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Recommendations (157)

Sep 12, 2019

Randy Canady recommends Renee Kunz

First time home buyer

I have so much to say. I'm a young individual with a new family, a wife, and two beautiful children. I wasn't in a leisure state to invest into real estate property. I was a renter and my landlord decided to sell the property I was living in. I was given 60 very short days to find a new place. I have rented for 8 years - I never thought my rental status there was permanent but I never expected to be given SUCH little time to find a new home for my new family. I decided I would never rent again to be told to vacate after years of loyalty and dedication. Two days after receiving the notice I decided to buy as a first time home buyer it was a scary emotion. I decided I was going to call several top real estate agents in my area. Whoever could answer me the clearest, meet my demands, and guide me into the experience of buying a home with confidence would need to be interviewed. Well, I called four agents that day (at 5:54 am on a Monday morning) as I was driving to work. I left a message with two, one answered sleepily and said she would call back around 10:00 am and Renee. Renee answered immediately ( as she always does ) and was able to answer all twenty questions I threw at her! I told her I'd give it some thought, in the meantime she asked if I would speak to a loan officer ( no clue i needed this ) I promptly agreed. Other agents calls rolled in, one sounded uninterested, the second never called back, the third was a gal from Morgan Hill, she was personable. Although she couldn't answer my simple questions, the team she worked with was lacking experience ( I needed 100% from my team as I had no time to spare). Not only did Renee offer me a wealth of knowledge, she gave me confidence that I was going to get a permanent solution for my family. Her team is comprised of some of the smartest most dedicated individuals I have ever EVER had the pleasure of working with. From day one I felt like I had an actual TEAM of people helping me guiding me nearly effortlessly through he home buying experience. Her partner John, is a wealth of knowledge, he sees things inside and outside the homes you NEVER would have noticed yourself, her recommendation for a loan officer was so on point words cannot even describe it and for all that to be said, she found me a home I love and gave me nearly half a month to move in at leisure <3. If you don't choose Renee and her team... well I feel sorry for you. Thank you Renee thank you!
May 31, 2019

Kevin Ritschel recommends Valerie Smith

Director, New Products & Innovation

I worked with Valerie to sell a property in the remote "Willow Springs" area off Panoche Road in Paicines and was delighted with the results and the experience.

First, no realtor knows the area better than Valerie, she has maintained connections with the locals and knows most on a first name basis and is familiar with the current property inventory and what else may come on the market.

Second, she was aggressive at getting the property promoted and priced right.

Third, she was extremely helpful in getting all the inspections and some minor maintenance/repair work scheduled and executed. I was working out of state at the time and would not have been able to complete the transaction without her help.

I strongly recommend Valerie for anyone looking to buy or sell in the Hollister/South Bay area!

Apr 8, 2019

Tien Banh recommends Elizabeth Luong

Materials Program Manager

Thank you so much for your hard work in helping us purchased our first home at the right price and selling our home at the right time. We are very appreciative of your efficiency. I would highly recommended you for anyone in the market of selling or buying a home.

Tiên Banh
Nov 20, 2018

Jan Templeton recommends Stephanie Hicks

Trustee of my parents estate

Stephanie Hicks of Intero Realty has been the best real estate professional that I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my many decades of buying and selling real estate. After interviewing other options, I chose to have Stephanie list my parents empty home for sale. It turned out to be an incredible, totally positive experience! She helped with staging suggestions and had the house ready to market within days. She knew the community well, as well as the value of the home on the current market. In spite of me living hours away from the home, Stephanie kept me updated on every aspect of the process, and always answered my questions promptly. Within a week of listing the home, she had an offer on the house for full price. I was able to accomplish the paperwork from afar, as she negotiated for me on several fronts, all to a very satisfying end result of a sale to happy buyers. Stephanie was patient with me, knowledgeable in every way, professional yet friendly. If I were to ever have occasion to choose a realtor again in the San Benito County area, or suggest one to a friend, there isn’t NO question that I would recommend Stephanie Hicks of Intero Realty as the best possible realtor to hire!
Oct 17, 2018

Rose Kelley recommends Valerie Smith

Home Owner

Don't take chances with your investment - use the best and that is Valerie! We met at an open house and then we moved out of the area only to return a year later. We looked her up and together we found a home and purchased it. We then sold that home and Valerie took care of us again. None of the transactions were simple or easy and Valerie's experience was invaluable and her advice was timely and exceptional and provided outcomes that were positive and stress free for us.
Oct 15, 2018

Mary Fowles recommends Renee Kunz

Renee did a wonderful job throughout the process of selling our home in Hollister, CA. We appreciate everything she did for us and highly recommend her.
Aug 10, 2018

