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<p>Our downtown Menlo Park office continues to grow as more and more people flock to the city just north of Palo Alto.&nbsp;Menlo Park is highly sought after area as many tech companies, such as Facebook, call the beautiful town home.</p>


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Jul 19, 2020

Danielle Pennewell recommends Cher Rowland

HR Manager at Google

Cher is an incredible listing agent! She helped us understand the market and talked through our listing price, was very detail oriented and thoughtful with our photos, and got our place up and online within a week! Two days after it was listed we received an offer slightly over asking and then a competing offer within 24 hours. The place sold to an all cash buyer with a 14 day close and no contingencies. We are not yet ready to buy so she helped us find a nice rental where all our things will fit that is closer to where I work and where my horse lives. Thanks Cher for supporting us on our home selling adventure. We appreciate you!
Jul 18, 2020

William Brandenburg recommends Cher Rowland

Managing Member ... Brandenburg Apartments, LLC

We went on the market with 3 different apartment buildings in January 2020.
The first building sold with very few problems.
Then COVID 19 struck !!!
The second building closed escrow this week but after a very long and difficult process.
This sale would not have happened without Cher's determination and strong contract negotiation skills ! We received a price that, considering the current situation, was reasonable and Cher helped us deal with a buyer who was less then helpful.
I would strongly recommend Cher to anyone who needs a real estate agent who will work hard for you and always has your best interest at heart !!

Bill Brandenburg
Feb 22, 2020

Mary Caddell recommends Lisa Wittkopf


Lisa Wittkopf is a true professional. She painstakingly showed us 30 houses before we found our dream home. She is knowledgeable about every aspect of real estate. Lisa is prompt in her responses to questions and the intricate details that buying a house requires. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking to buy /sell a house.
Dec 29, 2019

Maryam & Al recommend Suman Kahlon

Highly Recommended!

Suman helped us buy our first home! She helped us understand the process and find what we were looking for. She is very professional and efficient. Suman showed us excellent matches to our preferences.

We highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.
Nov 22, 2019

Christopher Shad Way recommends Cher Rowland

Property owner

Cher is absolutely hands on, was extremely aware of today's rates and market value. She has been very informative and helpful with selling our building here in San carlos.. was so impressed with her rolling up her sleeves helping me landscape and plant new plants... we will certainly be using her for our other buildings. I highly recommend Cher, thank you for all that you do... you're amazing.
Shad Way
Oct 12, 2019

Kevin Stapleton recommends Cher Rowland

Cher’s legal background is invaluable during the offer process and during the review of disclosures and reports as the deal progresses. Her attention to detail assures a positive outcome with no surprises. Indeed, during a recent purchase with a difficult seller and difficult listing agent, Cher’s diligence resulted in a successful purchase on my terms. As a listing agent, Cher was able to successfully sell my property at a value that my neighbors with other agents were unable to match.
Sep 16, 2019

Aurelie and Thomas DHALLUIN recommend Keyko Pintz

Earlier this year, we took the decision to enter the real estate market and buy a house, not fully conscious of the intensity and difficulty of such a process.
On top of the pecularities of the US real estate market, Silicon Valley has added a very unique dynamic between seller/buyer due to the shortage of available (good!) houses and the high demand driven by the GAFA and start-ups/VC ecosystem.
After careful review of potential agents, we decided to trust Keyko Pintz (

The overall process has been emotionally difficult for the family but we would have not been able to go through without the support and the expertise of Keyko. At no moment, she imposed her opinion, rather providing us with guidance and elements of decision to pursue/drop opportunities. Listing price is no the real cost of acquisition so being able to get a better sense of the house over time, some ball parks numbers for mandatory renovations would give the price sensitivity of a particular deal. In the ruthless race to get a deal, she was responsive, sharp and always defending our interests.

As you can read between the lines, buying a house is not a walk in the park and in our case, we had to experience the pressure of powerful/unscrupulous agents and at every moment, Keyko stood by our side, counselling and listening to our concerns. We ultimately did buy a house. And she made it happen!

So if you read this, please take into consideration that the buying process in Silicon Valley is and will remain a power struggle. You would need to be equipped with the right knowledge of the market, to have enough resilience to accept the ups-and-downs of the process (multiple bids, counter offer, back offers) and somehow the opaque decision making factors and more importantly to choose the right agent.

