Tiffany Livingston

Customer Service Representative Lawyers Title La Quinta
Jul 8, 2024
So helpful!
Mar 13, 2024
Tiffany is ALWAYS upbeat and responsive. She's fast and reliable, as is the whole LT team - but its always my pleasure to work with her! Thanks Tiffany!!
Mar 1, 2024
Tiffany and her team always go above and beyond to serve their clients. I would recommend this title team to anyone and everyone that has a real estate transaction or just any questions when it comes to a parcel of land or homesite. :)
Feb 21, 2024
California Lifestyle Realty
As always better than great!
She and Keith are a valuable "agent asset" for any transaction ... especially the tough ones!
Nov 8, 2023
Global Real Estate Consultant
Tiffany is excellent, constant communication, detailed and great follow up are her strengths. It’s always a pleasure working with Tiffany!
Aug 11, 2023
Director of Programs
Tiffany Livingston is phenomenal. She goes above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied and receive all the information you need! Thank you Tiffany for taking the time to provide, truly, superior service!!
Jun 12, 2023
Realtor and Coach
Tiffany is simply the best. She continues to stand out with her level of customer service and responsiveness.
Jun 9, 2023
Tiffany is amazing she’s always right on top of every request, never has any issue or question. Tiffany just gets on it and gets the job done in time without fail!
May 22, 2023
Awesome she is great and explains everything clearly !!!
Apr 28, 2023
Broker - Associate
I have been using Lawyers Title for many years and I am so glad that Tiffany Livingston is a member of that organization. She is always there when needed and provides excellent service. It is very seldom that when I order a profile that Tiffany does not have it to me within hours and always she gives a brief overview as to title, recordings, leans and mortgage information, if any.
Mar 28, 2023
Associate Broker
One word: AWSOME!!
Mar 14, 2023
Very simple. Tiffany is the best.
Feb 13, 2023
Realtor California Lifestyle
If you scroll through even a few recommendations you'll see the accolades reflect unanimous consensus Tiffany's client service is above and beyond. Besides being the best of the best even her emails make your day brighter because you can also tell she cares!

Tanya Burak
Agent California Lifestyle
Dec 15, 2022
I am so impressed by the fast and amazing information Tiffany delivered for our huge solar project. It really made a huge difference to our rollout of a new program.

Thanks Tiffany.

Tom Harris
Law Office of Thomas W. Harris, Jr.
Palm Desert, California
Dec 9, 2022
Tiffany Livingston is a professional. The service is fast; the information is up to date. I recommend it.
Sep 12, 2022
RE Broker
Tiffany is great. Anytime I need something from her, she is ready to provide it. Thank you, Tiffany, Terra
Aug 18, 2022
Leasehold Administrator
Tiffany just saved me a ton of work, like magic she took a list of APNs and captured the addresses and owner names in no time flat. Huge help on the project I'm gearing up for. A million thanks to Tiffany!!
And let me not forget to thank Rob Severe for referring me to Taffany - great team
Aug 16, 2022
Senior Project Manager
Tiffany has exceptional customer service skills and is very responsive to all communication. I truly appreciate you staffing with persons like her in any customer service role. She's just amazing!!
Aug 15, 2022
Tiffany is still THE BEST!
Jun 8, 2022
Association Manager
Tiffany is awesome!! Thorough, fast, friendly, and efficient!!!
May 31, 2022
Escrow Assistant
Tiffany is the best! Always quick to respond and handle everything.

Thank you Tiffany.
May 24, 2022
Broker Associate, Desert Sotheby's International Realty
Tiffany is the best. She goes over and beyond to assist me. I truly appreciate the work she does as well as her positive and accomomodating attitude. Kurt
May 22, 2022
RE Broker
Tiffany does an amazing job, always willing to help out with my needs.
Feb 24, 2022
Broker-/ Owner Dwyer Real Estate and Development
Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Helped identify parcels for our Mountain View Development that were tough to figure out. Thank-you Tiffany for a job well done. Walt Dwyer- Association President
Jul 14, 2021
Broker Associate
Tiffany went above and beyond her job description helping me today.
She is truly an asset to Lawyers and the agents that ask her for help!!

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