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Jan 21, 2020

Aidymar and James recommend Sonia Maiello

We were very pleased with Sonia's service. I have worked with a number of realtors and none can compare to Sonia, She is extremely detailed oriented and really watches out for her clients interest. She was helpful with finding the right lending officer, reading over all disclosures, helping with inspections and making sure that the process was running smoothly and on time. 5 stars all around!
Jan 16, 2020

James Pak recommends Sonia Maiello

Former client

Sonia did a fantastic job from beginning to end! She is very thorough, detailed, and exceeded our expectations. She has taken the initiative in more than one instance. For instance, she researched an issue with the sidewalk around the property we bought to make sure we weren't somehow exposed to some liability. She was excellent in utilizing the resources she had in helping us find an investment property, property manager, and legal help. The questions we had were usually answered to our satisfaction within 24 hours. She was present along with a lender's agent during at the closing to make the process seamless. We recommend her for real estate transaction without hesitation.
Dec 31, 2019

Fatiha Lehallier recommends Sonia Maiello


Being first time home buyers, we were a little intimidated at first. Luckily we found Sonia which made the process much easier than we had been anticipating. Any questions we had were answered quickly and efficiently.

Sonia always had a smile and was so quick to get the job done. She is professional, organized, has a very pleasant personality, and went above and beyond for us. I would recommend Sonia to anyone looking to buy or sell!  Sonia, thank you for the time and effort you spent with us, making our first experience as easy as it was!
Oct 28, 2019

Lynne Carr recommends Barbara Slater

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Barbara Slater. Having known Barbara since
she was in 7th grade at Egan Junior High in Los Altos, we think of her as part of our family.
Having grown up here, she has the wonderful advantage of knowing and loving our
area and community.

Recently Barbara was of great help advising me and my family on several very critical
real estate decisions. She did a wonderful job and helped us make some very important
choices. I will always call Barbara and look forward to working with her again with
any upcoming real estate needs. Lynne Carr
Sep 6, 2019

Lupita L Monroy recommends Paul Anselmo

Retired Language Professor

I have had faith in Paul Anselmo since meeting him by phone because of his humble and clear way of communicating. He is swift and decisive in his manner of problem-solving. The best qualities that Paul has are his reliability and his broad knowledge base. He answers every call at almost any hour and that helped me develop a lot of confidence and trust in him. Paul is also detail-oriented and thorough which made my duties as the Seller seem easy to handle. This process of Selling my Redwood City home was painless and worry-free. I hope you give Paul a chance for all of your Real Estate needs.
Jul 29, 2019

MEGAN FLOWER recommends Barbara Slater

I was fortunate enough to work with Barbara on an investment property opportunity. She is a top notch professional who was proactive, incredibly well versed in the market and had all of the connections required to get the deal done, and most importantly, she's a true delight to work with. I highly recommend her if you are even remotely considering buying or selling real estate any time soon.
Jul 8, 2019

Ned Zhen recommends Barbara Slater

Software Engineer

It was really great to work with Barbara. She helped me through the whole buying process and gave extensive advice. As a first time buyer, I did learn a lot from her and it took me about only just a month to nail a new house. She was always nice and patient, and it was really pleasant to work with her. Would definitely recommend her for either buying or selling a house!!
Jul 2, 2019

Tamara recommends Sonia Maiello


It has been a great pleasure working with Sonia to buy our first house! Sonia made everything easier for us, she guided and advised us through the different steps and she updated every day during the whole process. She was always available for us, by text, email or phone, and willing to help with whatever we needed.
Sonia is also very sweet and friendly, and we are very glad we found her by chance.
Thank you so much Sonia for all your help and support!
Jun 3, 2019

Ali & Jeff Gerrity recommend Gerrie Phillips

Creative Director

Our experience with Gerrie was incredible. As first time buyers with absolutely no idea what this process entailed, Gerrie was there every step of the way. She made herself readily available for every open house we attended and taught us what to look out for. We learned so much from her and she and continues to provide useful tips, information, and referrals even after the close of escrow. Not to mention, our very first offer was accepted! She's our lucky charm, but we know that luck has nothing to do with it. She is a hard worker and knows the industry extremely well. We shared so many laughs and she made this entire process so fun. If anyone is looking to purchase or sell their home, you need to work with Gerrie Phillips!
May 19, 2019

R.M. recommends Hema Lakhani


Personable, professional, dedicated, organized, committed to closing, well respected all-around, Hema is a genuinely wonderful person, a stellar real estate agent and a sincere pleasure to work with. Hema comes highly recommended.
May 19, 2019

R.M. recommends Hema Lakhani


Personable, professional, dedicated, organized, committed to closing, well respected all-around, Hema is a genuinely wonderful person, a stellar real estate agent and a sincere pleasure to work with.
May 5, 2019

Jonathan Baechler recommends Barbara Slater


As first time home buyers, we feel lucky to have crossed paths with Barbara. She was patient, kind, proactive, and pleasure to work with. We can't recommend her enough!
Apr 24, 2019

Chintan Parikh recommends Mini Kalkat

Software Engineer

Highly recommend Mini & Kuljeet. We bought our first home (first offer!) through their continuous guidance and expertise. In the highly competitive market as ours in bay area, you do need someone with the know how and experience of what Mini & their entire team provides.
Apr 7, 2019

