Kathi Stropkai

Real Estate Professional Realty World - Placer Homes
6425 Rose Garden Ln.
Roseville, CA 95747
CalBRE #01502844
Oct 6, 2019
Very professional and always listened to my needs. She went way beyond her duties in helping me out.
Aug 31, 2018
Kathi was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent. Kathi never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. She came to our initial meeting with very helpful information and explained her process in a way that definitely showed her expertise in real estate. I can highly recommend her to anyone seeking a truly professional Realtor. Cathy McKowen
Mar 6, 2018
I immediately found working with Kathi Stropkai at Placer Homes Realty exceeded ALL of my expectations. As a first time "1031 Exchange" home seller/buyer, I was not familiar with the terminology or the best process people to involve. Right away, Kathi relied on her seasoned and incredibly friendly tone, taking the necessary time to explain and determine what would be the best fits for me.

Kathi even recommended a mortgage agent and a 1031 Asset Preservation "qualified intermediary" in the area, which we ended up using and greatly appreciated.

Kathi was more than willing to meet, answer questions by phone or email, and to schedule open house visits as we progressed through the very completed 1031 process.

She was very helpful in explaining the entire process along the way, a very stressful process given we were selling a rental house and then having to buy another potential rental property on a very tight timeframe.

I truly believe her expertise, both personal and professional, helped tremendously in our offers getting accepted on both the selling and buying fronts. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Broker/Owner Kathy Stropkai!
Jun 12, 2017
Kathy is the consummate professional real estate conductor, guiding me throughout every phase of the house buying process. Her knowledge of the local and regional market was exceptional, and while I consider myself to be hyper-organized, well, she is exceptionally so. Always focused on the overall goals but on the little details, too, nothing went amiss. Nothing was missed. And nothing fell through the cracks.

Often in my experience of buying (and selling), once the ink is dry, one rarely ever hears from the broker. This was NOT the case with Kathy. Her strong and deep partners offered the perfect connections to the right mortgage broker and team, and they, too were spot on in all transitions. Beyond all of this, Kathy is simply an honest, thoughtful, and true fiduciary, ensuring that her clients’ needs are met and then some. And she has the moral compass to be direct when she feels that a particular house or area might not be for me, although always stating that if that was my choice, she would do her very best to ensure a positive and favorable outcome. And of course, she is pleasantly persistent and tenacious, in always wanting to do what is right and in serving me, her client. I would recommend, without hesitation, Kathy to anyone who is interesting in buying or selling, or investing. She is hard-working, and very responsive, and you, too will be able to develop the perfect business partnership in all ways. I am most grateful to Kathy.
Dec 28, 2016
I would like to give Kathi Stropkai my highest recommendation as a real estate broker. Her extensive knowledge of the market and home construction made my search for a new home an easy and pleasant experience. Kathi's attention to my needs enabled me to find the perfect home and I can't say enough to express my appreciation for her professionalism, expertise and true caring nature.

It has truly been a pleasure working with Kathi.
Nov 30, 2016
We are so thankful for all the time Kathi took to help us find our perfect home. It took several months of searching, and several offers back and forth but she stayed the course and got us a beautiful home at a great price! When we wanted to throw in the towel she encouraged us to keep looking, that the perfect house was out there at the perfect price and she certainly was right.
Aug 7, 2016
Kathi was recommended to me by a good friend whom had nothing but great things to say about her as a Realtor and a person. I must say first hand the she is truly one of the most sincere, straight forward, caring, patient, and understanding person I have ever worked with. Buying our house with her guidance was one of the easiest and smoothest transactions I have dealt with. I have to say honestly that I am a little bummed that its over because we really enjoyed working with her and getting to know her. She is more than just a "Realtor" she becomes your friend. We would recommend Kathi in a heart beat and will stay in touch with her as she is truly a great friend!


