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IPX1031® is a unique company focusing solely on 1031 tax deferred exchanges. Our focus goes beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional customer service and achievement of your 1031 goals and objectives. Our edge is our strength and stability with financial security, industry expertise and a client-centric approach to high quality and proactive service. Our process begins with our talented nationwide team and extends to the services we deliver to you.


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Apr 9, 2022

al happ recommends Whitney Brennan

SantaSoHappy Director

Whitney made our 1031X a breeze. The process was not something we understood going in, but she helped us learn comfortably and successfully complete it. We’ve recommended her to friends who are still friends!
Feb 1, 2021

Andrew Barkan recommends Whitney Brennan

Londonberry Partners LLC

Excellent presentation, most informative.
Great info on QI differences and solutions for more complex transactions.
Oct 21, 2020

Diane S Wilsdon recommends Whitney Brennan


I completed Whitney's online class to brush up on my 1031 Exchange Info. She presented clear and easy to understand information. A few things have changed since I handled a 1031 for real estate clients. Excellent content. Thank you
Oct 21, 2020

Deirdre Greenfield recommends Whitney Brennan


Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Whitney explain 1031 exchanges during our class!!! Deeply knowledgeable and would highly recommend her as a source for my clients as well as myself!
Sep 2, 2020

Leonard Greene, PE recommends Claudia M. Kiernan, Esq., CES®

Owner Orbital Engineering and Consulting LLC

Claudia found me lost and confused. Quickly she reassured me that I was not going to jail because the hurricane lost my 1031 records. I have never experienced such great "after sale support". With kindness and patience she helped me understand what I needed to do to determine the tax basis in my property.

The world would be much better is we replaced the angry men with supportive women like Claudia. She has my vote to be emperor.
Jun 15, 2020

Michael Sterling recommends Whitney Brennan


Whitney processed a few 1031 transactions for several reps with my financial planning firm which were handled very efficiently from afar. She also has hosted some webinars as of late that helped educate on the intricacies of the 1031 transaction process. We hope to continue our relationship with IPX using her as the facilitator.
Jun 10, 2020

Bill Edlund recommends Whitney Brennan


I just attended a virtual presentation with Whitney and found it to be very informative. I received my CCIM designation in 1985 and found her talk to be clear, complete and an excellent review of the 1031 process as well as the rules that need to be followed. She also offered good advice on how to qualify a prospective 1031 exchange candidate. I would recommend this presentation to any real estate professional either as an introduction to 1031 exchanges or as review or refresher on the subject.
Jun 9, 2020

Debbie Stocker recommends Whitney Brennan


I just completed a Zoom class with Whitney and the class was very informative and well organized!! I have been in commercial sales and leasing since 1974 and this was one of the best 1031 Exchange classes I have been involved in. Thank you Whitney!!
May 19, 2020

Gary Smith recommends Whitney Brennan

Business Owner

Whitney was very helpful and professional in helping me with a 1031 exchange. I told her that I wanted to do a 1031 exchange. She evaluated my deals and insisted that I discuss this with my CPA even when I did not want too. After my CPA looked at the deal, he determined that a 1031 exchange did not work for me because I had too much boot. I appreciate Whitney being honest and not just doing the 1031 exchange so that she could get paid her fee. I will definitely reach out to Whitney the next time I need a 1031 exchange.

Apr 23, 2020

Charles Terry recommends Whitney Brennan

Commercial Realtor

First of all, Whitney is extremely knowledgeable. She understood how to handle any situations that the class brought up and quite a few that we didn't even think about.

The slides were perfectly done. Easy to read, clean presentation, with the perfect amount of info per slide, making it easy to follow along with her.

I enjoyed the class and it exceeded my expectation. Look forward to doing business together!
Apr 23, 2020

David Paulson recommends Whitney Brennan

Senior Vice President

I took one of Whitney's on line classes. It was thorough and information. She conveyed a lot of information in a clear and succinct manner. She will be my "go to" person for 1031 requirements in the future. I highly recommend her.


