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Heritage Title Company began serving the real estate industry in Colorado over 40 years ago. We are a premier provider of Real Estate transaction services for both the Residential and Commercial markets. Our services include such things as: title insurance, settlement, foreclosure guarantees, oil and gas records, construction loan disbursement, ownership and encumbrance reports, as well as the coordination of closing services for any commercial or residential property in the United States.

Our staff is at the top of industry with an average tenure of 13 years and are held to very high ethical standards. We carry Error’s & Omission’s Insurance (E&O), Crime/Fidelity bond in the amount of $15 million (USD), covering employee theft, fraud, cyber fraud, etc. and we require all outside Notary Services be approved and carry a minimum, E&O Insurance of $100,000 (USD).


Recommendations (696)

Sep 18, 2020

Joan Garreffa recommends Jamie G. Smith

Associate Broker

Recently I had the privilege of being in Jamie's Mastermind group. It was phenomenal! We dug into who we are as individuals, celebrated each others success, created plans and have implemented the plans. During this Mastermind, Jamie held us accountable and made us reach out of our comfort zone because she knew it was the best for our business. If you have a chance to take your business to the next level, do it with Jamie's help!!
Sep 18, 2020

Joan Garreffa recommends Jamie G. Smith

Associate Broker

Jamie is super organized and fun to work with! She has a ton of knowledge and is ready to jump in and help. I recommend Jamie for your Title needs.
Sep 17, 2020

Hope Stafford recommends Jamie G. Smith


Jamie is such a reliable, helpful, and knowledgeable title representative. She has provided great, innovative ideas to increase my business. Her follow through on orders is incredibly quick. I would highly recommend Jamie for all your Title needs!
Sep 17, 2020

Hope Stafford recommends Jamie G. Smith


Jamie led a Mastermind for Realtors that was so incredibly valuable. It was thought provoking, innovative, and really gave me insight into my real estate identity. Through her teachings I was able to become better branded, more organized, and more confident. The lessons were well thought out and well taught. She is very insightful and really has inspired me.
Sep 9, 2020

Terry Hunter recommends Lorri McGregor


Lorri makes every effort to stay in contact on a regular basis. During the Covid-19 Stay at Home order, she organized a group for new agents to attend a weekly meeting via Zoom. She provided us with valuable tools and guided on how to use the tools. She is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and is an outstanding resource. Thank you Lorri for always being helpful and available.
Aug 4, 2020

Chelsea Peitz recommends Coey Howe

Natl Dir of Social Sales

Coey is an outstanding example of a true consultative sales professional who is dedicated to personal development that enhances the end value that is felt by our customers. I’ve consistently experienced high quality, high value performance with a “can do” attitude working with her and continue to be inspired by the work that she does.
Jul 23, 2020

Bryce Babcock recommends Jennifer Welte

Agency Owner with Farmers Insurance

Jennifer has a work ethic that is second to none. I have gotten know Jennifer very well over the past year and her energy/enthusiasm is unmatched. Her leadership skills transcend to her team and it shows.

If you are looking to work with someone who has your best interests in mind I highly recommend Jennifer and her team!
Jul 15, 2020

Jill Cox recommends Kathy Betts

Sales Executive

Kathy is a warm and talented professional who offers white glove customer service to both her internal and external clients! She has countless business-building resources at her fingertips, powered by Heritage Title, and she can undoubtedly help any real estate and/or mortgage professionals increase their annual production.
Jul 14, 2020

Belle Faust recommends Kathy Betts

Mortgage Loan Originator

Kathy has been a great resource for providing data for targeted marketing campaigns. She is great to work with, and her service is superior. Thank you Kathy!!!!
Jul 7, 2020

Monica Perez recommends Gracie Gallego

Real Estate Broker

Gracie is professional, resourceful, efficient and very thoughtful. She has such a positive attitude that she brings in to all of her work and into every relationship. I have been working with her for years and highly recommend that you work with her too!
Jun 15, 2020

Taylor Lawton recommends Vincent Malara

Broker Associate

I have been working with Vince for several years and his authentic approach combined with his commitment to first class service is unrivaled. Vince is always available and willing to assist in the growth our my business and keeps me up to date on the ever changing Real Estate trends. Vince has truly separated himself from his peers.
Jun 13, 2020

Nikkie Frank recommends Coey Howe

Real Estate Agent w/ Realty One Group Premier

I would like to write this review for two amazing people with the Heritage Family. First, Coey Howe~ What an amazing gal! Not only is she personable and knowledgable, but she truly cares about her clients and the services they receive. She goes out of her way to make them feel valued and taken care of and she always does it with a smile! I am so grateful for Coey's heart for service and for making me feel a part of the family from my very first closing with Heritage.

Second, Dantha Stewart ~ Where do I even begin? Even as a fairly new agent I had the fortunate opportunity to experience several closings with various title companies. It's fair to say that those that provide "above and beyond" service stands out among the pack. Dantha, with her attention to detail, her ability to explain things in terms that a property seller/owner can understand, and the way she makes everyone feel at ease is beyond incredible, it is a blessing to those that she services and to the Heritage Title brand. She not only makes the agents look good she does so in a way that makes you feel part of the team. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for my clients and for all those she services.

