Marc Hershman

Managing Broker, Delray Beach Illustrated Properties, LLC Lic Real Estate Broker
Marc is an all around professional. His leadership and interpersonal communication skills are an asset to the profession. He is always there to guide me down the road to success. His knowledge of the business has expanded my career and drove me to success. Thank you for all you do Marc.
Sales associate
Marc is a really patient and encouraging person so he is a pleasure to work with.
Sales associate
Marc Hershman is a great broker/ manager. He is always there when you need him. He is working with me on a problem now and he has put my mind at ease. Keyes made the right choice hiring him.
Sales Associate
Marc Hershman is a genuine leader, professional, knowledgeable and always ready to help anybody that needs guidance at our office. When dealing with Marc you can tell his vast experience in Real Estate topics, from Marketing to Listings and everything in between. I am very proud to be part of his team and looking forward to keep learning from him.
Mark’s extensive marketing knowledge and skills; his profound knowledge of technical and other resources; and his thorough understanding of real estate matters are virtually one of a kind. Mark’s expertise, people skills, and leadership abilities have been effectively used to further the real estate careers of all his associates. Those of us lucky enough to have the pleasure, know that he the very best of people to work with. Nobody does it better.
I have been a Realtor with The Keyes Company for almost 3 years now, and I must say that this company has by far surpassed my expectations for what I needed to reintroduce myself back into the business. I obtained my Real Estate License back in 2003, and worked for Re/Max as well as a couple of other small companies, but none have given me the confidence that I am feeling working for The Keyes Company. I left the business for many years, after the market crash back in 2009, and when I decided to give real estate another try in 2014, I interviewed with many companies, before choosing The Keyes Company. The main reason why I chose them is because they seemed to have so much more to offer, and they just seemed to care about our success. I have not been disappointed, thus far, because the training alone has helped me to start to grow my business again, not to mention the tools that they give us to go out, and market ourselves as real professionals. They are also very conscience of the management they chose for their offices, and I am very happy with the choices they made for our Delray Beach office. Marc is always available for any questions you may have, and he encourages us to go out there and be all that we can be. There are so many other reasons to join The Keyes Company, but for me it is how I am made to feel a special part of a great, and fast growing company, that has many values, and shows their employees how valuable we are to them. Thank you to all of you for that, because that is the greatest way to build strong, successful, confident agents. God Bless
Sales Associate
I am coming close to celebrating my 1 year anniversary with The Keyes Company. I am lucky to have gotten hired just as Marc was transitioning to our broker at our Delray office. I can honestly say that he, as well as the wonderful group of people I work with, have instilled in me valuable knowledge of the real estate field. Working in this "boutique" office has given me the opportunity to grow and learn so much in so little time. I attribute this to the leadership and dedication Marc brings to make this office a place of learning and feeling like you are part of a larger family.
Marc Hershman has been our Broker for 2 years now. Marc is innovative and creates incentive for improvement. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate, and is very approachable to share is knowledge. We are fortunate to have a boutique real estate office, and Marc provides a very social atmosphere. Marc is a wonderful Broker & Manager.
Broker Associate/Sales Agent
Words to desribe Marc:
* Innovative,
* Involved,
* Interested in your development.

Marc, although new to management, has hit the ground running since his promotion from sales agent of District Manager of the Delray Beach office.

He is one of the best when it comes to marketing promotion via social media.

He is a problem solver.

He is committed to the success of each and every sales agent in the office.

I am proud to be a part of his team.
Marc Hershman is the best broker/manager you could ask for. Always there for you, Happy to help in any way needed and will always get you an answer to any question or help you need. He always is there with smile and great attitude! Couldn't ask for a better manager!
Realtor, Sales Associate
Marc has Respect and Total Confidence from the Keyes Associates. Whether the discussion is Social Media, Contracts or Listing Presentations, everyone is fully engaged to listen to Marc's words of wisdom and wealth of knowledge. Marc's Knowledge, Experience, Professionalism, Integrity and Demeanor will continue to help elevate the production of all those around him.
Sales Associate
Even though Marc Hershman is our manager for not very long. He proves himself as a great leader witty , intelligent and comprehensive. Whatever you asked him in the field of real estate, he is there to give you an appropriate response. Wish him all the best in this new position!
Marc is a very experienced Broker with all kinds of knowledge on every aspect needed to help us all succeed. He is always there to help. His new promotion was well deserved!
Marc's taught us all something in one way or another. He has years of real estate knowledge and experience that he gladly shares with all his agents.
Broker Associate
I have known Marc for only a year... first as a seasoned Broker Associate within our office and now as Distrct Manager of the Delray Beach office, a well deserved promotion. Marc has tons of energy. He also has the ability to think out of the box as it relates to marketing creativity. In addition, he has a thorough knowledge of real estate and real estate contracts. From day one, he stepped into the job with both feet planted and began work on improving what is and continues to be a fabulous office. His door is always open and he is always there to assist you.

Mr.Hershman has brought a wealth of information to this office. His experience in the business of Real Estate over many many years is invaluable to agents that are just starting as well as seasoned agents.
Mark always has his door open for you, other managers “say” their door is always open , but it seldom is ; he however , will always help no matter the time of day or how busy he is. He always has great advice and is always looking for a solution to solve a transaction/listing problem. I feel that Mark is also above reproach in that he takes care of his agents and is never in direct competition with them. He runs an efficient office but in a relaxed atmosphere, it is therefore a pleasure to come in. Mark is a huge asset to Keyes and the Delray office and to any associate that he has dealings with.

Licensed Real Estate Agent
Marc is always available to help me and answer questions. I appreciate how helpful and knowledgeable he is. It is a pleasure to be in the office!
Realtor, Sales Associate
Marc has done a phenomenal job transitioning to Manager. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, which will bode well for the associates, both new and seasoned. Marc has advanced skills in Social Media and I'm certain success will follow for those willing to "pick his brain." He treats everyone as equal and is respected by all.

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