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Sep 16, 2020

Melissa Mata recommends Rick Trevino

When I reflect on our most recent experience selling our San Jose home, the first word that comes to mind is, wow! If you’re reading this and anything like me, there are few reviews you would sit down and sink your teeth into. For the biggest sale or purchase of your life, choosing a realtor WILL make or break your ability to do either. Let me explain why I’d choose Rick Trevino a million times over after our experience. Prior to purchasing our San Jose home, my husband and I looked for 2.5 half years. The market was challenging but so was finding a good realtor. We went through our share of VERY poor realtors and for context, I have now dealt with seven different purchase and sales of property in my life all in different states. Fast forward to this spring and making the challenging decision to sell our home. We had a lot of high expectations for the person who would not only sell our home, but sell it quickly, for the price we thought it was worth, during a pandemic and all while we, the sellers, currently live across the country! When we did the math on what a commission would look like on our sale price, I thought it was entirely too much money given likely one month's worth of work! How in the world could you warrant that commission when all you do is show our house a few times and write up a contract? Let me tell you why, in my opinion, the commission wasn’t enough for all the work Rick did! It was a steep ask and Rick Trevino over delivered in every possible way.

We had our house occupied by tenants when we started discussions about the plans to sell with Rick. He not only laid out a very aggressive and detailed timeline for us to start the listing process, we didn’t have to make a single phone call. Rick even creatively suggested we request of our tenants, if willing, that we could begin the inspection process before their move out date. With his mindfulness of our tight timeline, we were able to shave two weeks off of the date to list on the MLS. Anyone trying to sell their home in not only an aggressive market, but one in which there are so many unknowns, can appreciate the importance of getting a two week jump on listing your home. Although we discussed our price point with Rick and he provided us with a thorough market analysis weeks prior to listing our home, he initiated conversations days before we went to market to readjust a higher price point, as he had not only been regularly tracking analytics, but he had also been in contact with other realtors on recently sold homes to understand what the market and those negotiations looked like. There was an incredible amount of work that went on behind the scenes that we never even knew about! From the date our tenants moved out, to the date our home closed escrow, 46 days passed. This meant our home had inspections, he contracted out repairmen to do simple home repairs/upgrades, oversaw the repairs, house cleanings, our home staging, landscaping, photographs/videography, detailed MLS write ups, and then coordinating showings. Anyone who has sold a home during covid knows these are not ordinary times. There are no longer open houses where you can hold a weekend full of showings and walk away with 10+ offers. Realtors now have to be aware of the regular and ever-changing CA laws associated with showings (ie, number of people who can see a house at a single time, the documentation that has to be posted, the documentation that must be signed prior to showings, etc). Rick was so on top of all the regulations as to ensure we were not legally liable in any circumstance. He managed an ever changing schedule of showings and even was diligent enough to notice other homes some of the interested parties were also viewing. This helped us tremendously when we got offers in, as we quickly recognized when some agents began some unethical practices with the way in which they made offers. He did not balk at having direct conversations with those realtors, always having our best interest as top priority. During the two week period of time we received and responded to offers, Rick talked to us each night (and sometimes throughout the day) in spite of our three hour time difference. There were nights we went to bed when he was still working on communications and we woke up to emails he had already sent the next morning (and we have 4 kids so we are early risers)! He did not miss crossing one "t" or dotting one "i" on documents, often catching mistakes on the buyer's agents paperwork that could have, in some instances, cost us time to close on our home.

The man does not sleep, does not stop until his work is not only complete but exemplary. As a former Marine, his work ethic and moral compass are unmatched. I have never worked with a more dedicated, upfront, analytical, thorough and comprehensive person in my life. I am a hard sell and not an easy customer in any stretch of the imagination and I’ve never had someone stun me with their ability to keep so many balls in the air while never compromising the quality of his work. In general, working with individuals in Sales is not an enjoyable experience as it traditionally feels disingenuous. I couldn’t have had a more contradictory experience after selling our house with Rick. He is probably one of the most ethical people I’ve ever met, he truly cares about the goals you are trying to reach and the obstacles you face and he’s a HARD worker. Some days he was even patching holes in our home and watering our grass. Rick will do what he needs to do to get the job done but you can rest assured he’s not taking shortcuts to get there. Don’t worry about reading another review; Rick is simply the best and you will not find a better man to do business with!
Aug 12, 2020

