Keyes Real Estate

A mission. A promise. A formula for success since 1926.

The Keyes “family” is a powerful network of people, knowledge & services that work together to influence Florida real estate and attract business from around the world.

We’ve created a unique balance of autonomy and support that fosters the best talent and ensures each member of our family the greatest opportunity for success.

Our individual real estate model allows Keyes leadership, managers and Associates to feel as if they are part of something greater.
The Keyes "family" is an active network made of individual experts who bring a unique approach, with unique insights, ideas and
relationships. With the access to indepth collective knowledge and international exposure; The Keyes Company members work together towards the common goal of providing the best opportunities for success.

The Keyes Company offers world-class education, training and career opportunities. In addition, we support our Realtor-Associates with exceptional lead generation resources, marketing tools, and technology driven productivity tools.

Celebrating Collective Independence


Recommendations (1600)

Lisette Thomas recommends Cecelia Besu

Sales Associate

Though I am a new Sales Associate with Keyes, and haven't known Ceil for that long, she is certainly one of the reasons why I decided to work with Keyes. Ceil is a real estate guru and the passion she demonstrates in her role is contagious! She inspired me as the intelligent, dynamic, and vivacious lady that she is to trust my own instincts with starting a new chapter in my life in the real estate world. Ceil is a true asset to Keyes. I look forward to a long and flourishing working relationship with her for years to come!

Hap Pomerantz recommends The Keyes Company

Broker V.P.

I joined Keyes in 1979. I have been blessed with a successful 40 year career and have remained at Keyes despite ongoing attempts of other Brokers to recruit me.
Why? It's Simple. Outstanding leadership, benefits, training among a family atmosphere where efforts are appreciated and recognized. A special thanks to the Pappas family for their ongoing leadership at the forefront of our industry and to our current Manager Mark Sadek for his continued support.

Stanley Rosen recommends The Keyes Company

Broker Manager

Eddie Tybuszynski recommends The Keyes Company


I joined The Keyes Company 17 years ago and never looked back, the family atmosphere is really a big plus!! and the technology is just over the top- there is so to pick from when it comes to marketing you will be surprised!! and to top it off we have a great Manager in Eric Sain he is always there when you need him - it's a real joy to work for this company!!!!

Robert Taylor recommends The Keyes Company


The grass IS greener on the other side!!!!! Eric Sain and his team of trainers have been excellent! After getting my real estate licence I interviewed with Eric and joined the Palm Beach Gardens team the same day. I knew the Keyes Company was where I needed to be. The training and mentoring have far exceeded my expectations and continue to every day! Couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Nora Bunims recommends The Keyes Company


Hi, I am Nora Bunims with The Keyes Company in Palm Beach Gardens. We have a very competent and ready to assist us manager by the name of Eric Sain.
At Keyes we are a family, ready and willing to help each other grow. The educational programs are excellent and designed to help us be the best, Coporate stands behind all we do to assist us with our Real estate needs. Michael Pappa and Christina Pappa are always there for us.
The grass is not greener anywhere else!

Barb Kozlow recommends The Keyes Company

Regional Director

I have been with The Keyes Company for 30 years. When it came time to place a manager into our Palm Beach Gardens Branch I knew Eric Sain was the best choice. Eric’s Stellar career in real estate sales, real estate management and his years of involvement with both our local and state associations and his experience as President of Florida Realtors is a resume like no other.
Eric is knowledgeable and cares about realtors. His passion is to train, develop, coach and help realtors reach their highest potential!
If you want a successful career in Real Estate I encourage you to meet with Eric!

Doris Zeuner recommends Steven Reibel

The Zeuner Team, formerly Zeuner Realty

About two years ago, Steve Reibel was out viewing a Zeuner Realty listing and casually mentioned that he was the vice-president of mergers and acquisitions with The Keyes Company. At that time, we had no thoughts of merging or selling Zeuner Realty, but nevertheless, the seed was planted. During the following week, we discussed the idea and thought "why not" and placed a call to him. Within a few weeks of discussions, Keyes made us an offer.