David Paulson
Apr 23, 2020

Bob Schmidt recommends Whitney Brennan


Whitney did a great job of providing a high level overview about 1031 Exchanges and it's great to know there is a resource like this available for me and my clients.
Apr 22, 2020

Alyson Donnelly recommends Whitney Brennan

Vice President of Sales

Whitney presented her 1 hour 1031 seminar to our agents. It was so informative and she did a really thorough job of leading us through scenarios from an agent perspective. She empowered our agents with generous reference materials and has made herself available for any and all questions. 1031 exchanges are very beneficial but agents need to understand how they work in order to advise clients with confidence, and Whitney conveyed the information in a digestible way for them! I am very excited that our agents have Whitney as a resource in the 1031 world!
Feb 27, 2020

Frances Morton recommends Whitney Brennan


Whitney's presentation was incredibly informative and helpful. She is so knowledgeable about what she does. I thoroughly enjoyed her CE class, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the 1031 process.
Feb 17, 2020

Marie Appleby recommends Whitney Brennan

Legal counsel

The seminar section that Whitney did on 1031 exchanges was excellent. She explained the standard transaction, its pluses and minuses, very well. Her presentation style was perfect for the setting.
Feb 17, 2020

Matthew Doyle recommends Whitney Brennan

Closing Attorney at Doyle & Wallace, PLLC in Charlotte, NC

Over the past 10 years or so, our firm has referred many clients to Whitney for our 1031 Exchange closings. Whitney and her team always do an outstanding job explaining the process to our clients and closing our transactions in accordance with the 1031 regulations. We truly value working with Whitney and know that our clients are always in good hands when we refer them to Whitney.
Feb 17, 2020

Jonathan B. Polking recommends Whitney Brennan


Whitney is great at what she does and has a strong work ethic! Great presentation.
Feb 17, 2020

Sharon Murphy recommends Whitney Brennan

Senior Title Analyst

Excellent presentation, both in terms of the information disseminated and the manner of speaking. Kept me interested start-to-finish and, even though I've worked with quite a few 1031 exchanges through the years, I learned several new things.
Nov 25, 2019

Steven Barton recommends Whitney Brennan

Senior VP

recommend this class to anyone in the real estate business or an owner of Real Estate.
Nov 25, 2019

Rita Swanson recommends Whitney Brennan

Associate Broker/Realtor

Whitney's presentation was awesome. I feel that to even understand it better I need to come to her class again. I would need to understand better so I can discuss it with my clients or even use it myself.

Thanks Whitney you were awesome and very patient with everyone's questions.
Nov 25, 2019

Emily B recommends Whitney Brennan


Whitney came into our office and offered a course on 1031 Exchanges. During her thorough presentation, she walked us through the in's and out's of 1031's and did a great job of keeping the audience engaged. She was detailed, knowledgeable and patient. I was happy to make the connection and would definitely recommend!
Nov 25, 2019

Trenna Gordon recommends Whitney Brennan


Whitney is extremely professional and did a fantastic job teaching this class. We feel much more knowledgeable about the process now, and know we can turn to her should we have any questions.
Nov 25, 2019

David no recommends Whitney Brennan


Great job. Entertaining and informative
Nov 19, 2019

Maria Hammond recommends Whitney Brennan


Whitney was awesome and so very knowledgable about the ins and outs of 1031. I believe I have another well seasoned educated professional to add to my arsenal.

Thanks again Whitney’😘
Sep 19, 2019

Troy Buder recommends Whitney Brennan

Managing Partner

We were REALLY up against a tight schedule on this one. The closing got moved back leaving us with less then 24 hours to pull this 1031 together.
With great kindness, patience and efficiency, Ms. Brennan went to work on coordinating this effort.
We all worked well beyond normal business hours to accomplish this task. We were able to complete the task thanks in great part to Ms. Brennan quarterbacking the operation.

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