Michelle Zimmermann recommends Rick Trevino

If Rick is not your realtor, you are missing out. He ticks all the right boxes and ones we didn’t even realize were options. From strategic advice to ensure we got the right home for the right price, to emotional support for us as first-time home buyers purchasing a home during the pandemic, to timely and quality recommendations for anything we needed related to our new home (painters, contractors, you name it), Rick pulled all the stops to make sure our home buying experience before, during and after went as smoothly as possible. He was always available and extremely attentive, and months later still reaches out to make sure things are going well and to ask if there’s anything we need. Rick is really something special and we wholeheartedly recommend him to our friends and family.
Jul 7, 2020

Dhwani recommends Ranju Phelan

Ranju is a very experienced, friendly, responsive and a knowledgeable realtor. She has always been on her toes and just a phone call away no matter what!

We met her at an open house right before Covid-19, after which housing market got tough and we always needed an agent to tour a house. Ranju educated us about the entire process, was responsive over phone, managed to get us appointments for all the homes we wanted to tour, worked on solving for a hiccup we faced on our way and helped us get a home we love!

She knows the bay area market well, especially south bay and we recommend working with her.
Jun 19, 2020

Monica and Larry McCabe recommend Rick Trevino

home owners

We first met Rick Trevino when he was walking by our Sunnyvale home distributing his personalized message pads We were impressed that this young professional was doing the “nitty gritty” work, learning the neighborhood, getting his name out, and stopping to chat. We saw him several months later, and he remembered us, our names, and our family. That’s when we knew this guy was special.

When the time came for us to sell, we considered one of the big names you see on dozens of open house signs all the time, but in the end we got the sense that we were the product, and that what motivated them was getting another sale in the drive to be the #1 seller in the region.
We are so glad we went with Rick. He gave us the individual attention and made it clear that our success was his motivation.
But it was in the sales process that he really shined. Four days before our first open house the Covid-19 lock-down started. Rick was undeterred, finding ways to get the word out and cultivating potential buyers.

Rick impressed us with his integrity, his knowledge of past markets and the current trends, his contacts for home improvement/repair and his willingness to help out personally should we need it. His negotiation skills were excellent. We appreciated how Rick never passed us off to an assistant - he did the work. He kept us continually in the loop throughout closing and personally shepherded the closing process. We wholeheartedly recommend Rick Trevino of Intero Real Estate as an agent.
May 26, 2020

Karan Maini recommends Ranju Phelan

Software Engineer

Ranju is one of the best realtors out there in the market. She is very responsive, has excellent knowledge, easy to work with and goes an extra mile for you. It's very rare to find all these qualities in a person.

We met her at an open house and shared with her our requirements. After getting some inputs from her, we realized that she would be the perfect fit for us. She would frequently send out options our way and stays on top of what is coming in the market. She was always a phone call away when he had to go see houses we were interested in. We would get detailed inputs about price, features, pros n cons, etc. With all this help coming our way, we were able to find our dream house pretty quickly. She got us a good deal as well by negotiating a few rounds.

Post signing the contract, she followed up regularly to make sure our loan was progressing & helped us quite a bit to get things through faster. Something no other agent would do if one ends up being with an average lender. She ensured that we didn't have to pay an extra penny out of our pocket while keeping the entire process stress-free.

She has her network of people who work as efficiently as she does. This helps smoothen the process at every step. A huge plus for working with her. Moreover, she also gave us contacts of handyman which came out to be quite useful for us while settling in.

Overall, I would easily recommend her to my friends & family looking to make a move. She is best at what she does and works with you like you are family.