We are forever grateful to Keyko for her professionalism and hopefully this review will give other families the chance to be guided by the most honest person we've met in the Bay Area.
Aug 6, 2019

Shiv & Darsh recommend Young Jacob

Sofware & Nursing

Given the Bay Area Housing (crisis!?! as some folks allude to it as), it's extremely difficult to get exactly what you're looking for in the location you're looking for. I'm extremely numbers oriented and don't fall for the market sentiment easily and can give most Real Estate Agents quite the headache. Young is phenomenal when it comes to understanding her clients and their needs and has a super friendly, calm & warm demeanor, and is very honest, straight-forward and is extremely accurate when it comes to gauging the market conditions and also knows her numbers as well and is pretty much spot-on.
We've worked with several other real estate agents who're trying to make a #quick-buck-on-other-peoples-money but Young was instrumental in making it happen for us (#simply-awesome). She has an amazing style and strategy, to #just-get-it-done which is really what's needed in this Silicon Valley market and can quickly understand the buyers/sellers involved in the deal.
I have no doubt Young is the best agent we've worked with thus far and I'd definitely recommend Young and would leverage Young's skills in the future.
Jul 31, 2019

Ryan Rogers recommends Suman Kahlon


Suman was wonderful to work with. She helped guide us through the home buying process, as we were first time buyers. She answered every question that I had and taught us so much about the overall process. Also, her diligence helped save us money on our loan by finding a lower rate. Thanks so much Suman! If you are looking to buy a home, I highly recommend that you work with Suman.
May 19, 2019

Christina C. recommends Cher Rowland


The difference is in the details: on my last purchase, Cher saved me thousands when she identified and investigated a property issue involving the city that no one else caught. Every property is different, so having an agent that will go the extra mile to treat each property as individually as they are is a huge relief when buying and selling. I made 2 other purchases before working with Cher, and those agents both made errors that I had to pay for. Since having Cher's help, my transactions have been worry-free, which is priceless to me: the last thing I need is to be kept up at night concerned that my agent is missing something, and that is never a worry with Cher. Thanks again for all the help, and I can't wait to do business again soon!
May 13, 2019

Valentine Denjoy recommends Cecile Amram

was looking for a house to rent

Cecile found the perfect match for us! She walked us through the renting process with patience and great professionalism. We were always able to reach her whenever we had a question. Great working with her! Thank you Cécile
Feb 24, 2019

Ryan & Amy Babiuch recommend Suman Kahlon

We were first time home buyers and Suman was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She truly listened to what we were seeking and would send us relevant listings nearly every day. She was very friendly and professional and always made sure that we had answers to our questions. Suman worked quickly and efficiently and was always available, day or night. It was a great experience working with Suman!
Jan 31, 2019

Kimberly Chandhok recommends Bruce Richmond

Over the past two years, we've chosen to work with Bruce to close two transactions. Our decision the first time was based on his easy demeanor and quick follow through. He was action-oriented without being pushy and was able to help connect us to other professionals whose services we required.

We chose to reach out the second time and couldn't be happier. With so much info readily available to buyers, we saw the real estate industry changing even from our previous transaction. Bruce's experience in the industry provided a high level of insight and integrity that complemented the data we were able to access resulting in a closed transaction and our utmost satisfaction. Again we found Bruce's very easy to contact and understanding of our busy schedules.

While we don't anticipate another transaction in the near future, we know we would reach out to Bruce if we do.
Jan 22, 2019

Zachary B recommends Cher Rowland

After having been looking for a rental home for almost 5 full month on our own, Cher was able to step in and quickly identify a great off-market rental home, arrange and host a home tour, handle all landlord/property manager negotiations, and get us into a lease within just five days (thus completely exceeded our expectations)!

Cher made working with the landlord & property manager easy, running point between both parties on our behalf, while also providing us frequent and detailed updates. Her experience, expertise and passion was felt throughout the entire process, and I couldn't have been more grateful to have her help in securing our new home.
Jan 8, 2019

Alex Hendricks recommends Lisa Wittkopf

Intero Realtor

Lisa is an extremely kind and caring individual who truly wants to see all agents succeed. She was kind enough to take time out of her day to teach a class that I attended to help me out with learning all the tools that we have at our fingertips. Thanks Lisa!
Jan 8, 2019

Diana Quistian recommends Lisa Wittkopf


Thank you Lisa, I learned so much!

