Khara Redburn

Escrow Officer Lawyers Title Las Vegas
As an Escrow Officer with Lawyers Title of Nevada, and with over 14 years in the real estate industry, I am well versed in the time, dedication and knowledge needed to successfully close a real estate transaction. Having been a Real Estate Agent in Utah I understand multiple perspectives throughout the closing process.

In addition to my drive for production and professionalism I am focused on the growth and success of my clients, and am always willing to increase the services offered through my team.

I am happy to be with Lawyers Title, and echo the company goal to maximize your performance by providing excellent products and services that facilitate and expedite the closing process.
May 9, 2021
Khara and her team did it again!!! Buyer was in HI and it was difficult to get a hold of him. Khara made it happen and even got docs back in time for a next day funding.
May 8, 2021
Khara is amazing. Working with her gives me great comfort knowing that everything Sitka be taken care of.
May 2, 2021
Khara was an absolute pro from start to end! I will definitely continue to work with her :)
Apr 18, 2021
Khara and her team are simply the best in the business. She went over and beyond trying to get this one funded for us. The lender gave us challenge and challenge but Khara keep getting them what they needed and we finally get it done.
Apr 7, 2021
Went above and beyond again. She followed up with the funder no less than six times trying to get this deal funded and closed a day early unfortunately the lender was unable to find and was nonresponsive the deal still closed on time the car went out of her way to try to expedite the closing for the client
Apr 3, 2021
great service , quick response and always ahead.
Apr 2, 2021
Khara & Sherry
Always come through. Very difficult file and they always show amazing professionalism and go above and beyond. I was 8 days late closing and my vendor for repairs was being paid out of escrow. Sherry stepped up and got him paid same day of closing.
Mar 17, 2021
Khara Redburn has been and will continue to be my go to escrow officer. On this particular transaction my husband and I were the buyer, and we chose Khara to handle our escrow! Khara exceeds my expectations every time. As a Realtor she has spoiled me and has set the bar very high for other escrow officers I do business with. Khara's communication skills are second to none. In my opinion she is the best in the industry!
Mar 4, 2021
Khara Redburn is the most professional and amazing escrow officer. Her response is incredible and is always so willing to assist any way needed.
Feb 28, 2021
Khara is the best Title Rep out there. I would not want to work with anyone else.
Feb 27, 2021
Khara is the BEST!
Feb 19, 2021
Khara is one of the best escrow officers around. She is on top of her game and she is very quick to respond. I will not be doing business with anyone other than her.
Feb 7, 2021
Khara is absolutely fantastic. She is knowledgeable, professional and responsive. When I work with her I feel safe.
Feb 6, 2021
Communication was great. Able to quickly answer any questions that came up.
Jan 8, 2021
Khara Redburn is very knowledgeable and efficient with expediting a transaction close!
Jan 1, 2021
Khara Redburn is awesome and just the best at her job and an amazing person!!!
Dec 25, 2020
Our original escrow officer left the company and Khara picked up And moved forward with no interruption!
Dec 20, 2020
Khara Redburn was very patient and took every one of my phone calls. She dealt with every issue with professionalism.
Dec 13, 2020
Khara did amazing! She got docs at 9:03 Signed client at 11:00 AM processed the docs and sent them back to the lender and help lender fund and then made sure it was closed same day them followed up on my commission and got me paid
Dec 11, 2020
Khara is the ONLY one I recommend. She and her team are amazing! Every. Single. Time. :)
Dec 10, 2020
Ling Ting was the best including working on Sunday to have buyer signed !!
Dec 9, 2020
Khara was great to work with. Great communication, high level of service, and she can handle complicated transactions so that they successfully close.
Nov 12, 2020
Khara now and always the BEST!!!
Nov 2, 2020
Khara Redburn and her team of professionals are absolutely the best! I never go anywhere else when it comes to choosing Lawyers Title to handle my transactions. Khara also provides answers to any questions I have, regardless if I have an open escrow or not. She provides excellent customer experience and you will not be disappointed using her services!
Oct 16, 2020
It has been great working with Khara and her team on my real estate transaction. They were on top of the transaction from receipt of the executed and accepted offer to the disbursement of the closing documents. They were even able to help post transaction with some last minute questions. They were always willing to go that extra mile and made my clients feel like family.

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