Alex AW Harris
May 6, 2016
When we asked Kathi to sell our beautiful house, we already had an idea of her skills and background, During the process, when it counted the most, she demonstrated her detailed research, her knowledge and experience and her constant communication abilities. In essence, she listened to our needs and did her job with great results. Nothing new- 11 for 10!
Mar 21, 2016
To say that Kathi Stropkai is the best realtor I have ever dealt with is a major understatement. Kathi has worked with me on the purchase of my new home along with the sale of my current home.

Another high profile agent was asked what he attributed his success to. He responded, "I answer the phone". Kathi is accessible morning, noon, and night. Whether it is a phone call, an email, or a text, her response time is incredible. Nothing falls through the cracks. She follows up on every detail.

She is extremely knowledgeable. Kathi offers expert advice on properties,locations, and how and when to make an offer. I trusted her so much that actually purchased my new home while on vacation in Idaho. She knew what I was looking for and took me on a video tour of the home. She made the effort to give me this video tour early on a Saturday morning. She then personally talked to the listing agent, got my offer in first, and secured the acceptance of the offer.

Kathi stepped in as my agent in the sale of my current home. She strongly supported my interests with the agent of the buyer. I have no doubt that the outcome of my sale was measurably better because of Kathi's assertiveness in defending my interests.

Plus, you can have a good time while looking for homes and going through the sometimes trying times involved in buying and selling. Kathi always has a smile and is totally enthusiastic about her profession.

If you are buying or selling, you will find no better representative than Kathi Stropkai!

Feb 6, 2016
Home Owners
Having worked with Kathi in the past, I knew she would be thorough and professional. She stayed on top of all issues that came up during any real estate transaction. She handled our expectations and concerns while putting our minds at rest. She listened and was open about what was best for selling the house. We can't thank her enough.
Jul 20, 2015
I would like to recommend Kathi Stropkai. After a couple of weeks, Kathi was able to help me find my first home. We visited a bunch of homes and she quickly responded to my needs. She is very diligent and efficient. She really knows her stuff and has a really good relationship with other agents. She is not afraid to speak her mind. I really trust and value her opinion. I am really happy that she was my agent.
May 18, 2015
Kathi is the BEST agent ever! We just recently purchased our first home, after nine months of searching!

Here are some qualities that we loved about Kathi:

* She's techno savvy and attentive. Whenever we sent her a text or email, it was pretty much guaranteed that we would receive an answer promptly (within minutes). We loved getting answers to our questions quickly, instead of having to wait around for hours (if not days) with others! She was also able to send us documents online to sign (Docusign), instead of having to be there in person. We REALLY appreciated an agent who responded quickly to texts, emails or phone calls.

* She's very knowledgeable about real estate. She has years of experience in the real estate field and she lives in Placer County, so she has inside knowledge of the housing market. She also has an eye for quality, which we appreciated when looking at so many houses.

* She's honest. We didn't want an agent who would just sugarcoat things, just in order to make a sale. When we asked a question, Kathi would give us her honest feedback. She didn't pressure us to hurry and find a house, but took the time to research and answer questions for us. She also pointed out aspects of a house that we would not have noticed on our own.

* She's organized, capable and efficient. Every time we'd do house visits, she'd have print-outs of all the houses that we'd be visiting. I loved having a paper for each house we went to, so I could take notes, as well as marking "Did you like it? Definitely/Somewhat/Not At All." It helped to remember what our initial impressions were for each house we visited (since we ended up visiting hundreds in our 9 month home search).

* She has a great sense of humor. We could crack jokes with each other and the home visits were so much fun because they were lighthearted, laid-back, positive and enjoyable. Our house visits with Kathi were the highlights of many weekends!

* She's patient. I tend to want to see a lot of houses before deciding on one, so I'd send Kathi a list of 10-20 houses each time. She patiently researched each house and we'd whittle down the list to our favorites. Never once did she show impatience or pressure us with sales tactics.

