Kerry Harvell

Real Estate Professional NextHome American Dream
2069 Arena Blvd.
Suite 120
Sacramento, CA 95834
CalBRE #01515685
Sep 20, 2017
Kerry not only knows the ins and outs of real estate transactions, he's outstanding with people. The seller's agent wrote him a glowing e-mail on how well they worked together to come to an agreement which led to me buying the property I wanted.

Most agents know the business end. Having the people skills is the major edge. That includes being available to brainstorm, discuss how different approaches will work, and his rationales for advising you the way he's suggesting. You're never out of contact, and his prime directive is to protect you, his client. Not many agents will even say, if this deal isn't working as it should, perhaps it's not the right deal for you. That's honesty, and I appreciate it very much.
Jul 6, 2016
IT Director
Kerry was amazing to work with. He was very helpful with our first home purchase. We had a general idea of what the process looked like, but Kerry really did a great job explaining the ins and outs of the process - especially with things to watch out for.

He never tried to show us houses that were outside of what we were looking for or outside of our budget. In a crazy market (houses were often listed less than a week before going into escrow) his guidance was invaluable in getting a VA offer accepted and getting closed in 35 days.

We will be looking Kerry up again when we decide to sell.
Oct 13, 2015
Assistant to General Manager
I lost my husband in 2014 and had an idea to purchase a home as a legacy to him, and a permanent home for his beloved dogs. Before calling Kerry, I did some research on pricing, location, and what I can afford, then called Kerry. He was always in a great mood and that relaxed my fears that I maybe choosing the wrong home. He would allow me to talk it out, I loved his technique and he's NOT pushy, always kept me appraised of the situation (how the bank works, title companies work, etc.) You might say he kept me in the loop all the way through (beginning to end). I would recommend him whole heartedly to any first buyer or even a seasoned buyer....
Apr 16, 2015
We just endured a drawn out closing for a complicated land sale involving a buyer on the opposite coast, attorneys for both sides of the sale, tax people, banks, civil engineers... The list goes on. To put it mildly, there were many hurdles. Kerry stuck with it through the entire process, keeping all parties on task. He was the key in keeping the momentum. I'm very glad with my choice of Kerry Harvell as my agent and will use him for the next project that is gearing up.

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