Matthew Horton

Realtor- Owner of The Horton Team Realty One Group- Luxury Homes
I Love Real Estate. Everything about it. I watched my family in the business and understood early that it's about people and a little about homes. My clients are everything to me and I make sure I do everything I can to help. My clients truly get the best and they will tell you that.

Technology is awesome and I am a little bit of a tech nerd...I have embraced it and will continue to do so. QR Codes, HTML Code, Iphone Apps, Facebook, etc...are all a part of Real Estate. I have been ahead of the curve for years and think it is a vital part of the future BUT it still comes down to people. I had lived in 8 states by age 13, so I have seen the entire country and how people live. I know their hom
Mar 5, 2014
I've bought three homes and sold one with Matt's help in the last seven years. In this type of market experience matters. Matt has been through the ups and downs over the last 11 years and that’s why I keep going back to him. Matt is patient and is interested in your needs where some realtors are just interested in making a commission. Bottom line you’re not going to find a better realtor in the valley.
Chris V.