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We have helped Bay Area families finance their home, with over $2 billion in loans annually, and we can help you.

Offering a wide range of products and services, Guarantee Mortgage is well prepared to meet every real estate lending need.

We have 22 years under our belt providing world-class client service. Our top priority is to make sure you are presented with all available loan options, so that you can make an informed decision, that’s right for your financial situation.

Guarantee Mortgage NMLS #1850 and CAL-BRE License #01215943


Recommendations (312)

Nov 27, 2019

Scott Wright recommends Vince Breen

Managing Partner

Vince and his team were great to work with and I can not complement them enough about how easy they made this process. If you are looking for someone that treats you more like a friend then a client then Vince and his team come highly recommended. Thanks again Vince and we look forward to working with you again in the future.
Nov 23, 2019

Norma Gomez recommends Sema S Tosun, NMLS #790646

Retired City Clerk, City of San Mateo

Sema is a highly effective professional. She is knowledgeable, efficient, detail oriented, and possesses excellent follow-through. Sema provides outstanding customer service and approaches each project with dedication and enthusiasm.
Nov 23, 2019

Jean Mitchell recommends Sema S Tosun, NMLS #790646

Sema has over 25 years in the banking industry. Her knowledge and experience in residential lending takes the stress out of acquiring a mortgage and finding a home that is best for you. Sema takes a personal interest in her client’s. She is a true professional and a pleasure to know and work with.
Nov 21, 2019

Mus caferoglu recommends Sema S Tosun, NMLS #790646

Sema is long time friend and business associate for us all those years she helped us with banking needs as well as mortgage needs
She is most knowledgeable and smartest person i know in this industry in bay area
I highly recommend her any body with mortgage, lending also home buying and selling needs
Thank you sema i would not be here if it wasn’t for you
Nov 21, 2019

Gabriela Perez recommends Christopher Baker


I have worked with Chris over the years and he always seizes to amaze me. I know i can trust him and he will work really hard to get us the best rates available. Chris goes above and beyond for his clients, always willing and available to answer any questions. He is always patient and provides the best guidance. Highly recommend him!
Nov 20, 2019

Brian Brown recommends Sema S Tosun, NMLS #790646

Director of Leasing and Relocation

Sema is an amazing resource! She is extremely knowledgeable about the Mortgage and Real Estate industry and is highly regarded throughout the community. Can’t get any better than this!
Nov 20, 2019

Jane Underwood recommends Sema S Tosun, NMLS #790646

Sema is a highly knowledgeable real estate professional who is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a strong understanding of today's residential real estate market and is a true professional.
Nov 15, 2019

Donald Meyers recommends John Joyce

Real Estate Broker

John along with Asa and staff are "the best" mortgage people out there. I would not and do not hesitate to recommend them to family and clients-
Nov 15, 2019

Chris Krook recommends Vince Breen


This was the 2nd time we have worked with Vince and his team and the experience has been flawless both times. Vince and team are true professionals that understand their business perfectly. They are excellent communicators and make things run as smoothly as possible. Vince understands the market and works for the best possible outcome for his customer from beginning to end.
Nov 14, 2019

Leila Cairo recommends John Joyce

Thank you John and Asa, couldn't have done it without you. Great job.
Nov 13, 2019

Brit Smith recommends John Joyce

John and Asa were outstanding. They handled every detail, making the transaction easy for me.
I would highly recommend them.
Nov 12, 2019

Cindy Bloemker recommends Sherri Collins

International Business Specialist

Sherri was a big help with my recent refi. She made it really easy getting all the documents in order and communicated often so I knew what was going on in the process. She helped with my first home loan 20+ years ago, so she's definitely experienced and really easy to work with. Thank you Sherri!
Nov 10, 2019

Tambi Harwood recommends John Joyce


John was referred by our real estate agent. He was fantastic, professional and got the job done in a short period of time. I can't recommend him enough.
Nov 9, 2019

Marzena recommends Marilee Breslin

Marilee is simply the best !!!
Nov 6, 2019

Chris C. recommends John Joyce

San Francisco

John, Asa, and team are fast, knowledgeable, and get you where you need to be. Wouldn’t want to do business with anyone else.
Nov 6, 2019