Rosemary Orosco recommends Stephanie Hicks

Stephanie Hicks is such an incredible, hardworking, and dedicated realtor!! She is so smart and informed in every aspect of the process. She will go to work for you like no other realtor I have ever worked with. She is truly a great person and I am proud to call her my friend now too. She has the right stuff to take on any project and get it done!! I am so impressed and amazed at what she is capable of, and she does it with style and grace like no other. If you have property to sell or are looking to buy a home, she is the best there is in my opinion. She tackled a huge endeavor to get us to our goal, and she did it!!!! Thank you Stephanie!!!!
Aug 9, 2018

Rui Toste recommends Renee Kunz

My wife and I have experienced both house-buying and house-selling with John & Renee Kunz for years and have found them to be honest and knowledgeable in the real estate market both on the buying and selling of homes. Most important they understand the details of contracts as to help us through the maze of complex paperwork, home inspections and the processes with buyers and sellers concluding agreements. We are very happy with the experience and professionalism that John & Renee Kunz brought to the table and making successful transactions in our past, present and the future.
Aug 9, 2018

Rui Toste recommends John Kunz

My wife and I have experienced both house-buying and house-selling with John & Renee Kunz for years and have found them to be honest and knowledgeable in the real estate market both on the buying and selling of homes. Most important they understand the details of contracts as to help us through the maze of complex paperwork, home inspections and the processes with buyers and sellers concluding agreements. We are very happy with the experience and professionalism that John & Renee Kunz brought to the table and making successful transactions in our past, present and the future.
Aug 8, 2018

Rui & Tami Toste recommend John Kunz

Expertise, Professionalism & Successful Transactions

My wife and I have experienced both house-buying and house-selling with John & Renee Kunz for years and have found them to be honest and knowledgeable in the real estate market both on the buying and selling of homes. Most important they understand the details of contracts as to help us through the maze of complex paperwork, home inspections and the processes with buyers and sellers concluding agreements. We are very happy with the experience and professionalism that both John & Renee Kuntz brought to the table and making successful transactions in our past, present and into the future.
Aug 7, 2018

Terry Keppers recommends Stephanie Hicks

We had a wonderful experience !!!
Very professional and informative through the journey....
Aug 6, 2018

Anna Foglia recommends Stephanie Hicks


Stephanie cares about the needs of her clients! She helped us purchase a property that was out of the ordinary with all kinds of complications. She is very easy to work with.
Jul 18, 2018

Carol Paolucci & Ed Ciavarelli recommend Individual Users

We could not be happier with our choice! Lisa was highly recommended to us and she did not disappoint! She was very professional and friendly. Always updated us. Never left us wondering what was going on. Great communication! Thank you Lisa for making the sale of our house a great experience!
Jun 17, 2018

John and Stacey Trefielo recommend Theresa Borina

We first consulted with Theresa Borina about a year ago regarding the value of our home. She was very helpful and professional. She did a complete market analysis on the potential sale of our home and helped us evaluate our options. We chose not to sell at that time and she was extremely supportive of our decision.

In February 2018, we sat down with Theresa again and talked about selling our home. She reviewed the current values with us and we decided to move forward. She was so patient and took time to review all of the documentation necessary to list our home.

We listed our home in May. Theresa was so accommodating when it came to showings, open house, and the requests we had for the safety of our pets. She worked quickly to get our listing on the market and had all of the photos done and ready for our open house. Her marketing plan was given to us in detail and we were excited to see the response we got from potential buyers.

Within 24 hours of our first open house, we had several offers. Theresa took the time to review in detail all of the offers and what they meant for us. We were in contract and moving towards closing within 8 days of listing our home!

She really managed the entire process of completing our sale and kept us informed of each step. We closed on time and the whole process from our perspective was seamless.

We were so pleased with Theresa’s professionalism and how much she cared about us, our experience, and our peace of mind. We highly recommend Theresa to anyone!
Jun 8, 2018

Laura Hooks recommends John Kunz

Administrative Assistant

I have the pleasure of working for John and Renee Kunz. I see their work ethic and their ability to put their clients needs first. They go the extra mile for their clients! They have a wealth of resources they share to make sure all of their clients needs are met and the job gets done on time and correctly. They both have a strong working knowledge of the real estate industry.
May 14, 2018

Diana Gomez recommends Individual Users

Lisa has help me and my family tremendously! I have worked closely with Lisa for the past year, she has guided me through the initial prepping of the houses (prior to sale) and throughout the listing period and sale of all four of my properties. Lisa was a wealth of knowledge with high regard to integrity, honesty and professionalism. All four of my properties sold for list price in which I know couldn't have been done without Lisa's negotiation skills. I would use her again and again.
May 14, 2018

