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IPX1031® is a unique company focusing solely on 1031 tax deferred exchanges. Our focus goes beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional customer service and achievement of your 1031 goals and objectives. Our edge is our strength and stability with financial security, industry expertise and a client-centric approach to high quality and proactive service. Our process begins with our talented nationwide team and extends to the services we deliver to you.


Recommendations (148)

Sep 1, 2020

Lisa Westfall recommends James Callejas

Escrow Officer

James is awesome. He is very knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond in helping my clients. You couldn't find a better 1031 partner or resource then James in my opinion.
Aug 25, 2020

Desiree Baker recommends Ron Ricard

Account Manager

As a Sales Rep for Fidelity National Title Company, I have worked with and known Ron for over 15 years. He is Extremely knowledgeable about 1031 exchanges and a fantastic resource for me and my clients. I am confident that whenever I refer Ron to anyone, that all of their questions will be answered and they will be taken care of.
Jun 18, 2020

Kimberly Yegge recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Agent

I learned so much from Ron's talk today, he had updated information that is very important to know. I will definitely recommend him for his knowledge and guidance. Thank you Ron!!
May 5, 2020

Ronny Santana recommends Ron Ricard

Broker/Owner & Overseer of All Things Wonderful

Have been associated with Ron for over 15 years. He is our companies go-to guy for 1031. Ron is the Michael Jordan of 1031 !

Ronny Santana

* * * * * * * *
Apr 30, 2020

Lee Ginsburg recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Agent

Ron is extremely knowledgeable on exchanges but also real estate and investments in general. He passes on his knowledge very clearly. He is your go to man for 1031 Exchanges.
Apr 30, 2020

Ogie Mendoza recommends Ron Ricard

Sales Associate

Ron’s a great communicator. He gave a thorough presentation of the 1031 exchange. I enjoyed the class and would look forward to more classes with him. Double thumbs up 👍 👍
Apr 20, 2020

John Walke recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Broker - Associate, Guarantee Real Estate

I’ve worked with Ron on two 1031 exchange sales in the past five years, one was my own exchange and the other was for a client who exchanged a single family rental into a fourplex as recently as Nov 2019 and both went like a charm - without a hitch! There’s just no other choice I would have considered!
Apr 20, 2020

Jennifer Zukerkorn recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Agent

Ron was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of his work, and relayed the information so as to be understandable to me. He has a wonderful speaking voice and I enjoyed the hour of his time that he shared. In the future, Ron will be the person that I will call.
Jennifer Zukerkorn
Guarantee Real Estate
Apr 19, 2020

Steve Guzzetti recommends Ron Ricard


Ron has been a tremendous resource for my Investors over the last 14 years. His IRS 1031 knowledge is extensive and he works with the client in a supportive and objective manner. I trust Ron to offer excellent advice and direction.
Apr 15, 2020

Jack Tuttle recommends Ron Ricard


Ron is very knowledgeable in performing a 1031 Exchange. He provides a great insight into requirements and offers additional suggestions to deal with the process and guidelines that keep clients out of a undesirable tax situation. I would highly recommend attending one of his sessions so you can provide some value to your clients who are considering a 1031 Exchange.
Apr 15, 2020

Cherie Cross recommends Ron Ricard

Real estate agent

Ron did a fantastic job explaining 1031 exchanges. His presentation was informative about the rules, timelines and parties involved. He made it clear and easy to understand.
Apr 14, 2020

Nancy Sanders recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Broker

Ron knows 1031 exchanges inside and out.
Apr 14, 2020

Alisa DeZee recommends Ron Ricard

Broker Associate|Realtor

Ron is very clearly the expert of 1031 Exchange. I confidently refer him to all of my investor clients.
Apr 14, 2020

Hema Lakhani recommends Ron Ricard


Ron is a very knowledgeable and helpful professional. I highly recommend him!
Apr 6, 2020

Daniel Wolford recommends Ron Ricard


Ron's class on 1031 exchange was very informative. He was able to clearly explain what a 1031 exchange is and how it can benefit the owner of investment real estate. I highly recommend talking to Ron to further your knowledge on 1031 exchanges.
Apr 6, 2020

Bev Ladd recommends Ron Ricard

Bev Ladd - Janie Hanson real estate team

You did such a great job Ron! Very informative! It was also greatly appreciated to attend this meeting online since I have limitations that make it hard to attend meetings at the office. Thank you so much!
Sincerely, Bev Ladd :)
Mar 9, 2020

JC Chadband recommends Ron Ricard


Ron's a PRO! KNOWS his audience by asking questions, then gears his presentation based on the level of audience knowledge. That way, his message and anecdotes of practical experience are "spot on" and resonant with the audience!
Does not get overly technical, and always explains things in a manner the listeners understand.
Great presentation!!! No Power point or visuals..... with Ron, NOT NEEEDED!
Feb 7, 2020

Colin Mclaughlin recommends Ron Ricard

Real Estate Professional at Berkshire Hathaway Burlingame

Ron Ricard is a wealth of 1031 exchange knowledge. He is the go to guy for these types of property transactions. Don't delay the earlier you contact him the better it is for your clients who may benefit from a 1031 Exchange.
Thank you Ron.
Feb 6, 2020

Erin McKeon recommends James Callejas


It was clear that James is very knowledgeable about all things 1031-related.
Jan 30, 2020

Rich Matlack recommends Ron Ricard

Director Mentorship Training

Ron presented a 1031 seminar to a packed house at KW Bay Area Estates in Los Gatos. Ron is not only extremely knowledgeable but is able to convey this complex subject in an understandable and entertaining manner. We look forward to Ron presenting to our other offices.
Jan 21, 2020

Diane Dwyer recommends Ron Ricard


Ron is our go-to person for all 1031 exchanges. He stays on top of all the latest changes in the law and is always available to answer questions. If you have a question or need regarding selling investment property, call Ron Ricard!
Jan 17, 2020

Treza Dorafsha recommends James Callejas


I attended one of James seminars regarding 1031 exchange.
He is very knowledgeable and super helpful explaining the process and challenges we might face and offers great solutions how to deal with them.
I highly recommend him.
Jan 15, 2020

Ying Zhang recommends James Callejas

Real Estate Agent

I took part in Jame's workshop. He is very knowledgeable and convey information very clearly. He knows what he is doing.
Jan 15, 2020

Brenda Tam recommends James Callejas


I recently attended James's seminar. He is by far the most knowledgeable exchange specialist. He is different from other exchange specialists who only talk about the process and fees. James talks about different options and scenarios that can help my clients to maximize the benefit in an exchange. That is what I like the most about him. I will work with him on my next 1031 transaction. Thanks James!
Brenda Tam - lic#01243856
Zephyr Real Estate
Jan 14, 2020

Simi Puri recommends James Callejas


James gave a riveting and informative presentation today! Very knowledgeable and entertaining too! Thank you was awesome!

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