Stefanie Espejo

Escrow Officer Lawyers Title Las Vegas
Stefanie Espejo has been in the industry since 2012 and is proud to be with Lawyers Title. Stefanie brings with her a vast knowledge of escrow experience, working with real estate agents and loan officers. She is committed to providing escrow services with integrity, dependable accuracy, and genuine customer service.

With the expanded resources and financial strength of Lawyers Title, Stefanie will continue her commitment of providing excellent personal service and industry expertise
Jun 15, 2022
Stefanie and Emily are absolutely the best!! They handle everything with style and class! Especially at the end, Emily stepped up and took control of a situation while I was out with a different client and got the job done quickly and efficently!
Jun 1, 2022
Stefanie is great. Very responsive to questions and provides great follow up.
Apr 13, 2022
Stefanie is the best. She?s full of patience, love and kindness. Thanks for being the absolute best!
Feb 16, 2022
Stefanie was great and kept up on this unique transaction and got the job done and made my client happy!
Feb 2, 2022
Stefanie Espejo is efficient, I like working with her. Thank you.
Oct 5, 2021
Stefanie is great! Her attentiveness, attention to detail and positive personality are superior to work with!
Sep 12, 2021
I have enjoyed working with my escrow officer Stefanie Espejo in Las Vegas. Stefanie is the absolute best!
Aug 16, 2021
Stefanie is absolutely amazing! She handles the deal with ease and communication is on point!
Jul 17, 2021
Stefanie is incredible. Everyone should get a chance to work with her!
Jul 12, 2021
Escrow officer was great!
May 13, 2021
Stefanie is very easy to work with - calm and responds quickly. Knowledgeable and patient, too.
May 12, 2021
Stefanie is the best!
Apr 18, 2021
2nd transaction in the books with Lawyers and I am convinced they are the leaders in the game!
Apr 16, 2021
very good escrow officer
Apr 7, 2021
Home buyer
Stefanie is wonderful. Very professional and was always accessible during our escrow experience. I had a handful of questions and she responded quickly or followed up if she needed to gather more information. Highly recommend.
Apr 7, 2021
Stefanie Espejo was absolutely great to work with. She always responded in a timely way. Our transaction even closed a week early. Just over three weeks from start to finish! When given the opportunity to choose an escrow officer I will most certainly recommend Stefanie. It was a Pleasure to work with her!

Burke Rhett - Pulse Realty Group
Apr 5, 2021
Once again, Stefanie hit it out of the park. She is always professional, ahead of the game, and extremely knowledgeable. I choose Stefanie every chance I get!
Mar 22, 2021
Stefanie was great. She always responded quickly and was easily accessible.
Mar 21, 2021
Working with Stefanie on my first ever real estate transaction was the right decision. She made sure that I knew what was going on every step of the way and that is important as a new agent to not feel lost in the process. THANK YOU Stefanie!!!
Mar 19, 2021
My escrow officer had a very difficult transaction and handle it like a pro. Anthony my prior escrow officer must have taught her well. I also want to say Ling Ting is one of the best Account Executives Lawyers has. She treats all my clients with upmost respective for all my clients. She had big shoes to fill replacing Shannon He who also was a great Account Excutive.
Jan 21, 2021
Stefanie was one of the best escrow officers I have worked with!
Jan 13, 2021
Stefanie Espejo is the best escrow officer I have ever worked with. She is very knowledgable, responsive and is always available when I need to reach her.
Dec 19, 2020
Stefanie is a professional, and stepped outside of her scope of responsibilities to help smooth out last minute challenges caused by the other side's client. She ensured the close of escrow happened by the agreed upon date. I appreciate Stefanie making the outcome and overall experience better for everyone.
Dec 7, 2020
Natl Dir of Social Sales
Stephanie is an outstanding example of a true consultative escrow professional who is dedicated to personal development that enhances the end value that is felt by our customers. I’ve consistently experienced high quality, high value performance with a “can do” attitude working with her and continue to be inspired by the work that she does.
Nov 22, 2020
I say it again and again, but Stefanie Espejo is the best in the business. I won�t work with anyone else.

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