Sarineh Yedgarian

Account Executive Lawyers Title Burbank
Jul 1, 2020
Everyone thinks title is just title....until they need something. Sarineh has been instrumental in tracking down, following up and providing any and all information required to make sure that title does not hold up a closing. In addition to the remarkable team she works with, her professionalism and attitude is above the rest. We LOVE doing business with Sarineh and her team and look forward to working with her for many,many more years to come!
Jun 15, 2020
Global Real Estate Advisor
Sarineh is the best of the best! Professional and very responsive. In addition she’s a joy to work with and talk to. She really cares about her work and always goes the extra mile. Highly recommend.
May 29, 2020
President & CEO, John Maxwell Company
Sarineh’s love for people and passion to serve and value all people is contagious. My experience with her as a team mate and as a fellow leader has always been inspiring both to me and everyone she interacts with professionally and personally. Her heart shines in all that she does. Her desire to make others win comes through in each action and interaction. You will find her style is to listen and then over deliver with excellence and enthusiasm. She will help you discover solutions that exceed your expectations. Her commitment to grow and improve impacts her competence and her ability to find solutions to those she serves.
May 28, 2020
I’m not very easy giving kudos, because my standards are high. But Sarineh is a super star. She’s always ahead of the game. She’s a problem solver. I had several cases where titles were screwed and my clients didn’t know about it or didn’t really understand the issues. With one call to Sarineh the problem is solved. She’s go getter person. She will fly to the moon and back for you. Highly recommend her. Thank you Sarineh for your hard work.
May 28, 2020
Real estate broker
Sarineh is amazing and it’s been a true pleasure to work with her in the past few years. She’s not a regular Title Rep. she makes sure to stay on top of the title matters from start to finish and she doesn’t spare effort to get a resolution on the trickiest title issue if anything pops up last minute. Sarineh is available 24/7 to answer her phone and emails to make sure everything gets taken care of by her great team so that we unequivocally get to successful closing. I highly recommend her as a Title Rep to all real estate and mortgage professionals as having Sarineh and her team as a backbone of any transaction will ensure a smooth closing in 100 out of a 100 deals. Trust and support go hand in hand when it comes to closing Escrows and Sarineh and her team won’t let You down.
May 28, 2020
Sarineh is wonderful and I would highly recommend her! She is always in communication and looking to help out in any way.  I strongly suggest anyone give her an opportunity if you are in real estate as your go-to title rep.
May 28, 2020
I have known Sarineh for several years and have worked with her both professionally and personally. On a professional level, Sarineh has assisted me with many trust and probate related titling issues and transactions over the years and has always been available to answer any concerns my office has. Her prompt response to clients, willingness to go above and beyond on any matter sets her apart from others. She is intelligent, thoughtful, prompt, highly organized and efficient. I would recommend her to any professional looking for a caring title representative with not only experience and know how, but the willingness and attitude to get the job done well!
May 28, 2020
I have had the pleasure of working with Sarineh on multiple real estate transactions. She is one of the top Title Reps in the industry and highly recommend her to my other associates.

Sarineh is one the most attentive and caring individuals I've had the pleasure to work with. She truly cares about what she does and growing your business. Sarineh is always there and will go the extra mile.

She truly cares about what she does.

Thank you for all you do!!
May 12, 2020
Truly a godsend. Sarineh is not your ordinary Title Rep, and what I mean by that is she goes above and beyond to make sure you have every single tool you need for success. If you want to soar to your full potential and even go beyond what you think your potential is, call her.
Jan 13, 2020
Real Estate Broker
Sarineh is truly a diamond in the rough. Sarineh brings more to the table than any other person that I have met in my 15+ years of business (other than my wife of course). She is a great motivator, personal coach, business partner but most important friend. Sarineh has a tremendous amount of knowledge about anything real estate. If you’re not using Sarineh as your title rep, you are not only putting yourself at a disadvantage on the playing field, but you are missing out on tremendous future growth. I strongly recommend talking to Sarineh if you are in the real estate business. There’s no doubt you will see the same talent that I have found in her.

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