As part of our due diligence, we contacted three other large brokerage firms in town; however, none portrayed the honesty and caring attitude that Steve did. Remember, we wanted to protect all of our agents as part of the merger. In keeping with our business philosophy, we wanted to join a company that treats agents like family. Based on all of our conversations, we knew that the Keyes organization would provide us with the substantial support we desired. Keyes seemed to treat their agents like we did and were eager to contribute to their success.

We quickly learned of the wealth of knowledge that Keyes offered to their agents and knew that if we were going to proceed with a merger that they were the ones for us. Ultimately, we decided not to merge at that time and continued to operate as Zeuner Realty.

A little more than a year later, we started considering the ongoing changes to the real estate industry. Our concerns included how technology and the access to modern technology on a large scale was going to influence the future of sales and listing processes and the many unknowns during the early stages of the COVID pandemic was going to affect how business is going to be done As a result, we re-considered if it was time to merge and knew the only person to call was Steve Reibel at Keyes.

After a few months of virtual negotiations, we came to an agreement and on June 1, 2020, opened our doors as Keyes Realty. Joan Richardson (Sales Manager) enabled the transition to go very smoothly and hassle-free. Keyes only wanted our realtors to be happy. The training and orientation to Keyes’ extensive resources and technology was a benefit to all of agents and has proven to be very successful. There is an attitude of caring and professionalism at every level of management and throughout Keyes' Affiliated Services.

Bottom line is that The Keyes Company lived up to everything they promised to do and then some . We have no regrets of our decision to be part of this company.

Thank you Steve and Joanie!!

Doris Zeuner

Dorette Homnick-Gomez recommends Eric Sain

Realtor Associate

Eric has the ability to make the newcomers feel at ease in this new endeavor. Besides my mentor; I feel I can count on Eric for help. It is always a pleasure to see him.

Federico Rochwerger CCIM recommends The Keyes Company

Commercial Director - Boca Raton

Having been with a Corporate America brokerage for about 8 years, I needed to switch to a company that was agent centric and would focus on assisting me on my growth with proper support and a group of individuals who share the same values that I do, and did at the time. Fast forward almost 12 years and, if today was the day I decided to move to Keyes, knowing what I know today, I'd make the same decision.

Laurie Davies recommends The Keyes Company


I joined the Keyes Company in 1997 when my company was aquired. I came from a family owned company structured similar to the Keyes Company. We chose the Keyes Company for the same reasons I am still working at Keyes today. It's rare to find a large family company that retains it's independence while being in the forefront of the industry. I have expanded my business over the years with the support of the management team and my district sales manager, Joan Richardson. Collaboration and team work are the words used most in our office. Their technology platform is top notch, easy to use and enhances my success.

Eloisa Bernstein recommends The Keyes Company

Realtor Associate

Great company, it is really a family business with a family atmosphere. Lost of support, great resources and technology, friendly environment and extremely professional. Proud to be an associate. Joanie from the Boca office is the best manager!

Scott Hemingway recommends The Keyes Company


The Keyes Company Realtors has an amazing management staff. Over the years I have become friends with a lot of them and have reached out to most of them to get some questions answered here & there it is nice to get another opinion on sometimes.

Jill Barnwell recommends The Keyes Company

Sales Associate

The Keyes Company is very supportive.. supplies us with all the tools you need to run your business. Always looking for new ways to help us.

Pamela Widerman recommends The Keyes Company

Broker associate

I became a realtor in 2002 and was originally attracted to Keyes due to the training I was lucky enough to have a very pro active manage , Rita Dickinson who offered guidance and Taught us to look at real estate as a business. I still use the worksheet she installed back in the day. Keyes is a fair company and I never even considered leaving thinking the grass is greener at another brokerage. Keyes did then and still does invest in you and your career

Billie Todd-Harrison recommends The Keyes Company


Great place to work , have been with them
Many years!
Rita is the best manager and always has time for you .

