John Paul Mulchay NMLS# 375868

Branch Manager Guaranteed Rate NV, AZ, CA
Known for making the home loan process understandable. Licensed in Nevada, California, and Arizona, I have been successfully helping families buy homes for the past 17 years. I take pride in providing my clients with the knowledge, experience, and creativity to make informed decisions when buying a home or an investment property. I currently reside in Las Vegas, NV where I moved with my wife in 2004 to support her opportunity to perform for Cirque du Soleil. Prior to Las Vegas, I traveled extensively including a life-changing five years in Maui, HI where I began my lending career. With a background in hospitality, including six years with the Four Seasons, customer service is ingrained in my professional fiber.
John Paul has made our home loan process such a pleasant and knowledgeable experience. He not only made it easy for us to understand every aspect of the house to home process but guided us into the best financial decision of our lives. From start to finish he was our brains and friend by our side. We would reccomed John Paul to anyone looking for a great loan officer to support and care about what you invest in...especially a future home.
JP, did a great job taking care of me when purchasing 2 houses that I plan to use as rental property. It was my first time making a large purchase and he made me feel at ease. When I had questions on the process or items on the contract, he was patient and friendly on providing me with the information. He also referred me to a great real estate agent, and their tag team effort made everything run smoothly and timely. Thanks for everything!
SAP Managing Consultant
John Paul is a highly recommended broker/loan officer. He did amazing job during the loan process and explained me every step of the way.
Real Estate Sales Consultant. Buy and sell homes. Like Hohn Paul I under promise and over deliver.
John Paul did everything he said he was going to do and went above expectation. He truly knows about customer relationship and knows how to service the client.
New Home Buyer
John Paul is the utmost professional, honest individual that we have found when we bought our new home. He told us like it was, no sugar coating. We had some things on our credit that were cleared up but were not removed yet from the credit bureaus. He worked with us in getting this all taken care of. John Paul certainly knows his financial business and I would recommend him to anyone that is considering purchasing a home. He will hold your hand through each and every step of the way. CMG Financial is very fortunate to have him on their team. He is an asset to treasure.
retired health care worker
Dear Anonymous Reader,
I now wish to describe my wonderful experience with John Paul.
Due to a messy divorse and a mountain of debt,and a for closure in 2007, my credit scores were at the 590 level in July 2013. I pulled them up to 635 by May 2014 when I met John Paul. He made me only one promise. That he would do his best to get me a home loan. And he absolutely kept that promise. Throughout the process he coached me at every step of the way. And against all odds, he succeeded and got me a loan at a low interest rate. I moved in August 2014. He is my hero. I think you would be foolish to select a different agent for your home loan. Happy in my dream home.
Michael Bryan
Pharmacy manager
I was contacted by John Paul after attending an open house. I had previously had a bad experience with 2 different lenders and was not hopeful that John Paul could/ would take the time to help me. In the past I had a short sale and less than perfect credit. He helped me sort through all of my issues so quickly, and in less than a month after meeting him I was closing on my new home. He is a really motivated individual and an excellent person to work with. I knew nothing about how to get where I wanted to be and he took charge and got it handled with minimal time and effort on my part. He is a true asset to his company and I will recommend him to all of my friends and coworkers.
JP has been awesome through my last 3 loans. I came back to him 3 times, and i will do all my loans with JP. He explains things in a way you can understand, and he is extremely transparent. I wouldn't do a loan with anyone else.
I've worked with JP for many years now and he is my #1. I always refer him to clients knowing that they will get exceptional service! Not only is he extremely professional with my Buyers, he is more than willing to take the time to assist them with any financial guidance they may need or desire. As a REALTOR I need someone that can get the job done professionally and quickly, John Paul is that man! He makes me look good, can't say enough! Protect yourself and your assets, use the best!
Very happy home buyer
John (JP) Mulchay and his entire team were absolutely amazing.

This is my third real estate transaction and this has been by far the easiet and the fastest loan I have ever gotten.

Everyhting was clear and qucik. They made sure I got the best rate available. And JP guided me through everything and was available to answer every question I had in a timely manner.

Would recommend this company and especially JP to everyone looking for a home loan.

Thank you JP!
Home owner
It has been my pleasure to work with John Paul Mulchay. The service he provided was top notch. My wife & I we're very happy from the outcome of two refinance & one new finance that he did for us. He is very knowledgeable in his profession and honest in his business dealings. He was quick to respond to my email, text or just to return my phone calls, week day or weekends I have talk to him many time on weekends including the time he was traveling for vacation. He was able to expedite our loan process on all three loans transactions. We are very happy with the results and would recommend him to all our friends and family.
Investor and client
John is very helpful, quick with numbers, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and easy to speak with. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

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