Pro Tip: If you are looking around, just give her a call and sit with her once with all your requirements, you would get a sense of all the aspects I mentioned above.
Apr 29, 2020

Ashutosh Jadhav and Rashmi Dusane recommend Ranju Phelan

"Ranju has been extremely responsive, friendly, and was a great asset from start to finish. We could not have asked for anyone better. Due to her flawless execution and persistence every step of the way, the whole process of buying a new home and getting it done in record time has been a great positive experience."
Mar 26, 2020

Sheryl Heidorn recommends Ranju Phelan

We had to relocate out of state 10 months after we purchased our home. We were afraid that we would not see any of the down payment that we put in the house as it was only 10 months since we bought our house. We discussed with Ranju, and she gave us some pointers. She asked us to wait a couple weeks, and then very strategically listed our house at the right time. Ranju did a great job selling our home. She was incredibly responsive, and managed the process very well. She is very resourceful, and was fully engaged from start to finish, and delivered a very high level of service. She knows the Bay area market very well, and got us way more then what we expected for our house. We actually ended up making some profit after all the expenses were paid, and we never expected that. She is honest, very helpful, reliable, and very friendly. Her strongest point is that she is very methodical in her work and is very persistant with getting stuff done. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an agent
Feb 11, 2020

Steve Chou recommends Ranju Phelan

Software Engineer

We knew that Ranju was someone we could trust just after the first meeting. Ranju is very knowledgeable, and gave us a lot of recommendations in areas we previously never thought of that matched our criteria, including some off-market opportunities. She is very prompt and answered all of our concerns. She is very sincere, and worked very hard to save us any money that she could.

She's a very good negotiator and when we found a place we want, she got us into contract quickly and we closed smoothly. I highly recommend her services.
Feb 11, 2020

Steve Chou recommends Ranju Phelan

Software Engineer

We first met Ranju at an open house we went to. Ranju is very knowledgeable, and gave us a lot of recommendations in areas we previously never thought of that matched our criteria, including some off-market opportunities. She is very prompt and answered all of our concerns. She's a very good negotiator and when we found a place we want, she got us into contract quickly and we closed smoothly. I highly recommend her services.
Jan 31, 2020

Jack Clark recommends Nicole Valenti

Successor Trustee

I am the successor trustee for a Dear Friend and Nicole was recommended by him when the time came. Well, when the time did come I was not sure so I talked with Nicole and she convinced me she was the perfect realtor for the sale of the house. She had great ideas but listened to my input! When offers came in she knew what to do which resulted in the best possible price for the home. She is SMART, CARING and a very hard worker. With out reservation I recommend Nicole for the sale of any home! Very Sincerely, Jack Clark
Jan 22, 2020

Umang recommends Ranju Phelan

Software Engineer

Ranju is an awesome realtor. She negotiated a lot to get us a deal. I believe we saved at-least 30K mainly because of Ranju.

Ranju is extremely knowledgeable. Her experience in this field really helped us through this process of home buying. Ranju is confident and stands by her saying "I wont let you lose money in a deal". We will definitely recommend her!
Nov 29, 2019

Alison Higuera recommends Ranju Phelan

We met Ranju at the open house for the house we bought. She helped us get an offer in very quickly, and facilitated a stress-free (for us) and quick negotiation process. She is a competitive buyer's agent.

She also facilitated a smooth closing process, and we were able to call on her to schedule visits to take measurements in the house as well as contractor visits during escrow.

Ranju is also a great resource for contractors, and provided us with a list of quality people that we could call. Thank you, Ranju, we are appreciative of your help and professionalism in our home buying process!
Nov 25, 2019

Kathy Quick recommends Darlene Brinkerhoff

Seller working with Darlene to sell family home

To whomever considers having Darlene represent them for either selling or buying, I highly recommend her from my first hand experience, having to sell my family home. We have lived in the Cupertino area for 60 years, and selling a family home is both an emotional and exhausting experience.
Darlene excelled at walking me through the multiple steps required and help when it came to clearing out the home, assisting in all the appraisals, inspections and expectations. She was a master of scheduling both updated work with contractors as well and assisting in any misunderstanding on both my part and the contractor.
There were a few deadlines that were never a concern and if I was traveling she made sure that I was kept in the loop at all times.