E&R recommend Mini Kalkat


Mini Kalkat was a joy to work with. After reflecting on our experience with her, what we are impressed with the most is that she genuinely cares about her clients. She took a genuine interest in who we are, the needs of our family, and what we were looking for. She is a seasoned pro and helped guide us through the whole process successfully. She demonstrated her deep understanding of the local market early on and was spot on in terms of how to handle the bidding process. After winning the bid, she was on call whenever we needed and was super responsive to our questions. We are very grateful for being able to work with her and look forward to hopefully having another opportunity to work with her again.
Mar 22, 2019

Anasua Gupta recommends Hema Lakhani

Technical Recruiter/Computer Software Consultant

I recently purchased an investment property with Hema. The whole experience was amazing! She helped me figure out what I want, and once I decided to make an offer, worked hard to make it happen. Her follow-up and attention to detail was excellent. After the purchase she also supported me in getting the place rented. Hema puts her whole heart and effort into your project - I would highly recommend her!
Mar 15, 2019

Christina Hagen recommends Sam Zerarka

Sam was amazing. He expedited every process that could have dragged on, he delivered on everything we discussed on the first day. Sam made this experience of selling our family home as easy on us as possible. He picked up every phone call and I felt we were absolutely his number one priority. He respected and listened to my request, I would recommend him without reservation.

Mar 6, 2019

David Asplund recommends Sam Zerarka


I can’t say enough about Sam. I told Sam that I felt blessed to have him sell my house. He couldn’t have done a better job! He did what he said he was going to do and followed through to make sure it happened. I highly recommend Sam!
David Asplund
Jan 21, 2019

Connie Wu recommends Barbara Slater


Buying a home for the first time is a daunting task, so I wanted to work with an agent who really understood the Bay Area housing market. I first met Barbara at a open house. She was friendly, enthusiastic, and patient with answering all questions both broad and the nitty gritty. Shortly after, my family and I asked her to be our agent. For the next 2 months, Barbara was very diligent in researching listings that fit my needs. We spent quite a few weekends visiting different listings, and Barbara would always be receptive to feedback and would keep our likes/dislikes in mind. When we found THE home, Barbara provided her honest assessments of the bidding situation and helped us come up with the best strategy to get the house. She build great rapport with the property management and helped make the entire process less stressful. We are so grateful to have met Barbara. She truly is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Barbara as a realtor.
Dec 10, 2018

Mariko Kimura Biondi recommends Sam Zerarka

VP, Event Prodution

Sam is an incredibly nice guy, and very knowledgeable about the area. He’s warm, empathetic , yet very efficient and got our house on the market quickly. He spruced up the house just the right amount to maximize the sales price. The house never looked better! It was a pleasure to work with Sam, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
Dec 9, 2018

Sarah Haufrect recommends Sam Zerarka


Sam represented my grandmother's house in Palo Alto this summer. He was the only realtor my family considered working with because he's warm and friendly and he knows the South Bay, especially Palo Alto, better than anyone! The house sold in barely two weeks thanks to the incredible work his team did with staging, marketing and showing the property. We're very grateful for his expertise and professionalism.
Dec 6, 2018

A.P. Robertson recommends Individual Users


I have worked with Myrtha Moll for over 15 years and I have always been amazed by her knowledge and professionalism. Bar none, she is one of their hardest workers I have ever met.

I would strongly recommend her to anybody who is a bottom line person, who wants the job done right, with no excuses and no BS.

A.P. Robertson, CEO
Nov 29, 2018

Edward and Brad recommend Pam Blackman

Seniors and Co-Trustee Sellers

It was very professionally done and everything was in good order.” “It is so wonderful that we got this completed so directly. I cannot believe how hard you worked on this. You really have valuable experience, from the trust details to the staging and sale, and you certainly know who to call to get things done.
Nov 8, 2018

Alan, Louise, and Olive recommend Pam Blackman

Seniors and Co-Trustee Sellers

I’m so glad we chose you for our Realtor®. It was fantastic to work with you! It was a pleasure working with you, and I was amazed at how smoothly and successfully it all went!
Nov 6, 2018

Ricky Ngan recommends Angie Wolff

Senior Hardware Engineer

Angie is a great realtor and a pleasure to work with. From the beginning of the process she takes the time to understand your unique situation/background to better assess which homes are worth looking at. As I first-time homebuyer Angie was able to help me fill in a lot of tiny (but important) details on each place which you won't find from the online listings. She is able to schedule visits to accommodate my busy work schedule and really gives peace of mind during the closing process to ensure everything goes smoothly. She also has a good network of contacts; I had many good contractors recommended by Angie to help me work through the initial move-in. -Ricky N
Oct 1, 2018

Vidhya Krishnamurthi recommends Hema Lakhani

My husband and I had fallen in love with a property listed on Zillow when we contacted Hema. The property was in Monterey County - quite a distance from where Hema lives. That was of no consequence. She would adjust to our convenience and take us to see the home innumerable times so we could satisfy ourselves that we loved it just the same as we did the pictures on Zillow. We made an offer and got outbid, but she was persistent and ensured that we were the contingent offer. As luck would have it the original offer fell through and Hema lost no time in rounding us up and closing on the deal. She worked tirelessly to take schedule the walk through and left no stone/rug unturned during the last round of check-up.
She is a wonderful, warm and a very hard-working agent who is rooting for you the whole way. A good person to have on your side. I would recommend her very highly!

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