Qinjiang Jane Beal

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Nov 15, 2019
Home owner
It's our first time of selling home in U.S. It's quite different from Korea so not easy for us to follow the whole process. Fortunately we have you as my agent and you made me and my wife feel comfortable with this journey. You always gave us kind and detail explanation on every steps that made us trust and count on you. Your lovely staging items were really helpful to sell our home quickly.
I think it was very unique and precious experience in our life in this country.
Appreciate your kind and sincere effort on selling our home.
Jul 18, 2019
I have worked with many realtors before and I can confidently say: Jane is the best of the best out there!

In the process of selling my townhome, what impressed me right away is how organized and prepared Jane was. During our first meeting, she prepared a very detailed game-plan, which laid out a step-by-step action plan to maximize the sales price while minimize the sales period. Jane then executed exactly to plan by getting a handyman to fix little things, a cleaning crew to make my place spotless, and a stager to make the space pop. She also promptly managed all communications with the various parties and made the process as easy as possible for me. When it was time to get the townhouse listed, she prepared a thorough market analysis and gave me great insight from both a macro and micro lens. She was also a great listener and worked with me to set the listing price that I ultimately decided on. With all the hard work, the townhouse was listed on the market within two weeks, and sold in less than a week above the listing price. Even after the signing, Jane continued to work closely with me to make sure everything goes smoothly all the way to the closing date.

Through this process, I would strongly recommend Jane for any real estate needs/consultation.
Dec 14, 2018
Jane is a very professional realtor and also very nice. She collected, understand and respect my preference. She love to share her idea and suggestion. She always put every effort to help me to be a good competitor when making an offer. Jane also provided lots of help when I modeling the new house. You won't regret to work with her!
Oct 10, 2018
Jane did an awesome job for our home sale. To be frank, she is not the agent that charges least, but I definitely think her quality work worth the price. Jane has the strategy right from the very beginning, and worked meticulously throughout the whole process. The first round of the wall paint touch is not perfect with some color difference, and Jane insisted in letting the contractor to do another around, and even brought along the door to the paint shop to get the matching color. Eventually her hard work pays: we got multiple offers (including multiple cash offers), and the final buyer was extremely excited to live into this beautiful place. Jane showed me the good qualities of a realtor: diligent, smart and attention to details. I highly recommend her to potential buyers and sellers.
Oct 9, 2018
Software Engineer
Jean did great for my home selling. To be frank, she is not the agent that is charging the least, but her quality work definitely worth the price. She designed the right strategy from the very beginning, and worked meticulously throughout the whole process. She always keeps a high standard, where she asked the contractor touched up the walls twice just to make sure they painted appropriately. Eventually, we got multiple offers for this sale and the final buyer was extremely happen as well to find the right place to live in. Overall, Jean showed me great qualities as a realtor: diligent, smart, kind to people and attention to details. I highly recommend her to others.
Aug 14, 2018
She was absolutely brilliant, more than we ever expected in fact. We would 100% recommend Jane Beal and the service that she provides and now we've had such an easy ride of buying a house. We will certainly be back to use her services again some day.
Aug 14, 2018
She was absolutely brilliant, more than we ever expected in fact. So a big thank you to you Julie from the bottom of our hearts- we are so very greatful!!!

We would 100% recommend Jane and the service that she provides and now we've had such an easy ride of buying a house. We will certainly be back to use her services again some day.
Jul 26, 2018
Jane has always been the most knowledgeable, professional and kindest agent I’ve ever known. On top of her superior sales skills she really treats you like a friend you’ve known all your life. She was able to find me a house and loan in some very tough times for buyers. I will only recommend and utilize her for all of my real estate needs in the future and present.
Mar 22, 2018
I was lucky enough to meet Jane in a conference. Our first conversation already showed me that she was patient, very service-minded and with deep knowledge about the housing market of the bay area. With her help, we made a very focused effort to search for a property during a certain time period of the year, and finally managed to buy a property in this very competitive market. She gave us a lot of advices in the process, both before and after the transaction, even introducing us to a very good loan agent. We highly recommend Jane as your real estate agent.
Jan 9, 2018
Jane is a great agent to work with and she helped us get our first home with our shallow savings in such a crazily competitive market.

She's very professional with all her years in bay area market. I was amazed by her accurate estimation of the competition extent and bidding prices. Almost every house ended up with a final price +/- $10,000 of her prediction. She’s also an honest person that she never pushed us to bid higher or over-predict the home value for her benefit. She never inquires about my finance and loan details, although she recommended me a very good loan agent. She works hard, replies emails and messages 7 days and make offer packages quickly and nicely. She also gives suggestions on the home inspection, understanding disclosure, commenting on pros and cons on homes and new home remodeling plans.