I believe that anyone that has Darlene on their team will be incurably successful.
Nov 18, 2019

steven lee recommends Alan Nguyen


Alan is professional, warm and friendly. He is very helpful.
Nov 18, 2019

Jaclyn Imbesi recommends Rick Trevino

Restaurant Manager

As first-time home buyers, my husband and I could not be happier with the service Rick provided. Rick has great knowledge and understanding of the Bay Area housing market which help to make the purchase of our home extremely smooth. Rick was always willing to answer any questions that came up during the process and was informative with his answers. In addition, Rick was extremely responsive via text, emails, and scheduled phone calls. My husband and I would highly recommend Rick to anyone that is looking to purchase a home.
Nov 13, 2019

Joan Forte recommends Rick Trevino


I cannot say enough positive things about Rick. He helped me with a challenging home purchase. I needed to buy a home for my daughter as part of a 1031 exchange, meaning there were more timelines and details to manage than usual. My daughter is developmentally delayed so we had some unique requirements as to location and the interior. On top of that he took myself, my daughter and my ex-husband, her father, out on several occasions to look at numerous houses, wonderfully accommodating our different personalities and needs. He was incredibly patient, upbeat, empathetic and helpful in all my interactions with him. When we had to break a contract on an offer I made due to changing financial information, he was professional and kind with all parties and kept me updated throughout the stressful process. In the end, we found a great house for her and met all our requirements. As so many have said, he is the epitome of integrity and a kind and good person on top of it! Don't hesitate to hire him. He will do his best for you and that is very, very good!!
Oct 28, 2019

Yiwei Li recommends Ranju Phelan

Senior Software Engineer

Ranju has done an amazing job in helping us finding the best property. She's always on top of everything: from sending out latest listings that matches our criteria, to help explaining potentials of different areas; from careful walkthrough of the house to providing referrals to professionals we need. Not only does she helped us get the best price for the property, she also worked really hard on taking care of problems emerged during the process and thus made it really easy on our side. We would never be able to buy such a good property in such short period of time without her. We would highly recommend Ranju and would definitely refer to our friends.
Oct 1, 2019

Chloe Huang recommends Mary Jo Townzen

Mary Jo is not just a real estate agent - she's so much more.

Let's be honest, this is gonna be a biased review, because since I've worked with her, we've become friends, and I've referred her to all my colleagues/family, even those who aren't considering buying or selling a house just in case.

She's the one you should work with. I would hire her as my car agent if I could but unfortunately she doesn't cover that field. Here are a few of the dozens of reasons why she's amazing:

1. She's incredibly detailed oriented, going over every part of every document so you don't have to.
2. She's understanding and flexible. More than half of our meetings happened late at night because she accommodated my shift schedule despite having to wake up early the next morning for other clients.
3. She knows everything about real estate, not just about the sale. She shows you how to read inspection reports, recommends trusted vendors for services you might need for the house, takes you to the county or city hall to check permits and apply for necessary documents, etc.
4. She's honest. If a certain house might not be the best option for you, she'll tell you. I've considered making offers on more expensive properties than my current house and she explained to me why it's not a good idea based on my situation. It's not just about the commission for her; she really wants to help you find your home.
5. She'll stay in touch. She doesn't disappear after close of escrow. If you have any questions/concerns or merely want to chat, she's always an email/text away.
6. She'll try to take care of you. She checks up on me to make sure I'm eating well, sleeping enough, not working too much, and stay safe. Now I introduce her to my friends and family as my fairy godmother.

I can write so much more about Mary Jo. You know people say when you find your dream home or Mr./Ms. Right, you know it? Well she is the real estate agent equivalent of that, if that makes sense. Again, she's so much more than just an agent. My friend recommended her to me and I'll forever be grateful. Now I'm trying to pay it forward by convincing everyone I know who's in the housing market to change their agent to her, because I can't imagine anyone else doing a better job.
Sep 17, 2019

Alex Paul recommends Ranju Phelan


Ranju was our agent when we bought a house in Sunnyvale. Our interactions with Ranju were very smooth. Since we had kids she took time to arrange for some activities to keep them occupied when we had to discuss or sign papers. When we finally found a house we liked she moves quickly and we close quickly on the house we liked.

