Teresa Estill

Pilates and Fitness Training Pilates by Teresa
I have taught fitness and wellness in the Bay area for over 30 years. My students are looking for something different and do not want a gym atmosphere. My studio environment is safe and accepting and my classes are designed for all people, regardless of age, size or ability. I specialize in Pilates Mat Classes and Fitness Movement and Strength Classes. Most of my Pilates students have had back issues and they work with me to keep them out of pain and living the life they want. When we know more, we will achieve more.
Jan 26, 2015
I came across Teresa's class while searching for a Pilates class which is not too far away. The first time I attended her class, I came with pain in my back and legs. When I left her class, I forgot that I had something hurting in my back!! For some time I attended her class regularly twice a week and I can say without hesitating once that it worked wonders for my whole body. I actually started to sleep better too.
She works very well with you if you have pain in your hands, knees, wrists, etc. She always gives you alternative moves to achieve the best results you can.Going to her class I learnt that you can still see results without having to do 100 jumping jacks!
I like it that she has small group. She goes over the moves in detail during class. Each time I attend the class and do the same move, I find something new I learned. And her classes are so reasonably priced! She for one is never trying to fleece you. She is really nice. She will let you borrow her portable equipment to try out and see if something really works for you. And this is not something she is selling herself. This is just so you dont waste your money and time outside!
She does not hide the knowledge she has so she can later sell it to you. She encourages everyone in her class to remember the moves and do at home if they cant make it to class. I am very lucky that I have found a gem so close.
Jan 15, 2015
I highly recommend Teresa Estill! She is so knowledgeable about physical fitness for people of all levels. I was coming back from several injuries when I found her. She has successfully supported and encouraged me so that I am exercising regularly without pain again. She knew when to challenge me and always helps me with a modification when necessary. I have overcome my fear of injury and am really enjoying her many classes. Exercise is actually fun at her studio and because of her personal attention, it feels like personal training! She creates an atmosphere where anyone can come in and feel a part of this supportive group.
Jan 9, 2015
I have been going to Teresa's classes for at least 3 years and as an instructor she is one of the best in my experience. As I gently enter my senior years, she is very aware of my potential limitations, as well as motivating me to push myself. She has a great personality, making sure that all of her students feel safe, confident and makes us laugh each and every session. I started Zumba with Teresa and LOVED it. Since then I can not find a teacher to match her energy. I currently take her Step class, which is a great work out set to terrific, upbeat music as well as her Cardio Circuit and Strength class. She keeps it varied, and gives a great work out.
Nov 26, 2014
I have been going to exercise, learn and laugh with Teresa for over two years now. I have always struggled with my weight and always felt self conscience going to health clubs. I stepped into Teresa's class and felt confident, and comfortable. She offers many classes, all of which I have tried. She offers a variety of classes including, Pilates, Step, Strength and Circuit. She provides a high energy environment, but caters to all levels of fitness, and physical limitations. She is insightful, knowledgeable and clearly cares for her students, wanting each of us to succeed, push ourselves and see the changes we want to make. She works us out, builds our confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves every time we pass through her doors.
Nov 24, 2014
I first met Teresa years ago when she was teaching Pilates Mat classes in a gym I had joined. Loved her classes...the gym setting, not so much. Years later we met again. I'm so glad I found Teresa's fitness classes in Campbell after a long break from doing any formal exercise classes. She has transformed my life!
What I love about Teresa's classes at Pilates by Teresa is that they are for everyone regardless of your age, size or fitness level. Teresa stays current with all the latest and greatest fitness, health & nutrition information and passes all of that knowledge on to her students. She is always looking for ways to have her classes meet the needs of her clients. There is something for everyone: Pilates, Strength Training, Cardio/Step/Dance, Stretching & Balance.
Teresa creates an environment where everyone is welcome to come & work to achieve their fitness goals whether it be to just get moving again, lose weight, strengthen your core, improve your health, etc. There are no judgments here and the positive energy created in this environment makes you feel great about coming to class. I can't tell you just how much more I get from going to classes at Pilates by Teresa than just working out! There are so many days that we are laughing as we work up a sweat and the time just flies by! How often can you say you worked out & had fun? I never regret making it to a class with Teresa & all the amazing clients she welcomes to come improve their lives by working out with her every day.
Thank you Teresa for giving us this alternative to the gym.
It's just what I needed to change my life!
Nov 9, 2014
I love this class! Teresa is very technical, narrating step by step how to perform each exercise/movement in pilates. But i especially like the fact that you dont feel intimidated by equipment and the individual is taught how to modify each exercise to their own physical ability so they dont injure themselves. great class and instructor!
Nov 7, 2014
I have been taking classes with Teresa for about a year and still look forward to my classes each week. Teresa is always so positive and uplifting as well as very informative with information regarding health and fitness. I physically feel better and stronger since taking her Pilates classes.
Jul 10, 2014
Exercise Student
Where to start!