Lisa taught the "Intero Tools" class and as a new agent, there is so much to learn. She was very thorough, clear, and patient with us newbies. I'm thankful that I can easily turn to her for follow up questions.
Oct 21, 2018

Vija Sehgal MD, MPH, PhD recommends Keyko Pintz

Chief Quality Officer, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center

As others have said previously, there are not enough stars to recommend Keyko. She managed the complete renovation and successful sale of our family home in Palo Alto while my family and I were scattered across the globe. Through almost daily telephone calls, texts and emails, we stayed in touch as she, together with her extraordinary crew, seemingly effortlessly navigated the process of completely transforming our house. Thanks to Keyko's efforts and her wonderful daughter Olivia's brilliant marketing, the house sold above asking price after just one open house. We will forever be grateful to Keyko and Olivia for guiding us through the process of selling our family home and consider them lifelong friends.
Sep 19, 2018

Laurence Mechali recommends Cecile Amram

First time homebuyers!

GREAT Experience!
Cecile was very professional, patient and very committed to the success of our transaction. She helped us understand each step of the process, she was always there to answer our questions or provide guidance and proactive information . She supported us when we decided to withdraw an offer as she only had in mind our best interest. We ended up finding our dream house and closing it thanks to her commitment and decisive actions. Thanks a lot Cecile!!
Sep 12, 2018

Kay O'Neill recommends Keyko Pintz

Co-Founder OpenAccess

Keyko made the sale of our home fast and fun! Her exceptional work ethic and smart focus on what matters most resulted in getting a great price for our treasured family home. Keyko treats EVERYONE with deep respect. She knows how to navigate differences and demanding timelines. All of our friends were amazed with her speed at preparing our home for market. It was clear her team of experts love working for Keyko and take care of every detail. Their quality craftsmanship and dazzling designs made our home shine from top to bottom, inside and out. We highly and whole heartedly recommend Keyko Pintz and her team. Kay O'Neill
Sep 8, 2018

Tina Yang recommends Jordan Shields

HR Manager

Jordon is awesome. He is moving very fast, super responsive 24/7, we found a house with his help quickly with a good price. He is very objective too and never push you into something you don’t really like. I highly recommend you work with Jordon!
May 17, 2018

Vered and Ari Shomron recommend Keyko Pintz

Keyko Pintz has been managing our property in Palo Alto for the past 9 years. As we are living abroad, we are assured that the property is in professional hands and Keyko has given us the peace of mind that is so essential for remote home-owners as ourselves.

Keyko handles all aspects of our rental property. She interviews and carefully selects potential tenants. She handles the negotiations and finalizes the contract. Keyko has the natural talent to work vis-à-vis the tenants in a manner where she always maintains a calm atmosphere carefully minimizing tensions. Yet, when needed, she certainly knows when to put her foot down and resolve challenging issues. She never raises her voice yet she can smartly navigate through stormy times when annoying maintenance problems arise or a dispute with a neighbor may come about.
During the years she has gathered a list of professional workers and companies who can get a remodel or maintenance job done quickly, professionally and at a fair price.

Beyond the fact that Keyko is honest, cordial, professional and extremely reliable, she has good instincts in filtering the information provided to us as the owners. She knows when to “bother” us with pressing issues, while she may take care of many small issues on her own initiative that we may only learn of much later after they have been resolved. This is very important for us as owners living abroad who cannot be involved in all the intricate details.
We strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Keyko.
May 1, 2018

Kevin Sheehan and Isobel Vincent recommend Keyko Pintz

There aren't enough stars in the rating to describe the job Keyko did for us.
"Above and beyond" isn't enough either. We couldn't find an adjective that adequately described her.

She had a plan A, a plan B, and all the resources required to execute at our frenetic pace. Her trustworthy guidance allowed us to get the price we wanted in the time we had. We appreciated her love of the neighborhood and always felt she had our best interests at heart.

We miss her! We've recommended her to a number of friends who were quite pleased as well.

Kevin and Isobel
Mar 20, 2018

Catherine Hendricks recommends Lisa Wittkopf


Lisa was amazing when I was making the decision of which company to move to.
She made the transition very smooth and easy and I recommend meeting with her if you are considering changing Real Estate Brokers. She connects you to the right people for the support you need in your transition. I am very happy I made the change to Intero.
Mar 15, 2018

Renee Kunz recommends Lisa Wittkopf

VP & Managing Officer

Lisa is full of energy and I am grateful to have her work as the Education Development Manager at Intero Real Estate. She has trained in San Benito County multiple times and my agents always walk away with more knowledge!

Thanks Lisa!
Mar 15, 2018

Andrew Ging and Jennifer Tsau recommend Cher Rowland

We appreciate all the blood, sweat & tears you put in for our cause on our first home purchase and then sale this year of our home, and that you had really good connections, charm, negotiating skills and willingly put them to good use for us.

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