She batted on our behalf a few times notably in regards to the contract to ensure the seller leaves the appliances in place which saved us the trouble of buying new appliances also she negotiated so that we ended up with a winning offer which was lesser than what we were expecting to go till.
Sep 6, 2019

Lauren Edwards recommends Rick Trevino


There is no one like Rick. His knowledge and determination are unrivaled. He is incredibly generous and loves what he does. Whether you are buying or selling a home he wants you to be happy and can help you achieve your goals. Rick is the only realtor I ever intend to work with.
Aug 30, 2019

Rachana Thakar & Kaushik Patel recommend Mary Jo Townzen

No words can truly express how grateful we are to Mary Jo! She is an incredible human being and a fantastic real estate agent.After working with her, we are convinced that she’s the only realtor we’ll ever need.
Being first time home buyers we had no or very little knowledge about the home buying process. She spent good time with us understanding our needs and what we wanted in a house. She explained us the entire process step by step, went through all documents in detail to make sure that we are prepared to make a decision when the time comes. She educated us about all possible frauds in real estate business to make sure we are protected. She is a great coach and guided us like a parent does. She was always available on phone, text, email whether it was early morning or late night. One time she helped us even though she was out of town on a vacation! She forwarded us every good listing which matched our criteria. She keeps client’s best interests in sharp focus. You can always trust that she is on top of every detail - big and small. This brings great peace of mind when you are buying or selling a home. We have seen her work tirelessly to make sure we get the best deal. She is a skilled listener and negotiator. She was never pushy or rushed and at the same time she was very quick to act when it was necessary. Once we got into the contract she personally supervised all the inspections and reviewed the reports. Thats the best service possible to receive from an agent. She followed up with all the involved parties to ensure we close the deal on time.
We loved the way she organizes her work, takes notes for even minute detail and follows up timely.
She even gave us some great home management tips, shared contractors contacts. She still keeps in touch with us even after closing the deal and answers our questions. Our experience was great from start to finish. Thanks to Mary Jo for helping us find our dream home. We highly recommend her!!
Aug 10, 2019

Bhanu K recommends Mary Jo Townzen

A first time home buyer...

For a first time home-buyer, finding a home is an overwhelming process with lots of unknowns to worry about.

We met Mary in one of the open-houses and she was prompt at understanding our needs.

Since then Mary diligently kept looking for the homes that would fit our taste and needs. Once we liked a property, she made sure we understand the nuances of getting into the contract.

She was meticulous at every step in the process and would spend late evenings with us to make sure we go through the paperwork and understand the details.

I would highly recommend Mary Townzen to anyone in this journey. It’s hard to find someone so diligent, thorough and meticulous in their work.

— Alekhya & Bhanu
Jul 21, 2019

Jenn Wang recommends Dani Wolter


I've worked with Dani for buying an investment house in the San Jose area since May and she was awesome to work with. She is honest, trustworthy, considerate, and professional and always following-up with details about our questions with the houses. She knows the Bay Area really well, so when our first offer was rejected, she was not pushy and didn't ask us to increase the offer, but instead told us to try other options. In the 3 months (from when we decided to start looking) that we worked with Dani we found her to be diligent and detailed. She protected our as buyers interest and found the best interest for us as well. She has full lists of reliable handymen, contractors for remodeling, termite companies, and gardeners. She always thinks ahead and calls her contact list people to get the price estimates for us. It has been saving us a lot of time! Dani makes the process of buying and investing in a house so much easier, and we are very thankful to have had her help us through and make easier the many struggles of finding a fairly priced house for investments and all our other concerns. One thing for certain is, whatever your ideas are, she will help you to the best of her ability.

More than that though, she became our friend and we are grateful to have found her.
Jul 15, 2019

Rahul Rathi recommends Ranju Phelan

We can't speak highly enough of our experience with Ranju. On top of being exceptionally good at her job she felt like a friend after the first showing and certainly is a friend now. She is honest, hands-on and really helped to take the pressure off of us.

Every time we viewed a new property Ranju would perform a methodical inspection, looking for signs of problems and commenting on the quality of construction, finish, appliances, etc. She also led us through multiple rounds of negotiation to get to a price we were comfortable with. She was very responsive to our needs and was always available when we needed her to be. Anyone looking to purchase a home would be lucky to work with Ranju.
Jun 19, 2019

George Doorley recommends Dani Wolter


Dani was referred to me as being an outstanding realtor, so I had high expectations of her from the start. She did not disappoint. I have bought and sold in this valley several times over the past twenty years and can attest that she is indeed tops in the field. She was always a step ahead of all actions needed, and jumped in quickly when the process hits those inevitable snags to smooth everything over. She is also an enjoyable with whom to share the sometimes stressful real estate process. I plan to engage her again if/when I sell the place I just bought!

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