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Agent Recommendations (331)

Mar 24, 2019

David Morrell recommends Brian Crane

Realtor, Intero Real Estate Services

Brian Crane brought me into Intero Real Estate with open arms, convincingly, with class and kindness. We talked in his office for 90 minutes and I signed that day. Brian presented a higher level of professionalism than I had ever seen in my 19 years in the business. He showed me what he had to offer, which was clearly superior to anything else I had ever seen. Since joining the company it is quite clear the agents that work with Brian in the Los Gatos office appreciate his quick wit, his preparation and depth of knowledge, and his overall leadership qualities. His staff seems to stay forever. They all always smile. I have found my professional home in Brian's office.
Feb 19, 2019

David recommends Sheri Wolfgram

Realtor, Intero Real Estate Services

Sheri Wolfgram is most always smiling and if you capture her not it is because she is in deep concentration helping someone solve a problem or she is giving advice on how to be better. From the moment I walked into the office not only was I made to feel welcome by Sheri and the others on her team, but they extended a hand to assist me with everything the company has to offer. Sheri's help is so appreciated, and her patience with my learning curve has made my transition relaxed (and fun). Adding to her many virtues she actually prepares a delicious breakfast for 5 dozen agents on Tuesdays. I can't imagine having a better experience entering a new company and Sheri has been primary to that experience. She is a leader, mentor, guide, and a consummate professional; a person to emulate.
Feb 19, 2019

Raven G recommends Sheri Wolfgram


Sheri has been great! As a new agent she helped me get on the right path to have a successful career. Plus she continues to not only help me but she gives me advice and encourages me. She is the office mom and does a wonderful job at it.
Feb 11, 2019

Suzanne Hunter recommends Brian Crane


I moved to Intero Los Gatos office approximately 6 months ago, Brian and his administrative team are top notch, they are always asking how they can help me, and have made me feel so welcome since the day I started. Not to mention the great training offered on a weekly basis. Thank you Brian, Sheri, Kendra and Lauren! I am so glad I made the move, this is an amazing office to be part of.
Feb 6, 2019

J.R. Rouse recommends Individual Users

Vice President/Managing Officer Intero Carmel/Monterey County

My life changed on 1/7/2019. WOW did it change! There has to been a day that has gone by that I know my decision to move to Intero was the best decision of my Professional Life. I feel Blessed to have made the decision to join Intero and with each passing day see the positive impact it has had on me personally and professionally. I feel Home! Thanks to Tom Tognoli and the Family of Intero. Go Team Go!
Aug 3, 2018

Sheri Wolfgram recommends Brian Crane

Office Manager, Intero Los Gatos

Brian, I’m excited to be celebrating my 15th year at Intero Los Gatos. You have provided me “more than a job” to use my business knowledge, customer service attitude, and personal creativity for the benefit of the office and realtors at Intero Los Gatos. As the Office Manager my favorite part is being able to assist our Realtors grow their businesses. The rewards come from transferring realtors comments like “Wow, there is so much support”, and from helping new realtors develop a career to propel their lives. You are the one who sets the high standard for the collaborative professional work environment and fun friendly culture at Intero Los Gatos. Thank you for all you do for Team LG!
Aug 30, 2017

Nancy Johnson recommends Derek Overbey

Director of Marketing

Derek was the best! He went above and beyond for us and made sure we were taken care of every step of the way.
Jul 26, 2017

Brian Crane recommends Sheri Wolfgram

SVP and Managing Officer Intero Real Estate Services

Sheri is an outstanding office manager who is focused on helping to create a culture and environment where Realtors can thrive and grow to the next level. She always goes the extra mile in serving the people she works with. She is always upbeat and enthusiastic and is constantly seeking ways to add value to our program at Intero Los Gatos. I am pleased to work with Sheri and look forward to our continued mutual growth and success.
Jul 26, 2017

Jeff Strickland recommends Individual Users


Thank you Brian and Sheri, for 13 years of being the best!

I gave a presentation to my BNI chapter a couple weeks ago, and mentioned this month marking my 13th anniversary at Intero Los Gatos, and how at the time I was new to real estate, that after interviewing at the other top 2 brokerages in Los Gatos I chose the "new" company Intero (and you Brian specifically--and re-affirmed with Sheri), because I felt the most genuine commitment and sincerity from you, and felt that Intero was the right company for me in every way. That it was the best, most supportive environment.

And I said 13 years later, I was proven right--what has happened with the leadership at those other 2 companies over those same 13 years? Exactly! ;D

13 years. Damn, gettin old. Haha.
Unless I leave the Bay Area or quit real estate entirely, I'm at Intero LG with you guys.