* She's flexible. She worked around our schedules, even when it was last-minute! If we wanted to see a house for a 3rd time, no problem. We LOVED her flexibility. She made us feel valued and she spent a LOT of time taking us on months of house visits.

* She is professional. We always knew we were in good hands when we'd go to Open Houses and home visits. We were pleased to be represented by Kathi.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kathi to all of our friends and anyone who is interested in buying/selling a house. She is EXCELLENT!! BEST AGENT EVER!!
Jan 30, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:

On November 30, 2014, I contacted Kathi Stropkai regarding the sale of my father’s home. I told Kathi that my father broke his hip and had severe dementia. He could not return to his home. There were three Trustees. Complexity was increased when I explained that my Father was out of money. He had enough funds to, possibly, pay for the month of January at his new “home”. Even on the phone, I could tell Kathi’s knowledge was already going to work for us. Ideas were flying over the phone of how it could be done. It was incredible. I knew we had made the right choice in having Kathi for our Realtor. On December 6, 2014, the three trustees met with Kathi for the first time. She gave us excellent advice on preparing, or not preparing, the house. She not only answered the questions of the Trustees, but questions of the other siblings. By January 9, 2015, we were signing papers to transfer title to the new owner with a sale price well over the appraised value. When another issue popped up, Kathi immediately responded to get this issue resolved.

Needless to say we were easily able to make the February payment for our father. Selling a house is a trying situation. With the complications of a loved one, it could have been grounds for disaster. Kathi made it feel seamless. It felt so uncomplicated, almost easy to handle. Kathi took assertive steps to avoid problems before they happened. I know the only reason it seemed so easy for us is because Kathi was working so hard for us.

I highly recommend Kathi Stropkai if you want the job done right!

Nancy Olivas
Sep 11, 2014
CEO / President
Kathi did a fantastic job for our company. We would like to recommend her to anyone who needs to have a deal closed. She really knows how to get a deal closed.
Sep 5, 2014
Kathi is a fantastic realtor. She knows her business and goes beyond what one would expect. She has sold 3 houses for us and helped us with one purchase. She has even helped us locate a realtor out of state. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
Aug 4, 2014
As new home buyers we were stressed, but Kathi kept us grounded and updated every step of the way. She was and is very professional and made us feel as if we were dealing with a friend and not just an agent. Every time we had a question or concern and would contact her by phone or email she would respond right away. As time passed and the forms became more complicated she would explain them to us until we understood, which was a blessing. If and when we ever buy another home or want to sell this home or if any one ask us for a referral in the future, Kathi will be our go to agent. Thank you Kathi for all of your hard work and dedication in making this house purchase a breeze. We love our home.
Jul 24, 2014
I highly recommend Kathi to anyone that is looking for a knowledgeable, professional and personable realtor/broker. Kathi knows her industry and very knowledgeable in the areas she covers.

My personal experience in dealing with Kathi has been a pleasure and very smooth. Kathi kept things in-line and in-check. She keep things professional, despite of times where I get into too much personal stuff, and I greatly appreciate that. She kept me focused and encourage with the transactions.

Thank you again Kathi - BIG thumbs up!
Jul 15, 2014
My recent experience with Kathi as my agent (seller) was very good. She is straight forward, honest and timely. She kept me up to date on everything I needed to do. The process went smoothly and closed within 2 months of listing the house. I would definitely use her again to buy or sell a house.
Jul 13, 2014
My family has been looking for the perfect home in Loomis for a long time. We found a new home to be constructed that finally fit all our needs. We called the representing agent "Kathi Stropkai - Realty World" and Kathi was amazing every step of the way. She was in our corner throughout the entire process - from the negotiating process through the planning and then the final build. We plan on raising our children in our beautiful new home for a long time and won't need an agent anytime soon. But if anyone were to ask us for a referral, we would strongly recommend Kathi Stropkai. She got to know us, looked out for us and was always available. We were very fortunate and happy to have had her in our corner.

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