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At Lawyers Title Insurance Company we work with the simplest residential closing to the most complex commercial real estate transactions, We are committed to providing top notch expertise and exceptional customer support.

Lawyers Title is committed to help lenders, builders, developers, attorneys and real estate professionals grow and succeed. In addition to title insurance, escrow and closing services, we provide an array of title-related services and specialty finance solutions.

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Jun 6, 2024

George Pappas recommends Ivan Solis

Rael Estate Broker

Ivan is a great Title Rep for Lawyers Title. Lawyers Title is very lucky to have Ivan on their team. Ivan is business savvy and knows and handles title issues right away. He does what he says he's going to do and always follows through. He is just a great person to know and work with in the real estate industry here in San Diego.
Jul 27, 2023

Blake recommends Ivan Solis

Ivan is one of a kind. I have never dealt with anyone that is as responsive as ivan. He answers his phone and he gets right on helping me he is the best !!
Jul 13, 2023

Tim Gosselin recommends Ivan Solis


Ivan exceeded my expectations. He is a professional, and I appreciate his service.
Dec 15, 2022

Janet Giovannetti recommends Ivan Solis


Ivan Solis' team at Lawyers Title helped finalize our transaction early! We were in a complicated transaction with both parties out of state and completing on time was not looking possible but the Solis team helped us close a day early.
Jul 5, 2022

Juli Knight recommends Ivan Solis


I have worked with Ivan on several closings and he has always been available for me and to help out and answer any questions I may have regarding the title on a property. Top-Notch Service 5 Stars !
May 2, 2022

La Var Deem recommends Ivan Solis


Ivan is an exceptional person managing a busy title business - always responding to requests quickly - with experience and knowledge - he always proves that he must be the first call for any title need!
Mar 17, 2022

Samuel Villavicencio recommends Ivan Solis

Real Estate agent

Ivan answer all of my questions and then some, very professional provide me with some very valuable tools. I would definitely recommend
Mar 2, 2022

Kylie Duncan recommends Ivan Solis

Closing Coordinator

Ivan was prompt, professional and kind. He delivered exceptional service as does the rest of the Lawyer's Title Team! They are our preferred title company. We have over 100 escrows a year and choose them as our number one for a reason! Thanks for all you do.

Kylie Duncan
The San Diego Home Buyer
Dec 27, 2021

Rose Elsemore recommends Ivan Solis

Real Estate agent

Ivan has a very exceptional customer service skill. He is very credible, reliable, and dependable person. He is very energetic; he will make sure that everything he promised will get done as soon as possible. I love to work with great people like Ivan.
Dec 13, 2021

Bates Realty recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Real Estate Brokerage

We have been using Rob Klein for years. Rob is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, friendly and professional. Rob is the guy for all your title needs. He goes above and beyond. We can't imagine our business running as smoothly without him!
Dec 3, 2021

marc d lawrence recommends Lawyers Title San Diego


Rob has helped me navigate through the complexities of the San Diego County Building Department. He has been incredibly helpful multiple times.
Nov 30, 2021

Emelia Rodriguez recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Rob Klein has been so helpful every time I've called on him! He is nice and thoughtful and very knowledgeable! I recommend Rob for any title needs.
Oct 14, 2021

Robin Reynolds recommends Lawyers Title San Diego


Rob is a tremendous asset to me. He's very personable, knowledgeable, responsive and professional. I highly recommend Rob and his team.
Oct 11, 2021

Ellen Anderson recommends Lawyers Title San Diego


I highly recommend Rob for any title needs. He really goes the extra mile to make sure my deals go through, both in anticipating and resolving potential title issues. He responds quickly, follows up thoroughly, and communicates effectively both with me and anyone else involved with the issue(s), which is why he is my go-to title rep!
Oct 9, 2021

Mary B Watkins recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Real Estate Broker

Rob Klein helps and helps with all kinds of inquires that I have done with him.
Rob finds the answers for me, I would highly recommend him !!!!
Oct 6, 2021

Roya sherif recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Real Estate Agent

Rob is very responsive and will get things done. I needed a certified death certificate and he jumped through hoops to get it. Thanks Rob.
Oct 6, 2021

Regina Flores Real Estate Group recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Broker Associate

I have worked with Rob Klein for years. I cannot tell you how many times he has gone above and beyond in getting the job done. He is a problem solver and happy to say Rob is a crucial part of our team. I highly recommend him.
Oct 6, 2021

Linda Fravel recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Real Estate Agent

Rob is always professional, quick, and thorough! My husband Wayne and I (both realtors) know that we can count on him! He is very competent!
Oct 6, 2021

Thomas Lawrence recommends Lawyers Title San Diego


I have worked with a lot of title reps over the years, Rob Klein always goes over and beyond to help, I would highly recommend him !!!!
Oct 6, 2021

Eric W Fredenburg recommends Lawyers Title San Diego


Rob is helpful, gracious and is very responsive. It's great to have someone you can rely on that will respond quickly and help achieve your goals. He's been great to work with on my recent transactions and I look forward to continuing to build our business together.
Oct 6, 2021

Andrea Coffey recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Escrow Officer

I highly recommend Rob Klein! He is always available to assist when needed. He is responsive, proactive and always goes beyond the call of duty. He is a great pleasure to work with a true professional - thank you for all you do Rob!!
Oct 6, 2021

Deven Ortiz recommends Lawyers Title San Diego


Rob & I met 3 years ago. To this day, he goes above and beyond all expectations!

The one thing I love about Rob is his availability. No matter how busy he is, he will always make time for you and your clients.

He is a real estate hustler with great intentions and I'm proud to have him as my title rep!
Oct 6, 2021

Terri Leivas recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Real Estate Broker

Rob Klein, I honestly can't recall how I started working with him, I'm contacted by so many reps in this business, I do know its been years. Rob is the only person I work with when I have the opportunity to pick title, which is most of the time, since I'm mostly a listing broker. He responds right away, he's always been helpful and never disappoints. On top of that, he's a pleasure to work with. He's my title rep, for life.
Oct 6, 2021

Jaclyn Chancellor-Maddison recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Real Estate Agent

Rob Klein has ALWAYS saved the day and deal! For anyone or anything he is there nights and weekends and will always get an answer and response back to me ASAP. I have never had a title company I was more thrilled with. I will use Rob and Lawyers forever!
Oct 6, 2021

Samantha Llewellyn recommends Lawyers Title San Diego

Rob is awesome! He's consistently proactive to ensure our brokerage has everything we need and is always willing to go the extra mile, which makes my life as both a Realtor & transaction manager much easier!

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