Overall she’s a very good agent, experienced, honest, and easy going.
Dec 25, 2017
Home buyer
Jane helped us find out dream house in this red hot housing market at Silicon Valley! She is very knowledgeable, responsive and professional. She would clearly lay out the pros and cons of a house, and a very detailed & well prepared comp analysis. She respects our decision when it comes to submitting offers and counter offers. Jane accurately estimated the appraisal value of our house (appraisal came back even higher than our purchase price), and worked closely with loan agent to make sure we can close on time. Jane also made great effort to work together with listing agents, so that we could find out more detailed and useful info about a house. In the end, we bought a house that had 16 competing offers and we are not the highest bid!
Oct 6, 2017
Jane helped us buy our second house. I think we got a pretty good deal with her strategy. She also provided lots of info during the negotiation that is of great help. I would definitely recommend Jane to my friends who are looking for new home in the Bay Area.
Oct 6, 2017
It is very pleasant to have Jane Beal as our buyer agent.
We are first home buyer in Bay Area and Jane is super efficient and knowledgeable in helping us get reasonable bidding price, find out pros and cons of each properties we are interested in.
Jane never pushes us and give a lot of good suggestions, which we learn much in the buying process.
It only takes us around one and half month to fulfill the big dream, to get our first home in such competitive market, with Jane's help and we are very thankful to her.
I highly recommend Jane as your home buying expert. It is the most smart part in our buying home process!
Sep 30, 2017
Jane has helped me and a couple of friends buy our first house in Silicon Valley. This is a very competitive seller's market. It requires buyer's agents to mentally prepare buyers well, have very good sense about the offer situation, move fast and be able to make a good impression on sellers and sellers' agent. Jane was able to achieve those in multiple cases and helped us win the bidding war. But our relationship didn't stop at the closing of the house deal. She sincerely cares about us, treating us beyond a business partner. She followed up regularly and gave us many valuable suggestions to our remodeling project. We like her so much that we introduced more friends to her. We could recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell or buy.
Sep 25, 2017
Qinjiang Jane Beal was wonderful to work with. As a busy CEO, I very much appreciated how well she managed the process. She is an experienced, competent and seasoned professional. I would gladly recommend her to any friends, family and colleagues.
Nov 18, 2016
When approached Jane to help me sell the house, had specific timeline and goal. Jane started with insights into the overall area market & trends, as well as the home buyer type & profiles, and the steps needed to successfully complete sale. Jane laid out a cogent plan, described the avenues by which we would find and secure the right buyer for the home. Right from the beginning Jane was both flexible, and clear about how the process would go, and what needed to do to make it happen.
And Jane was spot on. We found the perfect buyer almost immediately - even though the buyer agent was lacking, Jane demonstrated calmness and mastery at making and closing the deal. It felt like the deal was closed, in a way that made all sides feel they got the best deal. Amazing. Professional. Highly recommend.
Jan 21, 2016
I am glad to be writing this review for Jane. I have dealt with quite a few realtors in the past and I can say with utmost confidence that Jane is the best, hands down. She goes above and beyond her core responsibilities and is extremely focused on the clients satisfaction and happiness. She has been helping us find a place since early Feb and we finally found our place after 11 months of looking. Throughout the process, what really amazed me was her patience and the fact that she never tried to push me to make a decision. In addition, Jane is extremely good at what she does and one of most intelligent and knowledgeable realtors I have come across. We like Jane so much that she is like part of our family now. Will gladly recommend Jane to anybody who is looking for a great buying experience and an awesome realtor.
Oct 18, 2015
Home buyer
We relocated to the Bay Area and used Jane as our buying agent. We are very satisfied with her service! She is warm, honest and professional. She listens, understands our family need, and acts on our best interest. She is very responsive, even though she has many clients, she is always available to us to address any concerns we may have. She gave us honest advice on the pros and cons of each property we were interested in, which is very valuable and help to us, consider we were new to the area. She took care of all the details in the purchase process. She helped us get into our desired location with great schools in walking distance and a fantastic neighborhood. In this very competitive sellers market (2013), she made sure our home purchase not only meet our family need, but also has long term investment value, and most of all without overpaying. We highly recommend Jane to anyone who may need real estate services!
Sep 22, 2015
It was so great to have Jane as my agent to help me look for my first house in bay area!

I started searching with Jane two years ago. At that time, my family and I were very impressed by Jane's knowledge in real estate and more importantly, her kindness and honesty. We spent two months at that time but finally my family were not determined to buy a house due to personal reason but Jane was so patient and considerate to answer any questions we had and helped us get a clear picture of housing market in south bay.

This time my family were well prepared to get a house and it is so great to have Jane to help us again! She not only has great expertise and knowledge in the housing market, but more importantly, she is a very kind and sincere person that you can trust all the time. Moreover, she is an excellent professional with great planning, motivation and meticulousness. When making the offer, she has very smart negotiation skills as well, without which I could not finally purchase my home with price lower than I expected.

