Jordan Phillips

Account Executive IPX1031 Southern California
Jordan Phillips is an Assistant Vice President with Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. and he resides in Southern California. Jordan’s role is to educate and guide the real estate community through the 1031 Exchange process. His guidance comes in the form of structuring, coordinating and procuring all types of exchanges, including: Delayed, Simultaneous, Reverse, and Build-to-Suit. Jordan frequently speaks to real estate professionals on the key points of 1031 Exchanges, while additionally covering ways to preserve and build wealth by utilizing exchanges. Jordan received his B.A. in Economics from San Diego State University, and his J.D. from the University of San Diego, School of Law.
Real Estate Agent
I had a wonderful conversation with Jordan about a complex transaction that helped me get a listing. My clients were on the fence about selling their rental property because they were worried about the taxes they would have to pay. Jordan got on a Google Meets call with me and my clients to review their 1031 options. They were so impressed that they listed with me shortly thereafter.
Jordan did a FANTASTIC job for me and my wife on our first 1031. He was attentive and kind.
Jordan helped walk and talk my family through a complex 1031 Exchange situation. After the call we had a clear plan on how to execute our 1031 Exchange. Thank you, Jordan!
Highly recommend
Jordan was kind enough to refer a client my way for her financing needs on a 1031. I could tell from the start that he was on top of his game and took care of his clients from start to finish. Recently I had the opportunity to reciprocate and send him a client that needed a 1031 exchange. He took great care of the client and got them to the finish line of their deal! I am very happy with her knowledge and service.
Jordan and his team were johnny on the spot when I needed him for a 1031. My sellers decided to set up their exchange with just a few days before closing. Jordan stepped in immediately and made it a smooth process despite the chaos of my client's last-minute request. Great teamwork!
Real Estate Professional
Jordan recently did a presentation for my team of realtors. He did a great job of breaking down the 1031 Exchange process for our team, and highlighted what is needed to make the deal as smooth as possible!
Jordan and his team were quick and easy to work with. They were smooth, efficient and handled my deal without any hiccups.
Director of Investments
I had a wonderful experience with Jordan and his team. They were timely, intelligent and brought lots of ideas to the table. He is my go to for 1031 exchanges.
Owner - GGS Realty
Mr Phillips and I met by way of my title rep in San Diego. I needed a speaker on the topic of 1031 exchanges to help educate my team of agents. His public speaking skills are only trumped by his snazzy attire! In all seriousness, he was very professional and provided an informative overview of the 1031 process for my agents. I highly recommend him to my clients and would recommend him to yours as well.
Real Estate Investor
I reached out to Jordan at the recommendation of my real estate agent. My escrow officer also referred me to a different company. When I spoke with both of them it was like night and day. Jordans service, knowledge and professionalism was far better than that of his competition. When I had to decide who to use for my 1031 it wasn't even close. He did a wonderful job.
I met Jordan at a class that he taught on 1031 exchanges at my local real estate board. He was engaging and clearly knew his stuff. I had the opportunity to work with him on a deal recently where my client had some pretty complex lending requirements. Him and his team did a fantastic job of helping navigate through the deal and he made me look good to my clients. Thank you Jordan!
Jordan was incredibly hands on in his approach to working with my clients, Dick & Lauren. He was kind enough to take a call after hours on a weekend. His knowledge was super in-depth and yet easy to understand. Thank you Jordan!
Real Estate Professional
I recently saw Jordan speak on 1031 Exchanges at a networking event. He was able to provide a very educational and entertaining overview of 1031 Exchanges, which allowed me to finally understand the process so that I can better articulate it to my clients.
Jordan helped me complete my recent 1031 Exchange. During my exchange he broke down the process in a way that made it easy to understand. This was extremely helpful as this was my first 1031 Exchange, and I was a little bit intimidated going in. Thank you!
Sales Manager
I was extremely impressed with Jordan during the process of doing a 1031 exchange. He is very thorough in his explanations and had extensive knowledge of the transaction process and tax code. I recommend Jordan to anyone who is looking to do a 1031 Exchange.
Real Estate Investor
Jordan was an excellent source of knowledge throughout the entire 1031 exchange process. He made himself available whenever I needed questions answered. I am looking forward to working with him on my next exchange.
Jordan gave a very articulate and well prepared presentation on 1031 Exchanges. He was able to answer all of our team’s questions in plain English.
Executive VIce President
Jordan is all about responding to your every question in detail. If you’re looking for somebody that is attentive to detail, thinks creatively and prides themselves on customer service, you found the right team. I highly recommend Jordan for all of you 1031 exchange needs.
Principal - Lee and Associates
Jordan is incredibly responsive, and is a great resource for my team and our clients. He has helped our clients get through not only the 1031 Exchange process, but has also given us valuable insight on recent Tax Code updates (e.g. Opportunity Zones and the Tax Cut and Jobs Act). All in all, Jordan definitely helps me better serve my clients.
Jordan is all about responding to your every question in detail. If you’re looking for somebody that is attentive to detail, thinks creatively and prides themselves on customer service, you found the right team. I highly recommend Jordan for all of you 1031 exchange needs.

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