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At Lawyers Title Insurance Company we work with the simplest residential closing to the most complex commercial real estate transactions, We are committed to providing top notch expertise and exceptional customer support.

Lawyers Title is committed to help lenders, builders, developers, attorneys and real estate professionals grow and succeed. In addition to title insurance, escrow and closing services, we provide an array of title-related services and specialty finance solutions.

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Recommendations (3108)

Jul 1, 2020

Barbara Murphy recommends Kim Price


I wanted to take a moment to Thank You for all of your help to make this transaction FLAWLESS. I appreciate your professional handling of all aspects of the escrow.
You were always on top of things with your communications to the agents delivered in a timely manner.
You are the best. I shared my thoughts with Jesus Velazquez since he brought you to the table. You were, indeed, a good choice for an escrow officer.
I look forward to future transactions.
Jul 1, 2020

Natalie Keeney recommends Loryann Dixon


Loryann's assistant, Stacy - always responsive, polite, informative, etc.
Jul 1, 2020

Kirsten Tesfay recommends Katie Coleman


Katie Coleman and Jennifer Provance are a great addition and I absolutely love working with them!
Jul 1, 2020

Monica Severson recommends Katie Coleman


Katie Coleman - Sales Rep. She does a great job of staying in touch, suggesting programs, working with me to grow my business. Helps me anytime I need her and can easily be reached. I have had sales reps in other title companies that started out strong and willing to help and now have just disappeared.
Jul 1, 2020

Monica Saldana recommends Kim Anadon

Loan Specialist

Kim is the bees knees!! I am always so happy when we get to work together, whether it be on refi biz I send her way or on purchases (it's a LOVELY surprise when I see her name on contracts)! I highly recommend Kim and her team, she's the best!
Jun 30, 2020

Joel Panduro recommends Lesley Sutton

VP of Mortgage Lending

Lesley was awesome! Great to work with, attentive, and professional!
Jun 29, 2020

Phillip Treese recommends Loryann Dixon

My Escrow Officer Loryann Dixon worked very hard on this deal she is the BEST!
Will definetely be using her again and again
Jun 29, 2020

Cassandra Mor recommends Jenn DeLaRosa-Parker


She was very attentive and kind and got the job done great! :)
Jun 27, 2020

Trish Williams recommends Desiree Barragan-Reich

Desiree and Yessenia gar things done ! They're the best !
Jun 26, 2020

Krista Rendon recommends Alyson Kennedy


You are by far the best escrow officer in the Valley. You always keep everyone informed and go well above and beyond for the client. I am working with an escrow officer now that was chosen by the buyer and the communication has been awful.

It just makes me realize how lucky everyone is when we get to work with you. You treat every transaction and client the same AND you always take care of us Realtors by getting the closing package to our broker lighting fast.

I just want you to know all you do does not go unnoticed. You are fantastic at your job. Thanks again and I hope you are having a GREAT DAY!
Jun 24, 2020

June Stark recommends Adrienne Salomon


Adrienne is awesome! Always accessible and on the ball.
Jun 24, 2020

June Stark recommends Kim Price

Dani Suess is the best in the business- by far - bar none - Her attention to detail and communication and people handling skills are superior - She is our go to escrow officer for all our transactions!
Jun 23, 2020

Tina Gibson recommends Kim Anadon

Kim always goes above and beyond and makes sure everything is in its place.
Jun 22, 2020

Brian Rubin recommends Jenn DeLaRosa-Parker

Buyer Side Realtor

From the prospective of the buyer side real estate agent, I could not have hoped for a better experience from an escrow officer. I found Ms. Parker's communication to be exceptionally quick, concise and most importantly accurate. Jenn's awareness of all the moving parts that goes into a transaction is unparalleled. She spotted and alerted us of a small delay issue before the person whose actual responsibility to inform my client did so.
Jun 22, 2020

JaMia Betts recommends Desiree Barragan-Reich

Desiree Reich

Desiree did a great job when my husband and I were closing. I really loved that she took the time to tell us what each page was before we had to sign it. This was our first time buying a home and she made the whole closing experience so easy!
Jun 21, 2020

Daniel Prorok recommends Kim Price

Always Great.
Jun 20, 2020

Joan Pemberton recommends Jennifer Smith

Jennifer was great. The transaction was smooth all the way to the end!
Jun 20, 2020

Michael Duran recommends Jennifer Smith

The Lender was woefully disorganized and floundered through the process. Jennifer's diligence and communication with the Lender was instrumental in securing an early close. Jennifer Smith is a rockstar!
Jun 19, 2020

Rob Flitton recommends Lesley Sutton

Real Estate Entrepreneur

A "pro job" through and through - I have closed over 500 escrows, and she and her team were perfect.
Jun 19, 2020

Marc Capri recommends Brianna Gonzalez


Well we can't forget everyone's favorite Brianna Gonzalez... She knocks it out of the park!!!
Jun 19, 2020

Ross Fabrizio recommends Ling Ting


Ling Ting - My sellers love her. Always servicing the clients and THE Agents
Jun 18, 2020

Ross Fabrizio recommends Kim Anadon

Never having to make the calls for updates!!
Jun 18, 2020

Lorraine Dowd recommends Alisha Nelms


Alisha Nelms has been my escrow officer for years and she has always given me professional service. Having used many title companies and escrow officers in different transactions for 20 years in the Las Vegas valley, I can say for sure that Alisha is my go-to girl. Alisha goes above and beyond, answers my calls, treats my transactions like it was her own. She always is on. Love her! She is a pleasure to work with and keeps a calm about her when things can get crazy. I can't say enough about her personally and her work ethic, she is the best. Value what you have.
Jun 18, 2020

Dulcie Crawford recommends Kim Anadon

Kim was professional and efficient in her escrow coordination.
Jun 17, 2020

Garret Busari recommends Jenn DeLaRosa-Parker


Jenn was very professional and a pleasure to work with. She was very responsive and answered every question in a very timely fashion. I look forward to doing more transactions with her.

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