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IPX1031® is a unique company focusing solely on 1031 tax deferred exchanges. Our focus goes beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional customer service and achievement of your 1031 goals and objectives. Our edge is our strength and stability with financial security, industry expertise and a client-centric approach to high quality and proactive service. Our process begins with our talented nationwide team and extends to the services we deliver to you.


Recommendations (164)

Mar 17, 2023

Anonymous recommends Ross Fong

Ross is knowledgeable and the very best that i have had the opportunity to work with for many years. He has been excellent to work with and a great business partner to have ! I have had a few investors and agents who need answers in a pinch and he has never failed to respond and is always ready and available to provide information needed . I highly recommend Ross for anything you need relating to an exchange !
Mar 15, 2023

Adam Betta recommends James Callejas

Corcoran Icon Properties Broker/Owner

Thank you James for your presentation today, I truly enjoyed it. The information was extremely helpful and informative.
Mar 14, 2023

Kandi Garcia recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Agent

Ron Richard did an Amazing job explaining the process of the 1031 Exchange. When I have a 1031 Exchange, I know who to call and seek advice. He was very helpful and informative with everything he spoke of. I learned a lot from this class and hope in the future there are more. Thank you for coming and explaining and giving examples of real life experiences.
Mar 10, 2023

Gloria Banuelos recommends Ron Ricard


Ron was informative and obviously knowledgeable in 1031 Exchange. He was able to answer every question asked and had your full attention. Highly recommend Ron!
Mar 9, 2023

Ben K recommends Ross Fong

Ross was quite efficient with my exchange last year. Everything went smoothly. But yesterday, I needed some information for my CPA, and, as usually, he responded with my info quickly. Highly recommended!
Mar 8, 2023

H Westfall recommends Ross Fong

My transaction didn't go through, but Ross answered all my questions. When I re-list my property in a few months, I will be calling him
Mar 6, 2023

Manjit recommends James Callejas


1031 exchange went smoothly. James and his team answered my questions throughout. Have another exchange coming up later this summer! Thanks again!
Mar 4, 2023

Linda Johnson recommends James Callejas

I just completed a 1031 Exchange transaction with James. He was fantastic from start to finish! I highly recommend using him for any 1031 Exchange needs.
Mar 3, 2023

John recommends Ross Fong


Ross was excellent from start to finish for my 1031 Exchange . He made the process so easy and clearly is an expert in 1031 Exchanges. I highly recommend Ross Fong for anything related to 1031 Exchanges!!
Mar 3, 2023

Roger Johnson recommends Ross Fong

Real Estate Agent

I have worked with investors for many years and have worked with a lot of 1031 exchange companies in my day. None of them were as responsive and knowledgeable as Ross. He was able to convey a complex situation to my client in way that made the transaction easier for him to digest. He is a consummate professional. Thank you Ross!
Mar 3, 2023

Mary Ng recommends Ross Fong

Ross did a great job for our 1031. Thx!
Mar 2, 2023

Angel Maldonado recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Agent

Ron was incredibly helpful with the 1031 exchange process. It was my first time assisting a client through the 1031 process and he was an expert and always available to discuss options with my client. I would absolutely use him again!
Sep 6, 2022

Dhana recommends Ron Ricard

Hi Michelle, Ron handles exchange program. His info is here
Michelle (832) 903-9437
Dec 2, 2021

Cheryl A Magill recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Broker/Realtor CAR BRE #01119052

With Ron Ricard's guidance, planning and help my clients closed a couple of 1031 Exchanges this year. I've enjoyed working with Ron, as did my clients. And today, I also discovered that he is an excellent guest speaker at pofessional events.
Aug 2, 2021

Diolinda Nieto recommends James Callejas

My real estate clients will be contacting you regarding a 1031 exchange.
Aug 2, 2021

Joe Sandmeyer recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Investor

Ron helped me navigate a relatively complex investment with confidence. I highly recommend seeking his advice!

-- Joe Sandmeyer
Sep 1, 2020

Lisa Westfall recommends James Callejas

Escrow Officer

James is awesome. He is very knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond in helping my clients. You couldn't find a better 1031 partner or resource then James in my opinion.
Aug 25, 2020

Desiree Baker recommends Ron Ricard

Account Manager

As a Sales Rep for Fidelity National Title Company, I have worked with and known Ron for over 15 years. He is Extremely knowledgeable about 1031 exchanges and a fantastic resource for me and my clients. I am confident that whenever I refer Ron to anyone, that all of their questions will be answered and they will be taken care of.
Jun 18, 2020

Kimberly Yegge recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Agent

I learned so much from Ron's talk today, he had updated information that is very important to know. I will definitely recommend him for his knowledge and guidance. Thank you Ron!!
May 5, 2020

Ronny Santana recommends Ron Ricard

Broker/Owner & Overseer of All Things Wonderful

Have been associated with Ron for over 15 years. He is our companies go-to guy for 1031. Ron is the Michael Jordan of 1031 !

Ronny Santana

* * * * * * * *
Apr 30, 2020

Lee Ginsburg recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Agent

Ron is extremely knowledgeable on exchanges but also real estate and investments in general. He passes on his knowledge very clearly. He is your go to man for 1031 Exchanges.
Apr 30, 2020

Ogie Mendoza recommends Ron Ricard

Sales Associate

Ron’s a great communicator. He gave a thorough presentation of the 1031 exchange. I enjoyed the class and would look forward to more classes with him. Double thumbs up 👍 👍
Apr 20, 2020

John Walke recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Broker - Associate, Guarantee Real Estate

I’ve worked with Ron on two 1031 exchange sales in the past five years, one was my own exchange and the other was for a client who exchanged a single family rental into a fourplex as recently as Nov 2019 and both went like a charm - without a hitch! There’s just no other choice I would have considered!
Apr 20, 2020

Jennifer Zukerkorn recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Agent

Ron was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of his work, and relayed the information so as to be understandable to me. He has a wonderful speaking voice and I enjoyed the hour of his time that he shared. In the future, Ron will be the person that I will call.
Jennifer Zukerkorn
Guarantee Real Estate
Apr 19, 2020

Steve Guzzetti recommends Ron Ricard


Ron has been a tremendous resource for my Investors over the last 14 years. His IRS 1031 knowledge is extensive and he works with the client in a supportive and objective manner. I trust Ron to offer excellent advice and direction.

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