Gary Royce recommends Vince Breen

Vince is very knowledgable regarding the lending market. He was very thorough in obtaining documentation and information from me so as to be in a position to present a loan package to lenders. He made the process simple and, most importantly, he obtained a loan for me at an excellent rate. I wholeheartedly endorse his professionalism and would recommend to all that his services be utilized.
Nov 5, 2019

Kirk Edison recommends Marilee Breslin

We have worked with Marilee for over 18 years, refi’d through her several times. Always is so friendly and professional. Would never use anyone else. Thanks again Marilee!
Nov 5, 2019

Cassandra Smith recommends Christopher Baker


I’ve used Chris many times over 20+ years. I’ve referred clients to him as well. Chris is excellent at his job. He is incredibly knowledgeable and really helps his clients through the sometimes complicated process of getting a loan. Simply the best!
Nov 4, 2019

Debra Haecker recommends Marilee Breslin

Marilee was excellent. She guided me through the steps effortlessly. I was extremely happy with her work.
Nov 4, 2019

Leslie Feyling recommends Marilee Breslin

Marilee made our refinance process seamless and easy. She was always quick to respond to any questions we had and made the refinance process quick and easy!
Oct 28, 2019

Peter Harris recommends Eric Fairfax

Eric is the best. He and his team make it so easy.
Oct 17, 2019

Richard recommends Eric Fairfax

We have worked with Eric for several years regarding home loan refinancing. He is always quick to respond to our questions and explains everything thoroughly.
Oct 17, 2019

Carmen Bishop recommends Sherri Collins

Sherri is the best. So easy to work with, very efficient, and professional. I highly recommend working with Sherri!!!
Oct 9, 2019

steven recommends John Joyce


John has been great helping me with the loan. It was processed in a timely manner. The deal just floating thru.
Oct 5, 2019

Bettrietta Kime recommends John Joyce

Just completed a refi with John and his team- another great experience. John and the employees of Guarantee Mortgage are so helpful, thorough and friendly. I highly recommend GM for any loan needs you have.

Our Team

  • John Joyce

    Mortgage Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #237603 / 1850 - CA BRE #01723092 / 01215943

  • Christopher Baker

    Sr. Commercial & Residential Loan Officer - Townsend Office
    NMLS #294586 / 1850 - CA BRE #01117785 / 01215943

  • Vince Breen

    Vice President - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #238661 / 1850 - CA BRE #00923758 / 01215943

  • Kara Fiore

    Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #241552 / 1850 - CA BRE #00977921 / 01215943

  • Eric Fairfax

    Branch Manager / Sr. Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #57748 / 1850 - CA BRE #01135991 / 01215943

  • Ron Fiore

    Vice President - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #57752 / 1850 - CA BRE #01142223 / 01215943

  • Marilee Breslin

    Sr. Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #238468 / 1850 - CA BRE #00688844 / 01215943

  • Rich Polonsky

    Mortgage Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #237277 / 1850 - CA BRE #00496899 / 01215943

  • Sherri Collins

    Loan Advisor
    NMLS #: 304940/1850 | CA BRE#: 01152449/01215943

  • Jihad "Jay" Totah

    Loan Advisor - Burlingame Office
    NMLS #298898 / 1850 - CA BRE #01170254 / 01215943

  • Richard Chalifour

    Residential & Commercial Loan Consultant - Townsend Office
    NMLS #349170 / 1850 - CA BRE #00915461 / 01215943

  • Alma Portillo

    Loan Advisor - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #280540 / 1850 - CA BRE #01444581 / 01215943

  • Sema S Tosun, NMLS #790646

    Loan Offiicer
    Licensed by the Dept. of Business Oversight under the CRMLA

  • Sahar Milani

    Mortgage Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #: 1521039/1850

  • Scarlet Kim

    Mortgage Specialist - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #240991 / 1850 - CA BRE #01267469 / 01215943

  • Terry Wilson

    Sr. Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #242333 / 1850 - CA BRE #00989772 / 01215943

  • Victoria Bahnasy

    Sr. Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #248727 / 1850 - CA BRE #00549512 / 01215943

  • Gregory Lopez

    Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #293881 / 1850 - CA BRE #01134932 / 01215943

  • Mike Collins

    Loan Advisor
    NMLS #: 315150/1850 | CA BRE #: 00164416/01215943

  • Deanna Cirimele

    Loan Advisor
    NMLS #: 304939/1850 | CA BRE #: 01152450/01215943

  • Karen Toms Brown

    Mortgage Advisor - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #287920/1850 - CA BRE #01102590/01215943