Michael Bourne

Sales Representative Liberty Mutual
May 5, 2014
BOA Merrill Lynch Client Manager
Michael is the best Agent i have ever dealt with .. compared to my previous insurance comapny/ agent Mike is simply awesome! He is very kind, resourceful, prompt, customer relationship-oriented, trustworthy, and most importantly very thoughtful. Michael makes himself avaialbe to answer questions and educate even after business hours or on the weekends. I have reffered many friends and family members to Mike who share the same sentiments even when they dont change insurance. In fact, one of my friend's said he chose liberty mutual NOT because of the pricing but because of the rapport built with Michael as well as his insight. That says alot!! I will continue to reffer more people to Mike and would probably change insurance companies if he left.
May 3, 2014
Michael is a pleasure to work with, and was instrumental in me making a decision to switch insurance coverage to Liberty. Professional at all times and answered my questions in a truthful, and full manner, which helped me better understand the main differences in coverage and cost. Michael was also very quick and responsive in getting back to me regarding all matters with the conversion - I would recommend Michael to others regarding a future switch to Liberty. A pleasure to work with.
May 2, 2014
Mike is one of the main reasons why I am staying with Liberty Mutual. It is so nice to call him and, without having to give him crazy amounts of information, he knows who I am by me just saying my name. I have many policies and am about to add some more to the mix. I have full confidence that this will go smoothly. I know that my case is unusual since I require quite a high amount of coverage, however I think Mike has learned a lot in the last year and I am sure that in the future the process of insuring my self and my houses will be quite smooth. I look forward to Mike being my contact person at Liberty Mutual for a long time to come.