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Nobody knows the Bay Area like a native! Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, Sandy Kay is very comfortable with the diverse population and knowledgeable of the communities, and hidden treasures of the region.

* 25 years experience in real estate

* Top 1% Producer at Intero Real Estate Services

* Selling in 4 counties

Sandy Kay can put you in your dream home with her knowledge of neighborhoods, schools and market analysis. Think of her as your resource for the market in your neighborhood. Sandy Kay Homes is all about relationships. She has a team that will make the home buying and selling process seamless.
Jun 19, 2018
It was an amazing experience working with Sandy. She really helped us in giving through knowledge about the location and the houses we were going through. The best part about Sandy is she can take decision. Imagine- You are spending a lot of money on house and your real estate agent cannot help you in decision making. That's the worst that can happen to first time homebuyer. Most of the real estate agents are diplomatic. But with Sandy she knew our taste and she guided as well and home buying became relatively easy!!!
Sandy- we will continue working with her for rest of our lives!!!
-Tushar & Chandni
Sep 30, 2017
Sandy Kay has a very warming, effortless but nevertheless strongly focused way to make a positive outcome. Her negotiating skills with all parties involved is straight forward, pushing if necassary for results and relaxed enough when something is burning. A very great mentor to have through complicated loan applications/negotiations. SEVEN STARS!!! We had one of the most complicated loans one can imagine and thanks to her positive persistance we were able to make it. Thank you Sandy that you made it possible and despite the difficulties -
smooth enough!
Sep 8, 2015
WOW!!! Our house sold in 2 weeks thanks to Sandy Kay! She is very knowledgeable and was there to guide us at every step! Sandy Kay also saved us a lot of money by picking out the handy man and being there to make sure the work he did was correct. Most importantly she cared about how we felt during the whole process and that was the most important to us. We were NOT just a job to her we were treated like family! I would and do recommend her to everyone who is selling or wanting to buy! Thanks Sandy Kay, YOUR the BEST!!!
Sep 8, 2015
We contacted Sandy via Zillow and she was just a dream.She called me back within 10 minutes of my first inquiry. She met the next day to start our search. She was knowledgeable, responsive and willing to go the extra 10 miles we needed.

Once contacted, she called back immediately and set up 5-6 houses a day for us to review and see. At each home, she was able to provide details on the specific neighborhoods we were considering. Each week, she would re-evaluate where we were in the process and offer additional viewings to meet our needs. In the end, we bought the second house we actually saw with Sandy, even after seeing dozens more!

