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At Lawyers Title Insurance Company we work with the simplest residential closing to the most complex commercial real estate transactions, We are committed to providing top notch expertise and exceptional customer support.

Lawyers Title is committed to help lenders, builders, developers, attorneys and real estate professionals grow and succeed. In addition to title insurance, escrow and closing services, we provide an array of title-related services and specialty finance solutions.

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Recommendations (632)

Jul 14, 2021

Marcia McGill recommends Tiffany Livingston

Broker Associate

Tiffany went above and beyond her job description helping me today.
She is truly an asset to Lawyers and the agents that ask her for help!!
Jun 29, 2021

Marcia McGill recommends Tiffany Livingston

Broker Associate

She is great!!!
Every time I have requested information, she is quick to respond and very detailed.
Lawyers is lucky they have someone as competent as she is.
She is a gem!
Jun 22, 2021

Carol A. Corcoran recommends Tiffany Livingston


TIffany always is efficient, quick to respond, detailed and friendly. If I do not understand something within the Title she explains it layman's terms. Between Tiffany and Mary OMalley I know I will get great service in a timely manner that I consider above and beyone my expectations.
May 19, 2021

Cathy Aviles recommends Tiffany Livingston

Travel Agent

Wow! Tiffany provided fantastic customer service! She was always friendly, cheerful, respectful, and kind.
Although I had to make repeated requests of her on this project, she NEVER made me feel like a burden and always got the information to me quickly.
What a great asset Tiffany is to her profession!! Thank you again!
Mar 17, 2021

Marianne Parsons recommends Tiffany Livingston


Tiffany has always cheerfully and efficiently completed every request. She is the best. If you need any Title Services, use Tiffany and her company.
Jan 27, 2021

Marcia McGill recommends Tiffany Livingston

Broker Associate

Thanks again!!!
Can always count on you for help!!!
Dec 28, 2020

John Sloan recommends Tiffany Livingston

Real Estate Agent

Tiffany has always been a very responsive person...and she does it with a smile. I don't have to wait for days to get what I ask for. Congrats to Tiffany for being a wonderful and professional woman.
Dec 24, 2020

Mark D. Gershenson recommends Tiffany Livingston


Tiffany is always friendly and incredibly responsive. Lawyers Title is very lucky to have her.
Dec 2, 2020

DIANA recommends Tiffany Livingston


I just wanted to send a shout out for Tiffany Livingston. She is incredibly helpful and always returns my requests immediatley. Shes got a great attitude and work ethic .
Oct 28, 2020

Rick Cannon recommends Tiffany Livingston


Tiffany has always gown above and beyond to provide the service and support needed in this industry.
Jun 2, 2020

Jasmine Castenada recommends Tiffany Livingston

Jr Escrow Officer

Tiffany always greets us with a nice message. We appreciate the excellent customer service she gives! 10 out of 10
Jun 1, 2020

Rick Kelly recommends Tiffany Livingston

Insurance Agent

Tiffany is always a complete delight !!! She goes the extra mile as part of her regular routine. I am sure every business would want a woman like her working in their establishment.
Mar 31, 2020

Kimberly Rose recommends Lawyers Title Palm Springs


Lyndsey assisted my husband and I with prompt, courteous service.
Feb 28, 2020

jack pray recommends Tiffany Livingston

Broker Associate

Sometimes I think Tiffany must be reading my mind because it seems like I get the profile before I even oreder it. SHe is the best in the business.
Jan 23, 2020

Marcia McGill recommends Tiffany Livingston

Associate Broker

Tiffany is the best!
She is very knowledgeable and a great help
Dec 12, 2019

Chris Gilfillen recommends Tiffany Livingston

Realtor at Quarry

Always gets it done quick and say.
Oct 8, 2019

Monique Kerrigan recommends Tiffany Livingston

Portfolio Manager

Tiffany is the best. She is always responsive and thorough!
Oct 7, 2019

Areli Jimenez recommends Tiffany Livingston

Tiffany is THE BEST!!! :)
Sep 19, 2019

Espe Valdez recommends Tiffany Livingston


All I can say is Amazing! Simply amazing. Knowledgable, fantastic customer service, best customer service that I’ve ever experienced with any title rep. Tiffany and Mary and the best.
Sep 17, 2019

Kent Koepsell recommends Rob Severe

Lawyers Title Inland Empire County Manager

It's been nothing but astonishing to work along side Rob and watch him make a HUGE impact in his clients' business. When you work with Rob you are getting a business partner who is reliable, and who takes action to get top results. He is innovative and his client's biggest advocate. He truly wants to see everyone succeed and fulfill their goals. Thank you Rob for being visionary, devoted and communicative. You are truly an integral part of Lawyers Title.
Sep 16, 2019

Reuben De La Parra recommends Rob Severe

Inland Empire Sales Manager

Rob Severe is on a completely different level when it comes to bringing value to our realtor clientele. He’ll never be accused of being a “title rep”. Rob’s clients consider him to be a true business partner. From his product knowledge to his ability to connect the dots with key players in the Low Desert, Rob focuses on bringing value to his clientele on a daily basis.

We couldn’t be more proud to have Rob on our Lawyers Title team.
Sep 10, 2019

Michael Jensen recommends Tiffany Livingston

Sales Professional

Aug 16, 2019

Mark D Gershenson recommends Tiffany Livingston


Tiffany is always very responsive, helpful, and cheerful. She is a real asset to her company.
Jul 18, 2019

Will Paine recommends Rob Severe


Rob is always there to help, has extensive industry knowledge and great tools that are invaluable, very impressive and definitely an industry stand-out!
Jul 2, 2019

Anne MacArthur recommends Kimberly Rogers


Kimberly did a great job for us and also helped us resolve a post-sale issue with our taxes. I consider that real service and above and beyond the expected. I recommend her services highly.

Thanks, Kimberly!!
Anne MacArthur

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