Dr. Lisa Viapiano, D.C

Sports Chiropractor Functional Movement Specialist
I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California in 2012. My clinical experience extends widely from treating infants and expecting mothers, to professional athletes. All patients receive individually focused care with treatments including chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy,movement assessment, corrective exercise & nutritional counsel. These non-invasive treatment protocols can accelerate healing, build a strong foundation & prevent future injury.I feel privileged to be a part of the chiropractic profession make it my priority to supply patients with the tools they need to get back to the active lifestyles they enjoy.
Jul 6, 2014
Dr Lisa is amazing!! I do a lot of traveling, running, yoga and swimming so my body is always tight and a mess when I come in to see her. She always knows exactly what to focus on. She takes the time to show me different exercises and stretches that will help me with my maintenance and keep me as pain free as possible. I highly recommend Dr Lisa! You will not be sorry but feeling great!
Jun 10, 2014
I have suffered from migraines for over 20 years that began after a car accident when I was a teenager. Then in my adult life, giving birth to two children reaped havoc on my body and my migraines increased. I started experiencing inconsistent sleep patterns, bouts of anxiety and extreme pain and swelling in my shoulders and neck. I scheduled my first consultation with Dr. Lisa in 2013. During our first visit, she took notes on my history and assessed my body. Dr. Lisa is thorough, thoughtful and focused on making her patients well. Not only do I feel like a new person, she has taught me about the little things I should be doing to take care of myself every day. She is insightful and truly focused on wellness in mind and body. My experience has been life-changing and I’m so happy with the care that I’ve received from Dr. Lisa.
Jun 3, 2014
engineer with a passion for all things creative
Dr Lisa is awesome. She read my body in the very first visit in such an incredible way that it made all the difference from the beginning.

A quick note about myself. I'm 35, dealing with Stiff Person Syndrome and Joint Hyper-mobility Syndrome. You wouldn't think those two conditions could co-exist but they do. As a result, my mobility has suffered tremendously in the last 2 years.

When I first saw Dr Lisa, I couldn't walk a few steps without extreme stiffness and spasms. Eating out in a restaurant was impossible. Any and all sounds, even touch would make me jump out of my skin and spasm. Talk about giving a DC the worst patient possible! Within a month, I've been to 3 restaurants and attended my son's school function which I didn't think would have been possible.

Thank you Dr Lisa. You changed my life!
May 28, 2014
Dr. Lisa is the best! She truly cares about her patients and has their best interests at heart. I went to her because I was suffering from headaches and shoulder pain. In our initial meeting, she really listened to me and took her time in accessing the level of care that I needed. She quickly identified what could be causing my discomfort and worked with me to form a plan to help alleviate my pain. With her expert treatment and advice, she got me back to my old self in no time. She always went the extra mile in regards to my care. She even gave up her lunch hour to fit me in when I had an issue with my neck. I have referred her to my friends, and they all have had the same positive experience I have had. If you want a chiropractor who is extremely knowledgeable and caring, Dr. Lisa is for you!
May 6, 2014
CrossFit Moxie Owner
Dr. Lisa has been a huge part of my personal continued pursuit of athletics, coaching, and has been integral in our gym member's body health and longevity as well. She is highly recommended by myself as well as CrossFit Moxie.
Apr 29, 2014
My daughter and I have been going to Dr. Lisa for a year and we feel so much better! She is well educated in the whole person and healing process. She takes time to explain everything she is doing so we can understand how to works towards healing. She s personable and easy to confide in about our various needs. I have recommended her to many friends and will continue to do so.
Apr 24, 2014
Dr. Lisa has been very professional, honest and supportive regarding my care. She was able to diagnose and treat an issue that had been missed by others. As my recovery has progressed she has started developing a plan to help me get back on track and reach my goals.
Apr 24, 2014
Legal Project Coordinator/Crossfiter
Dr. Viapiano is truly a talented and well rounded chiropractor. I have been visiting Lisa for a little over a year and she has helped me get through some injuries that accompany the great sport of Crossfit. What I admire about her practice is, that she fully listens to what you are experiencing, asks proper follow up questions to get a better understanding of what is going on, and gets right to work finding that spot within seconds. I am the type of patient that wants to know what muscle is injured, and why it is responding the way it is to her work and Dr. Viapiano is more then happy to answer all my whats, whys and hows. It is a total bonus that Dr. Viapiano does Crossfit herself so she knows what I put my body through and has never told me I have to stop working out completely till I heal. She walked through numerous mobility work and exercises for me to do and after telling her what my workout was going to be that day, she helped me come up with a modified version. I am very happy I found both Vision Quest Spine & Sport Clinic and Dr. Viapiano.
Apr 22, 2014
Weekend Warrior Athlete
I had shoulder surgery and came to Dr. Lisa for physical therapy afterwards. While insurance does not necessarily cover a chiropractor for physical therapy, it has been a great decision. Dr. Lisa is fantastic at explaining why your body does what it does and how it relates to your injury. Under her care, I am nearly 100% when I could not throw at all beforehand. Your surgeon is important, but your physical therapy will make or break you. Dr. Lisa will make sure that your entire body is doing the right things to help speed up recovery. I highly recommend her services in addition to physical therapy, but her sports medicine background makes her the perfect solution for all athletic related injuries. See Dr. Lisa first!
Apr 21, 2014
I started therapy with Dr. V as a last attempt before considering surgery for lower back and neck. I was skeptical at first as I have tried adjustments and therapy before and not had success. This time I was on medication and ready to go under the knife. Working with Dr V changed my opinion. She worked on the neck first and changed my routine that helped significantly. Over the last 2 Months she has worked on the back & neck to reduce the discomfort and increase the muscle strength for the impacted areas. I am off medication and following her suggested routine. She is very encouraging and an active participant in my success. I will recommend her to anyone who is considering surgery for back or neck issues to give her a chance to help them. She is not pushing for you to come back but looking to your recovery and success. Thats what I liked about her personal attitude.
Apr 18, 2014
I have been seeing Dr. Lisa for about 6 months religiously. I work construction and do CrossFit for exercise. Apparently I like punishing my body. It never really set in how much I put my body through nor understood why certain muscles hurt. Dr. Lisa did a full evaluation of my posture, strengths, habits when I squat, and checked all types of mobility that a body should have. She taught me so much about why my hip flexors hurt and how that all started with no mobility in my ankles which made my hip compensate then led to my years of shoulder pain because it was trying to compensate for a tired muscle. Dr. Lisa has taught me so much about my body and shown me how to use exercises to strengthen muscles to do exercises properly. I go more than is recommended but it's for the sheer fact that I feel extremely better each time I leave her office. Thank you, Dr. Lisa!!

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