Her office was knowledgeable about forms, receipts, costs and details and were prompt and professional. She was always on our side, pointed out issues or concerns and helped us find a great home that we LOVE. Thank you Sandy!
Sep 8, 2015
We spent about a year doing research before really making our purchase, and feel lucky to have Sandy as our agent. She is very knowledgeable for the Evergreen area, which is quite important for first time home buyers like us. She is also well organized person that we know what is going to happen at what time, etc., and can always answer our questions very quickly.
With her partnership with Terry Gordon, we also get professional, fast and excellent service on our mortgage process, saving a lot of time.
Our purchase at 95148 is a very good buy. We almost gave up last December after very stressful looking around the market, thinking we probably end up buying nothing and continue to rent the apartment we lived. Sandy notified us about this house at the right time, and we got pretty good price for the purchase.
Sep 8, 2015
Sandy Kay is a kind agent with a lot of real estate experience, especially in house construction… She will help you spot many things that other, by the book agents, would have missed, and find you the home you love. We had a good relationship with her during our house hunt. We went through different types of houses as well as geographical locations. And we finally landed on a good house, which she helped us negotiate for quite favorable terms. We highly recommend you to give Sandy a try. Talk to her and you will know you didn’t waste your time.
Sep 8, 2015
Sandy Kay did an amazing job selling my home. She actually created a bidding war during a time when homes weren’t selling in my neighborhood. She advised me on all the right staging strategies, and held “open house” a couple times to get the buyers competing with bids. She quickly closed on the best buyer and all the remaining steps went smoothly.
Sep 8, 2015
Last year, after an unsuccessful attempt at selling my home with an inexperienced real estate broker, I was very discouraged at the negative experience. This year, I was finally able to sell my home with the help of a more experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent, Sandy Kay. Sandy Kay definitely made the experience of selling my home a positive one with her great communication skills. Whenever I had a concern, she would respond immediately and was very reassuring. She is a wonderful listener and respectful to client’s requests which made me feel that I could trust her. I would highly recommend Sandy Kay as a real estate agent.
Sep 8, 2015
Sandy has tons of energy and is dedicated to finding the house that will work for you. Then she puts all her skills together to make sure that you get it! Sandy is always there for you, and very responsive to calls, texts and emails. I greatly enjoyed working with Sandy. We looked at tons of properties, so that when I was ready to make an offer I felt that I really knew the market. My house is exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Sandy as a great agent who will help you find your perfect house.
Sep 8, 2015
She was extraordinary in one word. She spent the time to get to know my wife and myself and got a fairly good picture and feeling on what we were looking for. As first home buyers, it was comforting to have Sandy all the way of the process, educating us, giving us options, and addressing all our concerns. She adjusted to our pace and was never pushy. When putting in an offer she laid out the facts and made sure we were comfortable but yet have a chance in a competitive market. We got our home on a second offer. It took us 6 months to buy a home. She was patient and willing to go the long way with us, which at time because of our indecision it seems it was going to go way longer than that. Once we got our home, she continued spending time with us as the home was not move in ready and put a plan to remodel the house putting us in contact with various people to get the work done.
Sep 8, 2015
I was so happy to have Sandy as our agent. She was very knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly. She listened to our needs and concerns, suggested promising houses, and helped us out to choose the right one by pointing out what I could miss or overlook. Also, she was a very professional and organized person, and she knew what to do in every step of buying a house. I think we could buy a house with much ease thanks to her.
Sep 8, 2015
We can’t tell you what a wonderful pleasure it was working with you on the purchase of our property. Your attention to every detail from start to finish, attentiveness, wealth of knowledge you generously shared (which gave us confidence) and you just did an amazing job in coming through for us. It was a very positive experience buying a property which both of us were a little on the edge about. You’re availability, responsiveness and just staying on top of things, behind the scenes to handle each and every issue was immensely valuable. It was really a pleasure working with you Sandy. We will definitely be keeping your contact information for future sale or purchases and will make sure to give you as a reference to anyone that we know who will be selling or purchasing a home. Again, thank you for everything! Please do come join us for a curry dinner when you’re in our neck of the woods.
Sep 8, 2015
Absolutely the best agent I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She was very detailed, hard-working and got us a home we liked in a very very tough market. Her domain knowledge is excellent. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy. The best asset she has is her honesty; that got my attention real fast. Thanks Sandy!
Sep 8, 2015
The Craig Thomason Team RPM Mortgage
Sandy was an absolute pleasure to work with on the recent close of escrow on Falling Water in Santa Clara, CA. We work with Realtors from all over the Peninsula and found Sandy to be a top-notch professional, who is knowledgeable, dedicated and extremely helpful to all parties involved in the transaction. Sandy was “hands-on” throughout the entire process, even assisting her Buyer with getting documents required to us in a timely manner. We look forward to working with Sandy again soon.
Sep 8, 2015
We had an easy and smooth transaction in acquiring a new home with her help. Negotiates with seller with no problems. Paper works, documentations were organized. Inspections and some repairs were all done with no hastle.
Sep 8, 2015
Mallika and I would like to thank Sandy Kay from the bottom of our hearts in working tirelessly with us for almost a year and half, so that we have a house in which we can be happy. I have no hesitation to recommend Sandy Kay, she was there with us throughout the entire process. Being a first time home buyer we were apprehensive of the whole process, but Sandy Kay just baby sat us through the entire process. She even worked with our lender, to make sure we were not being sucked into some thing uncertain. She understands the dynamics and has a vast knowledge of the whole process. If there is an agent you can trust upon, that is sandy. You will not go wrong. We can’t wait for our second home and just looking forward to touch base with Sandy Kay again, hope that time and day comes soon.
Sep 8, 2015
I cannot imagine finding a better agent than Sandy for my first purchase. She was extremely knowledgeable of not only the neighborhoods and developments but also home repair and renovation. Working with her was educational, and exactly what I needed as a first-time buyer. She is very focused on ensuring you find exactly the right home you’re looking for; for instance, because I was not living near the area at the time, she walked through many properties on my behalf which was incredibly helpful. Overall, Sandy is sincere, competent, and dedicated to making sure you find the right home for your tastes and budget. I’m extremely happy with the home I purchased, and will gladly choose her again in the future.
Sep 8, 2015
Sandy is very professional and a joy to work with. She has a lot of knowledge and expertise and made our buying experience great even with a difficult Seller. I will use Sandy for all future sales or purchases!
Sandy, we appreciate your service and guidance through out the entire home buying process. It was a pleasure working with you.
May 18, 2015
We were the first time home buyers. Sandy is a great realtor. She is very knowledgeable in the current housing market, but most importantly she tries to fully understand the buyer's needs in the search for the home and makes sure that the buyers fall in love with the home before even thinking about submitting an offer.