In a word, Jane is such a great real estate agent that I would like to keep in touch with all the time, as a agent or even as a friend.
Jun 18, 2015
Home Seller & Buyer
We met Jane in the early days of our house hunt, during one of her open houses. She was patient and answered all our questions in detail. She followed-up with additional informations through email, even when she knew we were just starting and may not be a potential buyer. We were impressed by her promptness and willingness to share her knowledge. We are so glad today that we decided to work with jane as our buyer's agent. She made this seemingly very difficult task of first time home buying, a lot easier and pleasant. We were able to find a house of our dream, only with the help of Jane. Jane is extremely hardworking, very punctual, detail orinted and above all she is always reachable. She goes out of her way to make things work. We highly recommend Jane as a realtor and she is a wonderful person to work with and talk to as well. Thank You Jane!!

Jun 2, 2015
It was a wonderful experience working with Jane. As our family was moving from the East Coast, we had limited knowledge of the Bay area. The market here is very different what we are used to. Things move much faster, are more expensive, with fewer contingencies and the market is very tight. I happened to find Jane while inquiring about a property (which we didn't buy) when we were just starting to think about a move. I’d spoken with a number of realtors, but nobody that struck me enough to want to work with until I met Jane. Her mix of pragmatism and total candor about the market is exactly what we were looking for. She was patient with us, and guided us through the market, helping us narrow our search to a few neighborhoods. When we finally found a house we were interested in, she helped us figure out how to make things work financially and put together an acceptable offer. As nerve racking as it is to buy a new home 2,500 miles from your current residence, it was a great experience working with Jane.
Apr 14, 2015
Home buyer
It was a very pleasant experience working with Jane. We looked for a sweet single family home and worked with Jane for about 2 months. We only have limited budget. We believe 2 months is very short in this crazy Bay Area market.
The best thing we would say is that Jane always pointed out the good things and bad things of houses. This avoids buying a money pit nightmare. This is very important for the first time home buyer.
Jane is also very good at strategy. She didn't push us but she knows how to win from over 10+ very competitive offers.
Jane also organized very smoothly and efficiently. We got some financial problems after the seller accepted our offer. But the thing worked out with Jane's coordination.
We would strongly recommend Jane. We would work with Jane again!
Mar 20, 2015
After interviewing many agents, my husband and I decided on Jane to represent us in selling my condo because she seemed very knowledgeable in her profession and also very personable... and we sure made the right decision! Jane stayed on top of things every step of the way, was very quick on taking action, and always made sure all parties (us and the buyer) were happy. This really helped us take advantage of a very fast close to become winners in the crowded seller's market in San Jose. I truly wish she was my agent at the time I purchased my condo. We will seek out Jane when we are ready to sell again and would highly recommend her to our friends and colleagues looking for an agent for buying/selling.
Feb 5, 2015
Ms. Beal executed two complex estate sales for me as the estate executor and did an outstanding job. She rapid obtained very strong cash offers on both properties above my expectation and both deals closed quickly with no hassles. She had significant input in preparing the properties for sale, and the money she asked be invested proved well worth it.
Jan 30, 2015
I usually do not do write-ups but given the �nothing short of a miracle� that Jane afforded us, I feel compelled to share our experience. Jane was the third Realtor to attempt to support the sale of my father�s home in Burlingame. This was no ordinary sale. My father had suffered a stroke and found himself facing a difficult divorce complete with a Bankruptcy filing. The only reason I bring this up is to convey the volatility and potential difficulty of this Real Estate transaction. If any of that weren�t enough, the house required significant enhancing. If a sale was to be realized, much had to happen to allow the best possible result. Jane came to us as a referral. Right off the bat you felt her energy; a positive �make it happen� attitude. She is also well connected. Jane arranged and choreographed the long list of action agenda required to prepare the house for sale; everything from contractors to staging service. Given the difficulty and challenge the previous Realtors were subjected to and experienced, the cards were really stacked against her. In truth, I had serious doubts she could make this happen. At first blush Jane appears to be a cute little soft spoken woman. While all that is true don�t let her good looks and stature fool you; she is a consummate professional with learned experience and knows how to get things done. After nearly a year of having to appease her clients and getting the house readied for sale, the house hit the market. Shortly thereafter, after holding a series of open houses teaming with many Realtors, Jane and the eventual buyer�s agent put together a deal that was nothing short of a �win-win� for both parties. As I stated previously, given the degree of challenge with this transaction, I really had my doubts. Jane proved beyond a shadow of doubt that she is in fact �the real deal.� Given the lack of service nowadays and �genuine� professionalism, Jane is a woman above the rest. If any of that is important to you, I would highly recommend Jane to support your Real Estate needs�you will be glad you did.