A few months ago, a friend and I started coming to Teresa's Pilates class. Since hearing us talk about it, 5 more friends have started, and among us we're taking all sorts of her classes. All the classes are all wonderful workouts giving you the sense that your body has been stretched and strengthened and they work for you at the level you're at. Teresa is an excellent instructor and is very careful to make sure you're doing the exercises correctly to maximize the benefits. She's knowledgeable, constantly updating her skills and sharing everything she learns. Her gym is immaculate and the other students are welcoming and friendly.

But there's so much more than that. Recently, I realized that I come to Teresa as much for my emotional as well as my physical well being. I found I have breast cancer and I'm going through chemotherapy right now. As much of a physical trial as the chemo is, the emotional toll of the cancer is much higher. Teresa's is such a positive, safe place for me. A place that helps me with the stress and where I don't worry about what I look like or how perfectly I'm doing the exercises. I do what I can and that's just fine. There are no judgments like you frequently feel in other exercise classes, just the warmest, most positive environment and it's made such a huge difference in my outlook and my ability to cope with all the changes I'm going through. When I lose my hair, I'm already sure it's the first public place I'll go because I know I'll come home with a confidence and a smile.

So I guess I'm saying, if you're a high energy exercise perfectionist with a great body, this is the place for you. And if you're kind of a lumpy person who just wants to get into shape, gain self confidence and feel great about it along the way, this is your place too.
Jul 7, 2014
Business Analyst
Teresa was the first pilates instructor I ever worked with. I had been coming to her studio for two years and it was natural for me to think that all pilates instructors in the world were like her - passionate about pilates, always aware of what's going on in the industry, caring about their clients, so very detail-oriented. Now, when I moved out of town and tried ten different instructors in Austin in search for the one who would be as professional as she was, I realize how very lucky I was to have Teresa as my first instructor - she raised the bar so high! It took me 4 month of constant search (and one injury on the way) to find an instructor I can entrust my body and be sure it's as safe during complex pilates exercises as it was with Teresa.
Jun 24, 2014
Student of Pilates and Movement Classes
I have been taking Pilates instruction and Movement classes from Teresa Estill in Campbell California for about 15 years and have known Teresa, personally for about 35 years. Her passion for the health and well-being of her clients never ceases to amaze me. Her humor toward life's little bumps and bruises keeps everyone grounded and realizing that Life is Good!
Jun 22, 2014
Decorating Diva, Mistress of FUN!!!
Teresa Estill is the epitome of fitness, health, well-being, dedication and determination.
I have been attending her classes for more than 22 years, and have sought her out in the various venues where she has taught.
I am a long standing member of a health club which offers classes, and they are fine..... But Teresa is SO much more than taking a one hour class from an instructor!
In addition to providing a fabulous workout, during class she addresses the body parts being worked, and the importance of each move. Teresa does a lot of research, and brings her knowledge, expertise, humor and personality to each class. She works with the students through THEIR range of motion, and suggests how to modify each movement to fit the individual. During the cool down,she shares the latest fitness and nutrition information. Teresa is like a walking encyclopedia of new studies and discoveries! She welcomes with open arms any ages, shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness, so there is no embarrassment in joining a class of hers.
It is extremely apparent that teaching fitness is Teresa's calling and PASSION, and I will always seek her out, wherever she goes.
May 16, 2014
First: Teresa. She is a delight to spend time with on multiple occasions each week. Not only is she beautiful, but she is zippy, witty, compassionate, knowledgeable and personally flexible. She has years of experience and continues to upgrade her competence. She is trustworthy.

Second: Workouts. I have done Pilates, Zumba, and Interval Training with her, and would do more if my schedule permitted. I look forward to these hours and always feel more embodied, flexible, and toned afterwards, and now I even know how "to connect my pelvis to my ribs and balance a strawberry on my naval." In addition to working us hard, she offers tips for eating, aging, stretching, and general health (all within her scope of practice).

Third: me. I am a psychologist and sit many days for hours on end. I am also 70. My goal is to keep as fit physically, mentally, and spiritually as possible. Teresa helps me with this. After a good workout with her, I am able to go about the day with a sense of well-being and wholeness. Thanks, Teresa.

