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We have helped Bay Area families finance their home, with over $2 billion in loans annually, and we can help you.

Offering a wide range of products and services, Guarantee Mortgage is well prepared to meet every real estate lending need.

We have 22 years under our belt providing world-class client service. Our top priority is to make sure you are presented with all available loan options, so that you can make an informed decision, that’s right for your financial situation.

Guarantee Mortgage NMLS #1850 and CAL-BRE License #01215943


Recommendations (390)

Jul 31, 2020

William Cotter recommends John Joyce


John is the best! Always helpful and responds very quickly with any needs...highly recommended!
Jul 12, 2020

Diane Gamba recommends Christopher Baker

Chris made it possible for me to purchase my new dream home! My transaction was somewhat complicated and I was somewhat nervous about the timing of everything. Chris responded very quickly to every email I sent to him. I had many questions and he was always more than happy to answer them. Chris was always very kind and extremely professional. I highly recommend Chris Baker!

Thank you Chris for making this all possible for me! If I could do ten stars I would!
Jul 2, 2020

Julia Andres recommends Christopher Baker


Chris is just the best! I highly recommend him to anyone, I've worked with him on 5 mortgage loans (every time, either buying a house or refinancing) - I would never work with anyone else, he is patient, thorough, meticulous, and he truly does work for us and not the bank. It's a bonus that he also happens to be a really nice guy.
Jun 25, 2020

Janeen Kimbriel recommends John Joyce


Terry, John and Asa were extremely professional and responded to any questions that we had immediately! I would highly recommend! Awesome team!
Jun 18, 2020

Oscar Bazurto recommends Kara Fiore

I have worked with Kara since 1993 to present. Kara has always listened to my concerns of keeping my loan requests practical, affordable, and within my budget. The real estate market has been challenging over all the years of working with Kara, however, I have been able to accomplish many of my goals and objectives every time I needed to refinance my mortgage with Kara. Thank you!!!!!
Jun 17, 2020

Sarah recommends John Joyce


As a first time home buyer, I would highly recommend John and Asa. They were an incredible team who made the entire process smooth and timely . We were informed every step of the way and even were able to close on the house early. Big Thanks to this great team.
Jun 17, 2020

TOHRU IOKIBE recommends Kara Fiore

SVP, Major Movie Studio

Kara is fast, to the point, accurate, thoughtful, and always watching out for you. I have been extremely happy with all the support she has provided me as a first time home owner. Highly recommended!!!!
Jun 11, 2020

Karen Kramer recommends Marilee Breslin

Marilee does an outstanding job from start to finish and lends a personal touch to the process. We have used her for several mortgages/ refinancing over the past decade and have been thoroughly satisfied customers each time!
Jun 11, 2020

Mike & Christine Schwartz recommend Marilee Breslin


Marilee is amazing! She walks us through every step of the refi process, working to get the best loan rate possible. She knows her stuff and is so easy and pleasant to work with. Marilee provides a personal touch, getting to know her clients and their comfort level with refinancing. We would strongly recommend Marilee Breslin to any of our friends or family looking for a broker to help them refinance their property. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else!
Jun 11, 2020

David Goldman recommends Kara Fiore

Dermatologist, Facey Medical Group

Kara got me an excellent loan and was patient and supportive throughout the entire process. She would be the first when I contact for any future loan or refinance.
Jun 10, 2020

Alan o'brien recommends John Joyce

Both John and Asa were fantastic. I’m a first time home buyer and these guys made the process so easy for us. I will definitely be working with them in the future..
Jun 10, 2020

G. Winslow recommends John Joyce

Attorney at Law

John and his team are knowledgeable, efficient and responsive. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to finance or refinance a mortgage.
Jun 4, 2020

Brian Pezzulich recommends John Joyce

Business owner

When I think of John and team all I can think is, WOW! From the moment I started the process with him until the final day of closing I felt taken care of. John was there for me every time something was needed or needed to be answered. The customer service from my credit union was sub par to say the least. After I worked with John, I would never work with my own bank again. I seriously cannot give enough kudos and praise to this team. I would recommend John Joyce in a heartbeat to anybody looking for a home loan.
May 29, 2020

E Chan recommends John Joyce

John and Asa are an amazing team, very communicative, efficient, and thorough. This is my second time working with them (mortgage + re-finance), and it's great to be able to rely on them to run a smooth process from start to finish. Thank you John and Asa!
May 29, 2020

Terry McKaig recommends Scarlet Kim

My family and I have been working with Scarlet on our mortgage and refi needs for many many years.

Scarlet is efficient, timely, organized, trust worthy and extremely knowledgeable. My family and I would have no cause to use anyone else.