Jeffrey Wade recommends The Keyes Company


I've been with The Keyes Company over 5 year as I transferred from EXIT Realty. The Keyes Company offers all of the tools you will ever need and constantly staying current with technology. Keyes has always been a family business and that mentality travels through each of the offices which is wonderful!

Donna Fogel recommends The Keyes Company


I have been a part of the Jensen Beach Office since last year. Being a part of The Keyes Co. team has helped me tremendously. From mentoring and extensive training classes, The Keyes Co. has all the resources I needed to become a Competitive Real Estate Professional. Tom and everyone in the office is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and have become like family.

Dawn Schneider Baker recommends The Keyes Company


I have been an active Real Estate agent for over 20 years and have been with a few different large and small Real Estate Companies throughout the years. I have now been a Keyes Agent for 2 years now and am the happiest and most successful I have ever been. I work very hard to accomplish my success and owe a lot of it to my team here at Keyes. I cannot say enough of my team leader/office manager Gonzalo Herrera. He is always so uplifting and supportive of all his agents. He provides lots of ideas and compassion to his agents and always is available to take our calls. That same thing is true for our family of services with our in house mortgage lender, title company and insurance. I have had several difficult files and I can honestly say using our family services with Vince Castoro and Capital Partners Mortgage has always come through and closed every deal. The in house support we all give each other is superior to none. When I first became a Real Estate Agent 20 years ago I quickly discovered how cut throat and nasty some agents can be....well that just doesn’t exist in the Keyes Family!!! I have never seen or felt such support and kindness that I actually love coming to the office!!! That’s Why I Keyes!!! You should too!!!

Kathy Brown recommends The Keyes Company

Realtor Associate

I chose to join Keyes because the company is a well established Florida company and the professionalism, support and training opportunities are vast.
I enjoy the online classes and the integrity of fellow associates. The management team is knowledgeable and available. Keyes is the company for me!

Waleska Yip recommends The Keyes Company


I am grateful to be part of The Keyes Company team because they provided continual support and assistance. Whenever I had any questions or concerns, Keyes' team was always there to answer. I feel very happy and glad to have joined The Keyes Company.

Kevin Spina recommends The Keyes Company

sales Associate

Keyes Rocks! Great company, Great leaders, managers & staff. Top of the line tools with cutting edge technology for their agents. Take your volume through the roof and become a Keyes associate. I'm proud to be a member of the Keyes family.

Gail Zachofsky recommends The Keyes Company

Realtor Associate

I joined the The Keyes Company in April 1996, and know now it was one of the best decisions I ever made! The Keyes Company is more than a corporate giant, they have "heart" and truly care about its clients and it's sales team. There are extensive training classes which are scheduled regularly, which are geared to real estate education and have relevance in the marketplace. These classes hone the skills of our sales force, enabling us to better serve our clients with knowledge and confidence.. I would be remiss if I didn't pay homage to our office manager Mark Sadek. Mark is at the hub, and is the driving force of the Coral Springs office. His dynamic personality, empathy, and intelligence is contagious and he motivates every individual who he comes in contact with at the Coral Springs office. He inspires excellence, which in turn benefits all people who are lucky enough to do business with The Keyes Co.

ERNST SAFAITE recommends The Keyes Company

Sales associate

The Keyes Company is a very good real estate place to work. The training that they provide is above and beyond. I work part time at the Coral Springs office and I've been there for for two years plus. The broker has great leadership skills and knowledge about the industry. I strongly recommend "The Keyes Company" to anyone that have a desire in the business, specially with the Coral Springs office.


Ernst Safaite

Carmen Colmenares recommends The Keyes Company

Real Estate Advisor

If you want to work surrounded by people who are always ready to help you, do not hesitate to work with us. I remember 15 years ago when I started, I had no idea how to start this business, I even didn't know what to say in front of a client, but no worries, if you are in the same situation that I was, like me you are going to find a colleague, the administration girls and also, my manager always are willing to help you

Our Team