Fourth: you. I strongly recommend that you meet Teresa and look into working with her. Her fees are more than reasonable. You will enjoy laughing, sweating, meeting fun people, and feeling wonderful.
Apr 3, 2014
retired teacher
Teresa is an amazing teacher. I am 67 years old, and like to think of myself as still very active. I enjoy annual jaunts to the Sierra for hiking trips with occasional low- key peak climbing. A former backpacker, I still can occasionally do an easy 3 day short backpack. Teresa is able to modify her instruction to suit my abilities/needs so that I can build my ability. Her pilates instruction has really strengthened my core. When I am climbing up rock or doing bouldering, I can feel the difference in my sense of balance, and in shifting my weight so that I retain good equilibrium with my hands, feet, and body weight.
A few years ago I was overtired and returning from a long day's hike to our base camp. I tripped on a large rock in the middle of the trail, and I instinctively put my hands up to my chest. What really amazed me was that as I fell, I felt my body core tighten up and I fell in a rather compact, effortless way. I was not injured at all. I did not flail about or swing my limbs. I really attribute that to my pilates training from Teresa. She is always talking about the dangers of falling as we age, and I feel that even though I did fall, it was in the least damaging way!
Teresa is so good at "customizing" her teaching or being able to "teach to the individual." I know what that looks like - I am retired after 31 years of teaching first and second graders! I also love the fact that I can go to Teresa after class and tell her that I am going to a wedding in three months and what are excercises with weights that I can do to tone my arms. This is at no extra cost!!
I cannot say enough about Teresa. I have been attending her classes for so many years I have lost count. I know it's at least been over 15 years. I highly recommend Teresa as an exceptional professional and teacher!
Mar 3, 2014
Real Estate Agent
I have been going to Teresa for about 20 years. First of all, I have always hated to excersise, so the fact that I have gone for that long is a miracle in itself. Teresa trained me with Pilates, weights and cardio when I got married 12 years ago, and I successfully dropped weight and inches and looked great in my wedding dress! I couldn't have done it without her encouragement, expertise and of course, her commitment to my success. She genuinely wants you to be healthier and happier, and she helps you bypass your roadblocks no matter what they are. She is continually updating her training and knowledge and can usually address any problem or condition that may come up. Lately, with a new job I've taken on, I haven't been very good about going to classes and my body is suffering from it. My commitment to myself is to get back to classes and once again feel and look better!
Feb 16, 2014
Real Estate Broker Associate
Teresa is a phenomenal teacher. I have been taking classes with Teresa for about 8 years. She is fun, knowledgeable and her high energy is totally contagious. You will love her classes!!
Feb 1, 2014
Geographer-Motorcycle Rider
I am 68 years old and have been riding motorcycles for 50 years, including 20 years of Off Road Racing. My lower spine is herniated and worn out. If it weren't for Teresa, my riding would be over. She has keep me in good condition and taught me correct posture that I can still ride 5 thousand miles of backroads every year without pain in my lower back. Her classes are fun and the participants go at their own specific pace. I am leaving next week to ride the back roads of South Africa for 3 weeks and then onto Vietnam to ride from Hanoi to the Chinese boarder. I could not do this without Teresa's training.
Jan 30, 2014
Student and friend
Teresa is a phenomenal coach, teacher, and friend.

As a Health and Fitness Coach, she has guided me with safe and effective Pilates movements to strengthen my core and center myself; she has offered specialized tips and tools to recover from injury and prevent further pain; she has challenged me to push beyond my assumed limits, allowing me to achieve great results.

As a teacher, Teresa is patient, guiding my movements, poses, and positioning to achieve more with my workout; she stays current with the latest in health and fitness research, bringing details to our classes that are understandable and concise; she listens to the needs of her students, crafting modified movements for chronic injury or pain, and encouraging self-pacing.

Lastly, as a friend, Teresa is empathic, kind, and open. She facilitates an open environment in which women of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels can be themselves and discuss relevant women's health issues. She offers her own experiences appropriately and honors the confidentiality of stories shared 1:1.

I have known Theresa for more than 10 years and thoroughly enjoy every interaction we share. She is fun and energetic, keeping classes lively and new. Anyone considering her as a corporate trainer/presenter, an individual trainer, or for joining one of her classes, you will be glad you did!