Highly recommend working with Scarlet!
May 29, 2020

Adam recommends Marilee Breslin


Marilee is incredible, and she has taken care of us through multiple re-financings. Every time she works to find us the best rate and makes the whole process very easy to navigate. We would strongly recommend her service to everyone who needs help with their refinancing!!!
May 27, 2020

Gary Schoofs recommends Eric Fairfax


I've gone through Eric for my last two mortgage refis. The recent one was during a period of heavy nationwide refinancing due to lowered interest rates and of course the COVID 19 crisis. So there was a lot of frantic market activity and general uncertainty to navigate. Eric kept my refi on track, communicated updates regularly, got me over some bumps in the road, and assuaged my jangled nerves when the process seemed to be lagging. He was always available for last minute follow-ups by phone at crucial junctures. I'd refer anyone needing a mortgage pro to enlist Eric.
May 21, 2020

Refinancee recommends John Joyce

House Owner

It was pretty smooth and good. They required a lot more documents for verification purposes due to COVID19. Some of those could have been avoided but overall very thorough and good person to work with
May 20, 2020

Chris Cairo recommends John Joyce

Property Owner

John and Asa make the process simple and easy. Always going above and beyond to do the right thing for the client. Class act!
May 20, 2020

Chris Cairo recommends John Joyce

Property Owner

John and Asa make the process simple and easy. Always going above and beyond to do the right thing for the client. Class act!
May 14, 2020

Edel Gorman recommends John Joyce

I highly recommend John Joyce and his company, he helped me refinance my loan. Everything from beginning to end was very well organized and communication was excellent.

John and his staff were very informative and organized

Edel Gorman
May 11, 2020

Julia Fex recommends Scarlet Kim

HR Manager

Scarlet has been our mortgage specialist for 2 home purchases and at least 3 re-fi's - and I would never use anyone else! She is professional, communicative, detail-orientated and on top of everything.
Thank you Scarlet!
May 11, 2020

Sherin N. recommends Eric Fairfax

I will recommend guaranteed mortgage anytime. I've been their customer for past decade. I've have recommended numerous clients, family, friends and colleagues to Eric Fairfax.
May 9, 2020

Gael G recommends John Joyce

I totally recommend John Joyce, he helped me with my refinance.. very good communication and very smooth process..,
I’m very pleased with his service..
May 8, 2020

Sumita recommends Kara Fiore

Kara is extremely professional, empathetic and totally in your corner when you're working with her -- would strongly recommend!

Our Team

  • Christopher Baker

    Sr. Commercial & Residential Loan Officer - Townsend Office
    NMLS #294586 / 1850 - CA BRE #01117785 / 01215943

  • Victoria Bahnasy

    Sr. Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #248727 / 1850 - CA BRE #00549512 / 01215943

  • Kara Fiore

    Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #241552 / 1850 - CA BRE #00977921 / 01215943

  • Vince Breen

    Vice President - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #238661 / 1850 - CA BRE #00923758 / 01215943

  • Marilee Breslin

    Sr. Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #238468 / 1850 - CA BRE #00688844 / 01215943

  • Richard Chalifour

    Residential & Commercial Loan Consultant - Townsend Office
    NMLS #349170 / 1850 - CA BRE #00915461 / 01215943

  • Ron Fiore

    Vice President - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #57752 / 1850 - CA BRE #01142223 / 01215943

  • John Joyce

    Mortgage Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #237603 / 1850 - CA BRE #01723092 / 01215943

  • Scarlet Kim

    Mortgage Specialist - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #240991 / 1850 - CA BRE #01267469 / 01215943

  • Rich Polonsky

    Mortgage Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #237277 / 1850 - CA BRE #00496899 / 01215943

  • Terry Wilson

    Sr. Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #242333 / 1850 - CA BRE #00989772 / 01215943

  • Eric Fairfax

    Branch Manager / Sr. Loan Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #57748 / 1850 - CA BRE #01135991 / 01215943

  • Alma Portillo

    Loan Advisor - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #280540 / 1850 - CA BRE #01444581 / 01215943

  • Jihad "Jay" Totah

    Loan Advisor - Burlingame Office
    NMLS #298898 / 1850 - CA BRE #01170254 / 01215943

  • Mike Collins

    Loan Advisor
    NMLS #: 315150/1850 | CA BRE #: 00164416/01215943

  • Sherri Collins

    Loan Advisor
    NMLS #: 304940/1850 | CA BRE#: 01152449/01215943

  • Deanna Cirimele

    Loan Advisor
    NMLS #: 304939/1850 | CA BRE #: 01152450/01215943

  • Sahar Milani

    Mortgage Consultant - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #: 1521039/1850

  • Karen Toms Brown

    Mortgage Advisor - Townsend Office S.F.
    NMLS #287920/1850 - CA BRE #01102590/01215943

  • Sema S Tosun, NMLS #790646

    Loan Offiicer
    Licensed by the Dept. of Business Oversight under the CRMLA