Allie Nagvanshi

Solutions Specialist IPX1031 Southern California
Allie is the Solutions Specialist for IPX1031 covering the Western Region. Allie is well versed and has coordinated numerous exchange transactions from start to finish, ensuring each file and client has her utmost attention as she strives to make every transaction as seamless as possible. Managing time sensitive, high priority and conflicting transactions are her forte. With an emphasis on commercial 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges. She specializes in multiple types of transactions including simultaneous & delayed, exchanges. Allie has more than 24 years of Real Estate experience. Prior to IPX Allie was a business owner/partner & managed daily operations of Title/Escrow & 1031 Exchange Company including all Human Resource Functions & Double Majored in Marketing and Human Resources Management. Allie has served in several different industries: Financial services, Insurance, Real Estate, Consulting, & 1031 exchange.
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