Jan 29, 2014
I have been coming to Teresa's Pilates class since a very long time. I have a bad back and Teresa's class is extremely well suited for me. The kind of exercises that we do help my back tremendously. It helps me be able to function to an extent that at times I forget I have a back problem. The exercises are varied and she changes the routine often enough that your entire body gets a workout. The muscles get toned and strong and my flexibility is increased enormously. She is very sensitive to any physical issues that one might be experiencing. While the rest of the class performs the exercise, she will make sure to give you tips on how to tailor the exercise to your needs so you do not hurt yourself. She also has a lot of information on nutrition, new forms of exercises, diets, trends, etc. that she shares with the class via lectures or pamphlets. She is up to date with the latest studies and she incorporates them into her classes. Also, her classes have a safe atmosphere where there is no competition or tense situations and everyone feels comfortable. I am very happy to be a part of this exercise group. I would and have highly recommended her classes to friends.
Jan 27, 2014
Student and friend
I think Teresa's pilates class is the best I have taken since I started 10 years ago.

She has great energy to keep you going, is technically an expert and has a great motivating and funny personality.
My slim and firm midsection thanks Teresa very much!!!
Jan 20, 2014
I have been working out in Teresa's Pilates class for a number of years and find that attending that class is necessary for my physical well being. The exercises relieve stress and keep the body strong and flexible. Teresa has a great sense of humor and we laugh a lot in class which is also very beneficial.
Jan 18, 2014
Retired teacher
Without a doubt, Teresa Estill and her classes have been a lifeline for me. Her classes accept you without judgement. Each individual is encouraged to work at their personal level. For years, I belonged to health clubs, some quite expensive, and purchased equipment and videos to get, and keep me motivated. Guess what -- they did not work.

However, Teresa and her classes have changed me. The classes have become part of my life. We work hard, but it is always positive, uplifting, and may I dare say, at times fun. Each class is a welcoming, comforting environment where you are encouraged by not just the teacher, but by fellow students. The classes and the teacher's attitude may you aware of your inner and outer strength, flexibility and growth.
Jan 18, 2014
I love Teresa's Pilates class. Even when I don't feel like going, I am SO happy I went.
I have gained a lot of strength in the five years I've been in her classes. I appreciate that she suggests alternate positions to allow for lower back or shoulder issues. Teresa's enthusiasm is very motivating and her down to earth nature keeps the class real.
Jan 10, 2014
I first met Teresa about 8 months ago when I was looking for a more challenging workout. I've done the gyms and the "Ladies Circuit" and never felt welcomed like I do in Teresa's classes. The ladies there are all there for the same reason, we love working out with Teresa.
Although I used to go to the gym I was never excited to go. I would go in, find my machine of choice, get my hour in and leave - at times never speaking to anyone but the clerk that checked me in. Come on - you've all been there. Now Teresa's classes are nothing like that. It is so lively and fun. Everyone catching up on what's going on with each other. Truly caring about what's going on with everyone. If someone hasn't been to class in a while, there is true concern.
I have had some injuries that have kept me from working out recently. After getting the okay from my doctor I informed Teresa of my injuries and she has helped me to get the safest, most challenging workout I can without causing further harm. My injuries are better but not healed and Teresa still makes certain I do not push myself too much.
Once I began taking classes from Teresa I found myself scheduling my days around my workouts and not the other way around. Those who know me know that this is huge for me. I have made many new friends and I treasure the time I spend with this amazing, extremely knowledgeable trainer who I like to call my friend, Teresa Estill.
Jan 10, 2014
Teresa's Steps, Pilates, and Cardio classes are all amazing. Not only is she encouraging and helpful to our individual needs, she cares! Her classes not only help get you into shape, but Teresa also encourages, and gives us nutrition, health and exercise. I also appreciate that she encourages us to strive to be a better you. So grateful I found Pilates by Teresa/Teresa Estill.
Jan 10, 2014
Massage Therapist
I met Teresa a year ago. Timidly, I emailed her a few questions to "feel her out". My thought was, another cardio instructor who is more interested in their ego then a client. To my surprise, she responded within 2 hours of my writing her. Answered all my questions and encouraged me to try a Cardio Blast class. She assured me no one was there for looks or ego. It was just a bunch of ladies wanting to improve themselves without the pressure of a gym mentality. I agreed to show up.

That Thursday I was welcomed with open arms from all her students. No one looked me up and down. No one snubbed me for being tall and chunky. In fact, it was completely as she described. Just a room of amazing women, all at different fitness levels, sharing one coming goal: to be more fit both inside and out. I quickly bonded with several students and Teresa. Over the past year she has worked with me to strengthen a bad knee, helped me with nutrition and self esteem. Her classes aren't a traditional work out. They truly are fun! A LOT of laughter, motivation, sweat, more laughter....

Her 2014 schedule is even more crazy! Throw down Thursdays, Surprise Saturdays, Super Step. Each week she amazes us with new exercises and ways to keep us interested.

I cannot imagine any other place to work out. You have to try her to understand. It's a feeling of pure unconditional love and complete acceptance from everyone there.

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