We have worked with another realtor before meeting Sandy and we always felt pressured into submitting offers for homes we didn't like just because the market for buyers was very tough. It was made clear to us that we should submit offers for any property we can get, not for a property we wanted to live in. When we met Sandy, she immediately tried to find out what kind of property we would want to live in and she didn't rest until one day through her hard work she was able to find us a house that we absolutely fell in love in and made sure that our offer was selected, but without pressuring us to do something we were not comfortable.

Thank you very much, Sandy, for making this process as easy, fast and painless as possible and we are happy to call this house you found our true home.
May 17, 2015
We just had our house sold by Sandy Kay. She took her time from the beginning to make sure that all necessary matters would work out smoothly. She replied quickly to all of our concerns. You can call her any time. it doesn't matter when it is weekend or nights, when you need to address your questions, she would respond.
Mar 30, 2015
Great experience with Sandy -- she acted as a buyer agent and sellor agent for us lots of moving parts -- she brought together a team to help get the small things done and manage the bigs things!

Always "on" - you can't ask for much more!
Mar 24, 2015
Sandy is simply amazing and just top notch! Her attention to every detail from start to finish, attentiveness, wealth of knowledge and insight she gains on a property in snap time is impressive. We had the most positive experience buying a property which both of us were a little on the edge about, but so pleased with the outcome. She's responsive, accessible, very pleasant and easy to work with. Thanks Sandy for everything and look forward to more real estate adventures with you!
Mar 20, 2015
Sandy Kay is an awesome real estate agent! She helped my family sell a home in the Evergreen Valley San Jose area two years ago. We didn't have a very good experience with the initial broker we hired prior to Sandy because of his inexperience and our home sale fell through. We saw a difference in the way Sandy approached the sale of our home with her years of experience in real estate. She was always available whenever we had questions and helped us recommend quick repairs on our home to get it sold without any problems. Sandy is very personable and is a great listener. She respected the terms we required for the sale of our home and we appreciated that about her. I truly recommend Sandy Kay!
Mar 17, 2015
Sandy was wonderful. She represented us every step of the way, making the process of buying a home much less daunting. By the end of the process, we were friends with Sandy. We enthusiastically recommend her for anyone buying (or selling) a home!
Mar 17, 2015
Sandy, we appreciate your service and guidance through out the entire home buying process. It was a pleasure working with you.

Sandy is very knowledgable about real estate market. She was very patient with us in our search for the ideal home. She also provided us contacts for property inspection, furnace inspection and mortgage lender. All of these were very efficient and provided good service at reasonable cost. She was always prompt in responding to our inquiries.

We would highly recommend her services.