Mo Massoudi recommends Individual Users

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa Scagliotti as my seller agent for the sale of my 5 acre property in San Juan Bautista. Lisa is most certainly knowable in her job and always was on the top of all aspects of the sale especially during the escrow process. I do very much appreciated her advise, quick response, hard work and her ability to listen. I do very much recommend Lisa to anyone seeking buying or selling real properties and for sure ask for her assistance in my future real estate transactions.
May 7, 2018

Janice brown recommends Sonja Romero

Highly recommend Sonja....she helped us locate a local realtor in MT. to purchase our dream retirement home....and helped us sell our home of 30 years in Hollister. She is the best, very professional, thorough, and reliable. Kept us informed though out the whole process. She was fantastic....
May 5, 2018

Jeff W. recommends Individual Users

Lisa recently sold my folks house. Lisa made the entire process extremely painless. She explained all the steps, forms and answered any questions. Lisa is very knowledgeable and her many years as a Realtor are what you need in a Realtor. She made you feel like you were her only client, when in fact she has several. Without hesitation I’d recommend Lisa to anyone wanting a professional, extremely competent Realtor. Thank you for everything.
May 1, 2018

Leah Medina recommends Renee Kunz

Home Buyer

Renee is truly one of the best in the business. If you’re looking for an agent who is passionate and dedicated in helping you with a smooth as possible transaction, choose Renee. As a first time home buyers, my husband and I had many questions. She was very accessible and answered all our questions. She is knowledgeable, resourceful and patient, above all is compassionate and kind. She went above and beyond for us, she was able to negotiate the best terms to meet our needs. My family and I are truly grateful we found Renee, she helped make our dreams come true.
Apr 5, 2018

Tom and Mae Franco recommend Individual Users

Wahoo! Home sold and closed within 30 days! Lisa gave us good advice on how to prep our home prior to listing it. First open house and within 2 days, we received an offer. Lisa was a great help with counter offer negotiations.
The transaction ran very smooth with Lisa's advice, signing of documents and all paperwork. Very good communicator, kept us informed throughout the sales process.
Mar 26, 2018

Jeannette Langstaff recommends Individual Users

Seller In Hollister

This sale of a Condo Rental was necessary for me as a Senior Citizen having to secure funds for retirement needs. My Property Manager recommended Lisa Scagliotti as a highly well-liked and successful Realtor. We can read about her University BS Degree in Business; experience as Escrow Assistant, working in New Home Construction Sales, and now in the Full Service Home Buying and Selling Market Lisa's Leadership with the Community Real Estate Boards is note worthy. This foundation of skills has made my sale go smoothly and fast.

Not feeling pressured is especially nice. Instead, consideration was shown in
devising agreeable tasks to promote a good sale within a person's budget.
During the 13 years of owning this condo (even older then) its original qualities
have been made to still stand out. Two bids came in around the same time and allowed the sale to be above listing price. I owe this my agent's expertise -- always available in person, by phone or email, to guide and help a client Lisa's friendly smiles and assurance has enabled this transaction to be enjoyable and exciting beyond expectation

Jan 31, 2018

Peter J Casper recommends Renee Kunz

Sr. Loan Office for LoanStar Home Lending, Inc.

I can't say enough positive words for all that Renee has done through my home selling process!! Renee was pro-active and informative throughout the whole process!! Every detail and decision was communicated to me clearly, effectively and thoughtfully!! I love the way Renee works and will recommend her to anyone that may consider buying or selling a home!! Thank you so much Renee!!
Nov 30, 2017

Richard Chaddock recommends Renee Kunz


Our main contact was with Renee. Nothing but good news here.
I am sure that John was involved with some of the necessary
items to be aware of during our inspections before we went into
Escrow. We were very well informed of every detail concerning
Our purchase. Lots of face to face, e-mails, and phone calls
explaining where we were and the timing of the next steps. This is
normally a very stressful process. Renee made it as easy as it gets
while handling things with her expertise.
Every visit was heavy with smiles and pleasant relationships.
The Kunz Team is highly recommended by us.
Nov 14, 2017

Charlene and Andy recommend Theresa Borina

Theresa was awesome to work with. She helped us prepare our property for sale and was with us every step of the way. She negotiated extra time for us after the closing date as well. Theresa is very professional and knowledgeable. She will not disappoint you. I interviewed other realtors but Theresa impressed me with her caring and helpful attitude. She definitely earned her commission! We were very pleased with our sales price and the smoothness of the transaction. I would not hesitate to use Theresa again if I still lived in California!

Our Team