I would never hesitate to recommend Heritage Title to any client because of people like Coey and Dantha. Thank you both for your dedication to excellence and your personal touch!

Jun 11, 2020

Ellen McKenna recommends Gracie Gallego

Senior Mortgage Originator

I am glad to recommend Gracie Gallego to you! When working with Gracie you'll find extensive knowledge paired with years of experience, attention to detail, prompt service while enjoying her positive attitude and personal kindness. In this business the slight edge difference can make all the difference in the world. Gracie understands and delivers this kind of service. It's been said, "There's never a crowd on the extra." However, you WILL find Gracie on that extra mile! Enjoy Gracie and Enjoy Your Gift of Life Today!
Jun 9, 2020

Victor Shilman recommends Coey Howe


I am so happy that I used Heritage Title as my closing company. You might be wandering what was so special about that company. My answer is that I met two wonderful, very professional people over there that helped me to fix the problem with my title and to close on time. Their names are Coey Howe and Jason Tabeling.

Here is my story. I bought a house 7 years ago and seller- real estate agent (same person) recorded personal loan for the amount of $150K and used the property he sold to me as collateral. He recorded this loan transaction just 2 days prior to selling this property to me. I didn’t know about that until 7 years later when I decided to sell the property. I believe you can imagine the stress I got when I was informed that in order to sell my house I should satisfy someone else loan for $150K.

When I discovered that I haven’t received title insurance policy after closing my situation become even worth. The only document that I had was the title commitment. The title company rejected my claim because I wasn’t able to provide a copy of the title insurance policy. There response was that their records indicate that they provided title commitment but never issued a policy for me. My closer Jason reached out to his co-worker Coey Howe that happened to be very experienced how to handle situations like that. She was able to obtain the copy of the missing policy and make Title Company to take a responsibility for the $150k loan and enable me do not lose the sale and close on time.
I am also very grateful to Jason Tabeling for very professionally handled the whole closing process and was very attentive to details and customer requests.

I am highly recommend Coey Howe and Jason Tabeling your closing needs.
Jun 5, 2020

Cody Walker recommends Lorri McGregor


Lorri has been there for me since the day I got licensed. She is always present, not only asking how she can provide value to me and my business, but presenting value on her own. Any time there is a need, I call her and she either provides a result or has the exact person I need to talk to. I couldn't imagine being in business with anyone else for my Title needs, and for other marketing and market information related needs.
Jun 4, 2020

Amy O'Donnell recommends Brandy Pietroiacovo

broker associate

Brandy P is great,always upbeat and at the ready to help.Rachel Divine has been my closer and she is super too!I like Heritage title co :-)
Jun 4, 2020

Susan Eastman recommends Brandy Pietroiacovo


I am a fan of Brandy's! She has provided valuable services for my real estate business and always with a positive attitude and a smile. She even helped me stuff hundreds of envelopes for a neighborhood mailing! Brandy and the rest of the crew at Heritage are solid pros and I highly recommend them.
Jun 4, 2020

Stephanie Reicherts recommends Brandy Pietroiacovo

President / Mortgage Loan Originator

I absolutely love working with the Longmont Team of Heritage Title. Brandy and Rachel are professional, accommodating, and provide excellent customer service! Super thankful for such an amazing partnership.
Jun 3, 2020

Mike Cox recommends Coey Howe

Broker Associate

I recently switched brokerages and Coey and the HTC team were awesome in helping with the transition. This is the "above and beyond" mentality that gives me positive energy knowing that the title side of a transaction is handled. The professionalism, knowledge, adaptability, and total commitment to a flawless transaction is a big expectation- one you have met every time! Thanks for supporting my change, and please keep doing what you do- it works!
Jun 1, 2020

Andrew Abrams recommends Gracie Gallego


Gracie brings communities together and is great at what she does. Every in her presence is lucky to have her.
May 30, 2020

Stew Grant recommends Gracie Gallego


Gracie and the Heritage Title people can always be relied upon to do a great job!
May 29, 2020

Vanessa Guzman recommends Gracie Gallego

Employing Broker

Gracie, is very service oriented and a pleasure to work with. She 's a rainmaker and as resourceful as they come. I've been working with her for years, she's not just a colleague, but a friend.
May 28, 2020

Uriel Mata recommends Gracie Gallego

Real Estate Agent

Every time I reach out to Gracie I feel so welcomed! She goes above and beyond to help out anyway possible. If I ask her to do something to help my business Or personal favor she immediately jumps on the task and gets to work. Gracie is kind, determined, a great friend, business partner and much more! I definitely recommend her to anyone. Thanks for all you do, you rock!
May 28, 2020

John Lucero recommends Gracie Gallego


I have know and worked with Gracie for over ten years. She responds quickly when needed and isn't afraid to jump in to solve issues and cheerfully steps up to lend her colleagues a hand. She's a genuine team player at the office and with her clients. She has also stepped up as a leader in the community.
May 28, 2020

Ricky Schoonover recommends Gracie Gallego

Associate Broker

I have had the honor to work with Gracie over the years. She care about her clients' success and is always available to answer my questions. I highly recommend Heritage title for all your title needs. The entire team works hard to provide me as the broker a seamless transaction through closing and beyond.

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