Jul 16, 2017

Miri Bialik recommends Individual Users

Broker Associate at INTERO

Jess has been very helpful with my last transaction. It was what you would call a "transaction from hell". My worst even transaction in 24 years.
Buyer had unreasonable demands. He was rude and abusive and threatened us. Jess met with him and even went to the sign off. He helped closing the transaction and supported me. I'm very grateful to you Jess!
Jun 23, 2017

Jason Skerik recommends Individual Users

Sales Agent

I just interviewed with Tim and was extremely impressed with his understanding of the business. I had the thought over and over as he shared his experience, " I want what he has" . Out of 4 interviews with other real estate offices , this one by far was at the top of the list.
Mar 29, 2017

Sally Nguyen recommends Individual Users


Intero is one of the best Real Estate Office that I work with for many years. Our CEO Tom is a passionate person with so much knowledge. This Company have to much to offer. Their training is beyond excellent .
Aug 24, 2016

Miri Bialik recommends Individual Users

Real Estate broker associate

JT has been my manager in Coldwell Banker before Intero started. We worked together at Contempo when i just started many years ago.
You cannot find a better manager; Caring, knowledgeable, engaged, honest, pleasant and positive. He is there for us and will help and advise whenever we need him.
Aug 23, 2016

Jimmy Ancheta recommends Individual Users

Real Estate Agent

During my stay with Intero ,Tom is the Most Person that I really respect and Admire.I consider him as on of the most high Quality person that I know , as they say Down to Earth Person. Every time I got listing small or big he always congratulate me and I fell good about and and it motivates me to go for more.
It remind me of a great person Hewlett Packard,The Owner of the Hewlett-Packard Company.
Jul 22, 2016

Monica Newman recommends Individual Users


I have had the pleasure of working with Mia as my manager at Intero, Los Altos, for almost a year now. Mia is a leader. She is a friend. And, mostly, she is ALWAYS available to support/help me, and the whole team, no matter what time of day or night. As a new agent, I've needed some serious hand-holding at times. Mia has proven, again and again, that she can share her vast knowledge, wisdom, and advise to all of us when needed. She is a huge part of the reason I joined Intero in the first place. And, because of Mia, and John Thompson, I feel so much more confident in my work, that I'm going into my second year filled with hope and success!
Apr 27, 2016

Jagan Verma recommends Individual Users

Broker Associate

After passing my Broker Exam, I met Robert Cruz in year of 2012 . I was quite new in the Real Estate industry. I was impressed after a discussion with Robert and then i decided to Join Intero at silver creek office.
Robert is good mentor and knowledgeable Manager .He gave us the right tools and approaches to close the deals . I am very successful in the business with the support of Robert Cruz. I wish his more success in his life.
Apr 18, 2016

Joshua Anderson recommends Individual Users


Tom has been a great leader and mentor. I have been with Intero about 8 months and the style that Tom uses is one of lead by example. He is there for his agents in many ways including teaching a class to help agents focus what they are doing or need to do to be successful. Each week he send out an inspirational message that makes me think about what I need to change. But the message Tom sends out is not just one of work, work, work, he inspires balance of the 5 F, Faith Family Friends Fitness and finance. Intero is awesome and amazing company to work for because of people like Tom!
Feb 3, 2016

Gema Smith recommends Individual Users


I have been in the industry for 29 years and it doesn't get any better than Robert Cruz as a Manager! His ability to understand the market changes, his analytic an business acumen lend for a successful business partnership.
Jan 22, 2016

Yoga Yang recommends Individual Users


I got my real estate license in April 2015 and the next month I started my real estate career with Intero. Since then I have closed 9 transactions, and I currently have 2 active listings. I think joining Intero was the most important first step I could have taken in my real estate career. The Provizio training is truly beneficial and inspirational. Tom even teaches classes himself! The Intero brand gives a new agent great marketing reach right away. I proudly tell every one of my clients that I am with Intero- the market leader
Dec 25, 2015

JP Moridi recommends Individual Users


Tom is a great leader and a great person to be around. His positivity is contagious and overall makes Intero the number 1 place to be. Thanks Tom for being great!
Jun 26, 2015

Paula Machicao recommends Individual Users

Dave Hobson came to our office approximately one year ago. He has proven to be a manager always available to assist an agent in all aspects of a transaction. He is knowledgeable and always willing to share his experience and guide us with suggestions, and to provide us with resources to enable agents to give clients a seamless transaction.

Dave invites guest speakers to our office meetings to update agents on legal issues, as well as the many service providers explaining their services to enable us to secure the best possible products and services for our clients.

Jun 1, 2015

Jonathan Klotz recommends Individual Users

Realtor at Intero Real Estate, Los Altos

Mia has been a supportive manager and helpful resource throughout my time with the company. If I have a problem, I got to Mia for help with the answer. She works hard to assure the office stays current with the market, schedules and practices. She is a delightful person and we are lucky to have her within the office!
May 28, 2015

Elaine recommends Individual Users

Mia is an exceptional realtor and leader. She is prompt to answer any questions and always there for the team. I couldn't ask for any better mentor in this business.
May 27, 2015

Leticia Arriola recommends Individual Users


Chris has been in the real estate business for many years and has a wealth of knowledge. For those agents just getting started in the industry or who been around for a while Chris is able to guide you in the right direction..
May 3, 2015

Joe Velasco recommends Individual Users

Realtor Los Altos Office

I have worked for JT now for 3+ year and really enjoy his management/leadership style. I enjoy the thought and planning that his team puts together for our office monthly meetings, he always keeping them upbeat, informative, educational, entertaining and motivational.

In addition to our office/once a month meeting, JT brings true value to the office/company by using his resources and provide on going education (Provizio), current real estate market pulse updates best sales practices etc and always makes himself available.

John Thompson is a true real estate leader, nice man, and great to work for and now a friend.

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