Jordan Ehle

Assistant Vice President FNTG Connect Team
Jordan is an experienced Operations Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Since graduating from the University of Kansas, she has had the opportunity to work in and understand the many facets of a large organization. Jordan has an understanding of the importance of building relationships, internally and externally alike.
May 29, 2019
Business Development
I recently had the pleasure to attend a training with Jordan, in which she did an excellent job explaining the subject matter. Very professional, very thorough. I look forward to working with her again on future projects.
Apr 8, 2019
Sales Manager
Jordan is an incredible partner for my team & I. Her attentiveness to our needs and her solution driven attitude is amazing! She is always very prompt in helping us directly or getting us connected to the right person. Thank YOU Jordan for being an awesome part of the team; I appreciate you.
Dec 20, 2017
AVP Sales Executive
Jordan is one of my favorite people ;)...Communicative, Efficient and a Great Sense of Humor!
Oct 24, 2017
Director of Marketing
I have only worked with Jordan a short period of time. She is very responsive, detail oriented and a joy to work with! She is replacing an amazing ITS representative, someone very hard to replace and has really accepted the challenge! Thanks Jordan, we appreciate you!
Sep 29, 2017
Sales Executive
Jordan's experience and professionalism are one of a kind. She is knowledgeable is all areas that go beyond her job title. Jordan is someone you want on your team!
Sep 29, 2017
VP/Commercial Divison Manager Ticor Title Co. Portland, OR
I had the pleasure of working with Jordan at Ticor Title Company of Oregon - Commercial Division for 4.5 years. She was an integral part of the Commercial Department Sales and Escrow Teams. She was originally hired as the Commercial Office Receptionist/Assistant and worked her way up to the TIcor Title Co. Operations Assistant. In those 4.5 years she was a valuable resource not to just the Commercial Division but to the whole Portland, OR Operation. She is very technology savvy/driven and can implement those thoughts and strategies on a personal level to fellow employees and most importantly to the clients. She will be nothing short of an excellent employee and the FNTG Connect Team is lucky to have her.
Sep 29, 2017
Sales Executive
Jordan has always been a great teammate. She's incredibly smart, resourceful and always willing to help out. It's truly a pleasure to work with her!
Sep 22, 2017
President, Chicago Title & Ticor Title, Portland
I have had the honor of working direct with Jordan Ehle. A true professional who is creative, resourceful, organized, detail oriented and will get any job done. With a wonderful sense of humor, she'll get you through even the toughest task. You can't go wrong having Jordan on your team!
Aug 22, 2017
Vice President
I have had the good fortune of working closely with Jordan Ehle for the past four and a half years. Over that time she has proven to be a thoughtful, organized, and conscientious person, who always exceeds expectations regardless of the size or scope of the project. She approaches everything with attention to detail and is a forward-thinking team player that makes tackling large projects and even mundane ones a pleasure. Jordan’s quick wit and humorous sarcasm makes working in a fast paced and sometimes stressful environment an absolute pleasure. Jordan is a huge asset and a great addition to any operation.
Jul 10, 2017
President of Western Title & Escrow
Simply said, Jordan Ehle is the consummate Teammate on both a professional and personal level. Her attention to detail, entrepreneurial outlook, work ethic, and passion for people all speak extremely well for Jordan and have led to her stellar reputation that is well earned and deserved.

Jul 6, 2017
Sales Manager
Jordan Ehle is an incredible asset to our company in every way. Her quick wit and fun personality also make her an absolute pleasure to work with! She is someone who I constantly rely on and she is always quick to offer support and consistently proves successful in coping with new situations and solving problems. As someone who has an amazing intellectual capacity, she has evolved her role and continually expands the value that she brings to our team. My life is truly better because Jordan is a part of it.
Jul 5, 2017
Escrow Operations Manager Ticor Title Portland
I have had the pleasure of working closing with Jordan over the past two years and conclude she is an incredible asset to the Ticor Portland operation. Her knowledge and ability to handle the day to day pressures along with her enthusiasm to take on the "big projects" is unsurpassed. Her ability to keep her upbeat attitude and humor during the most difficult of situation is amazing! I truly enjoy working with her on a daily basis!
Jul 5, 2017
NCS/NTS Business Development, AVP
I feel so fortunate to work with Jordan. Besides being incredibly intelligent, reliable, and caring, she’s also extremely fun to be around. I appreciate her positive and practical approach to challenges and stressful situations. Whether she’s leading an office move, working with our sales team to execute a successful event, being the onsite tech expert, or the state-wide education administrator, Jordan is always a consummate professional and Ticor has become a stronger operation with her help.

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