Kim Skeeters

Real Estate Professional NextHome Realty Center
13615 Kluge Road, Suite 100
Cypress, TX 77429
TX License #745047
Jun 16, 2021
Kim Skeeters has been working with my wife and I on the dual project of selling our current home and purchasing a new one.
Although we were very unclear in our own minds about what we were looking for, Kim patiently showed us properties which, one by one, more clearly evolved the search until we found the house that was perfect for us, We ended up with a house we are looking forward to living in and we got a very good deal.
She has prepared us and our current home for the selling process and we have a very active marketing process and we have confidence that we will sell soon and at a fair price.
Kim understands the social, familial and emotional aspects of these processes and has been a dear friend to us and she has made the process go much easier than we ever thought it would go.
I highly recommend (and already have) Kim and NextHome to anyone.
May 18, 2021
My husband and I had wanted to move to Texas since 2013. Finally, February of 2021, we decided to make those dreams a reality by driving down to Texas from New Jersey and beginning our house hunt. The first few days were miserable as we arrived right before the snow storm hit. All the other realtors had turned us down for fear of traveling during the days after the storm, but we had very limited time. Zillow introduced me to Kim, and I am thankful they did! From day one, she took the lead and was ready to schedule and start showing us the houses we wanted to see to the best of her ability. We saw a lot of homes in the 2 weeks that we were down there and we were able to become close with Kim and her Husband. She was also able to recommend us a great Inspector and a loan officer. She had a lot of good connections and was very welcoming to us and made us feel at home.

She learned well about our likes and dislikes in a home and was able to send us recommendations that we didn't even think about. Although a lot of our offers fell through (we weren't sure about the amounts to offer and how to win just yet, we didn't realize how competitive the market was when we were down there.) She even took us out to dinner with her husband one of our nights there. It was a lovely little restaurant with live music. While we were in Texas, we unfortunately did not get the winning bid on our first home, but that wasn't the end of our relationship with Kim. In fact, she continued her best to work with us even though we were disheartened and back in New Jersey.

Finally, we found the home we were willing to go ALL IN on. And Kim did her very best to fight for our spot in the top 3 bids out of 30. There was a small bidding war and we won! And the house was well worth it. Kim got to work immediately scheduling the inspector and we decided to fly back to Texas to be there during the Inspection and to see the house in person. It was everything we had dreamed of and more! And the inspection went well, not too much concerns for a house of its age. We were very happy with our find! Kim continued to keep us in her busy schedule as we went through the underwriter process and finally the closing date. She kept things moving and kept us positive when we were going through the roller coaster of an underwriter process.

Overall, I could see that she did her very best for us, and continues to do so even as the closing process has come to an end and the house is finally ours! Thank you Kim! You did a great job!

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