to whatever team or project she is associated with.
Jan 18, 2012
Vice President
Vidya is a consummate team player. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm make Vidya a pleasure to work with, you can always count on her to handle any project, training or customer need thoroughly and efficiently. Her passion for supporting and learning software products and her eagerness to teach and assist others is evident to internal/external clients and team members throughout the nation who have the opportunity to work with her. She has impeccable follow-up, so I never worry that things are going to slip through the cracks. Vidya truly is a Superhero.
Jan 18, 2012
AVP, FNF Technology Solutions
Vidya is an integral part of the Integrated Technology Solutions Team. She efficiently and effectively manages the Support Center. Superior customer service is her number one goal and she achieves that each and every day. Vidya is committed to her work and consistently delivers timely and informative responses to the sales representatives out in the field. It is a pleasure working with Vidya.

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