Ryan W. Banovac

Director of Sales and Marketing Lawyers Title Corporate Office
With growing up in the real estate industry, joining the Lawyers Title family in 2005 was a natural fit. I love what I do. Both my current position and my previous role as a sales executive for 9 years have allowed me to further enhance my passion: connecting people to great opportunities while helping them achieve their professional goals.

If you are interested in what Lawyers Title can do for you, please reach out to me. Being the highest ranked company in title insurance (proudly ranked 293 on the Fortune 500 list), we have all the leading resources for your title, escrow, and marketing needs.
Sep 23, 2019
Sales Executive
I have had the privilege of working for Ryan for over 6 years at Lawyers Title of Arizona. First as his assistant when I broke in to the business, and now as a rep on his team. I can honestly say that I would not still be in this industry without Ryan's support, motivation, wealth of knowledge or coaching. Ryan has a remarkable way of looking at a situation, assessing it from multiple angles as opposed to tunnel vision, and coming up with solutions that work for all parties. Ryan's strengths as a leader include his ability to communicate on all levels, connect people to one another or to advanced platforms, a relentless pursuit of the best solutions for his team and partners to be successful, and a unique ability to identify with each person he comes in to contact with. Just to name a few. I couldn't ask for better leader and we are lucky to have him as a manager.
Sep 18, 2019
Ryan Banovac is an amazing leader whose vision is always at least one-step ahead of everyone else’s; he is constantly looking at the full-picture and coming up with ideas that truly help people stretch and excel. His knowledge of the real estate industry is of the highest quality!
Sep 15, 2019
Sales Executive, Lawyers Title
Ryan is by far one of the best sales managers and talents that FNTG has in the country and I am even luckier to have him as my sales manager at LT Arizona! He and Anthony Penna, are a dynamic team that perfectly compliment one another in their management and sales skills. Ryan's family history in the business is one to be noted, especially when the Banovac name is as respected and well known in the industry as it is. And Ryan has more than proved himself both in sales and as a successful leader and manager among the Fidelity brands and other competitors alike. Ryan and Anthony have not only been successful in growing the market share and success that Lawyers Title has in Maricopa county; but have done it with true value, partnership and education to our agent and lender partners. And they have both been two of the biggest mentors and influences on my life, I cannot thank them both enough!
Sep 14, 2019
Sales Executive
Having worked with Ryan and Anthony as peers and as my bosses I have been able to benefit from their leadership in many different ways. As peers they were the top sales executives at Lawyers Title and were always willing to give advice and take time out of their busy schedules to let me pick their brains about what is working out in the field. As my bosses they have taken their guidance and support to a whole new level. They bring so much value to me and to the whole sales team! On the days we have team call sessions they dial right along with us. I always feel supported and heard, whether I am asking for advice, permission or need a shoulder to cry on. They are always bringing us new and innovative ideas. I love the culture they have created within the sales team!
Nov 2, 2015
Ryan has been a great resource in providing support for our contacts who do business in his area. I've enjoyed working with Ryan and recommend him as a business partner.

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