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At Lawyers Title Insurance Company we work with the simplest residential closing to the most complex commercial real estate transactions, We are committed to providing top notch expertise and exceptional customer support.

Lawyers Title is committed to help lenders, builders, developers, attorneys and real estate professionals grow and succeed. In addition to title insurance, escrow and closing services, we provide an array of title-related services and specialty finance solutions.

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Recommendations (848)

Aug 23, 2019

Susie Corona recommends Kimberly Gippert

Kimberly, our escrow officer, was very attentive, personable, and very detailed. She made sure that everything was in place and able to close early. I would highly recommend Lawyer's title and Kimberly!!
Aug 22, 2019

Travis Mast recommends Tanya Banovac

Ive been working with Tanya longer than I can remember, Shes always the best!
Aug 22, 2019

Kimberly McCauley recommends Tanya Banovac

Tanya Banovac did great work for me and my clients. She answered all of our questions. even the last minute ones we had at signing. She was always available. Thank you Tanya and everyone at Lawyers Title who made this possible for an amazing couple!
Aug 22, 2019

Bridget Salyer recommends Liz Stanek

Liz Stanek and Lawyers Title have always been extremely responsive, and always go above and beyond to ensure a smooth close of escrow.
Aug 22, 2019

Alyssa Miranda recommends Kim Holt

Kim is a diligent escrow officer who makes the process a breeze from start to finish! Kim and her team will be there for whatever questions or concerns you or your clients have. I use Kim whenever I am able to.
Aug 21, 2019

Audra Travi recommends Jennifer Bayless

Jennifer Bayless and her team are professional and very responsive to my calls and emails and answer all of my questions (and those of my clients) thoroughly, as well as making any special arrangements required to accommodate my clients. I appreciate all they do! Thank you, thank you!
Aug 21, 2019

Cherie Moore recommends Katie Smith

I couldn't be more pleased with the service Lawyers Title provides. Such a great experience with Katie and her team! I would highly recommend them for all of your title needs!
Aug 19, 2019

Ellen Hill recommends Karen Lewis

She did a great job and would highly recommend here. Even her follow-up calls were very helpful.
Aug 19, 2019

Jessica Huerta recommends Theresa Hall

I definitely recommend Theresa!! She did a great job with communication and timeliness with my clients as well as her office staff being amazing at signing time. Thank you for everything!
Aug 16, 2019

Karin Hansen recommends Linda Banovac

Linda Banovac at Lawyer's Title is one of the best escrow officers in the business. She simplifies the closing process for all of the parties and works as a team to get the deal closed. I've worked with Linda for 13 years now. She is a great partner in my business.
Aug 16, 2019

Jeanie Fraley recommends Megan Ernst

Megan was so responsive and always available asap! I appreciated her explanations and updates on the entire process. I know my transaction is in professional hands with Lawyer's Title!
Aug 16, 2019

Heather Macpherson recommends Liz Stanek

Liz handled our transaction efficiently and was always very prompt to reply. She recognized urgency and acted accordingly. She put my mind at ease while being very pleasant and professional. I would definitely recommend working with her!
Aug 16, 2019

LISA DARRAH recommends Linda Banovac

Linda, Nicole, Stacey and Heidi were all fantastic to work with. They are superstars and made everything so easy!!
Aug 16, 2019

Cynthia Kingery recommends Karen Lewis

I've recommended Karen Lewis to my co-workers and they, too, have been very pleased with her service. She's professional, accessible, and works very well with all my clients. Everything is done quickly and definitely on time. I greatly appreciate her service.
Aug 15, 2019

Teri Meacham recommends Tanya Banovac

Lawyers title kept everyone up to date every step of the way. I never even had to email them to ask anything. Would highly recommend them!
Aug 12, 2019

Michael Morton recommends Billie Johnson

Billie was great to work with. Throughout the transaction there were several challenges and Billie addressed each promptly and guided us to a smooth closing. I highly recommend Billie.
Aug 10, 2019

Deb Fisher recommends Dave Bombaci

Dave was great...really went above and beyond to assure all transactions close d before 5 pm on a Friday!
Aug 10, 2019

Jmaes Red recommends Dave Bombaci

Dave was phenomenal. He juggled four deals with contingencies and got them all closed before time ran out and in a Friday
Aug 10, 2019

John Herrell recommends Theresa Hall

I just did!
Aug 10, 2019

Jared Lawson recommends Dave Bombaci

I have been working with Dave Bombaci for years, and anytime I can use him on a transaction, he his my go-to Escrow Officer. He is always professional, thorough, and communicates efficiently.
Aug 9, 2019

Debbie Baker recommends Karen Lewis


Karen was patient , accommodating , available and professional throughout a very challenging transaction .
She responded quickly to all inquires and made special arrangements for signing to help expedite .
I use Lawyers Title whenever I can . All offices are top notch in customer service . This was no exception .
Aug 9, 2019

RITA MCPHERSON recommends Linda Banovac

Linda and her staff are excellent to work with. They are always accessiable and prompt to respond! Love Lawyers Title!
Aug 7, 2019

Yolana Isham recommends Liz Stanek

I absolutely LOVE working with Liz Stanek at Lawyers Title, She is very professional and always prompt with her responses and taking care of any issues that may arise during escrow. Liz goes over and above to accommodate my clients' needs and her mannerism is extremely pleasant. To have Liz working on the closing end of the deal helps provide that added peace of mind for a smooth close of escrow.
Aug 7, 2019

Christine Labelle recommends Christine Champion

Love the consistency I receive at Lawyer's Title. Chris Champion is a true professional, as well as being friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great transaction.
Aug 7, 2019

Barry Witherwax recommends Tanya Banovac

Buyers said Tanya and her entire staff were excellent. He noted the mobile notary in Lake Havasu was the best notary he has ever worked with. Incredibly professional and polite. He said it was a fantastic experience overall.

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