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Raised in the Silicon Valley, Rick went through the local school systems - graduated from Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, went to De Anza College in Cupertino, and graduated with a degree in Business & Corporate Financial Management from San Jose State University. From there he went on to proudly serve his country in the United States Marine Corps, as a Landing Support Specialist. Upon completion of his military service Rick made a full transition into Real Estate, with the goal of building a reputation for unparalleled client service and becoming a trusted source for clients to confidently refer their family and friends. A distinguishing mark of Rick's service is that he treats every client as a top priority. He works closely and directly with clients and their families from start to finish. He has successfully helped numerous individuals and families throughout Sunnyvale and surrounding communities and would love to do the same for you.

One of Rick's specialties involves working with seniors and their families. After witnessing the time, energy, and mental strain it took to transition his grandmother’s 30+ years of belongings, as well as the added responsibility and stress it placed on his mom and aunt, he realized there had to be a better option. That's when he made the decision to become a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) and began vetting and partnering with dozens of helpful senior resources from movers to care providers to legal advisors - making the process of packing 30+ years of belongings and moving much easier. Today Rick has a well-established network of resources to assist his clients from start to finish. Considering a move? Contact Rick Trevino.
Dec 21, 2022
We highly recommend working with Rick Trevino after our experience with him buying a house is San Francisco (and hearing about the experience of family and friends who have worked with him to buy an apartment in San Francisco and sell a house in San Jose). We have a long term relationship with Rick and have engaged with him on potential house hunts in both the South Bay and the city over the past five years before finally going through with the purchase of a house in San Francisco in May 2022.
His personality makes what can be a very stressful process pleasant: he is trustworthy, patient, detail-oriented, knowledgeable and has a sense of humor. He was very patient with us as home buyers who were unfamiliar with the market conditions in the Bay Area. He explained the process in advance and what to expect each step of the way: from open houses to bidding to closing. He helped us to strategize a successful approach including engaging with us during a multi-round bidding process to help us land on a wining bid amount. In addition to the logistics of the the process, he helped us orient our decisions in a way that was by both grounded our financial constraints and our emotional connection to the property.
Rick had our financial interests at heart and guided us in adjusting our bid up and down while objectively assessing the value of the property. He recognized the fine line between overbidding in a highly competitive market and losing out to higher bidders. He was very responsive to us at all steps of the process, even though our bid needed to be submitted over a Holiday weekend.
He reviewed the extensive disclosure documents for us and explained them to us clearly, answering all of our questions and advising us on how the contents would impact us both as bidders and potential owners. Rick engaged with the selling broker to get as much information about the house, the other bidders and the process as possible. His experience and approach led to crucial information in the formulation of our bidding approach.
After the closing he continued to work with us to make sure that all aspects of the transaction were completed to our satisfaction and further helped connect us to vendors to help with repairs. We have referred other buyers and sellers to Rick over the past few years who have all been equally satisfied with their experience as well.
Nov 28, 2022
A thank you message to Rick.

I am not good with expressing my thoughts in English words. With that said, I want to write a message of appreciation to Rick for his help with the sale of my rental property in Union City.

Due to my age and failing health, physically I could no longer keep up with the badly needed upkeep and maintenance. Many months of sleepless nights ensued. I know it is the worst time to sell because of the Covid-19 presence, declining home values, tenants city ordinances, looming inflation and rising mortgage rates, but I decided to sell it anyway. Now I need the realtor.

I discussed my decision with my son and wife and my problem was instantly solved. They had a perfect realtor for me. My Son and his wife had their properties bought and sold three times in 7 years span, you guessed it, with RICK.

The rest was a piece of cake. From the very first day of speaking with him, I was put at ease. He is calm, has a soothing voice, well informed and confident, courteous and very pleasant. Honestly, I did absolutely nothing. He did all the research, prepared all the necessary documents, arranged for a property view and a photo shoot. I was happy to hear from my tenant that “Rick is very pleasant, and she is happy to work with him”.

Throughout this process I was constantly updated with the offers and related matters by email and phone calls. The house was even sold before the showing of the realtors open house. Lastly, I want to say “Rick, thank you for carrying me on your back throughout journey”.

Tosh Saiki
Nov 22, 2022
Its been truly the best service experience my family and I could have ever experienced in a process that can come with so many complications, such as selling, or buying a home. It wouldn't be a question whether or not we would EVER have Rick as our representation to sell our home. He was more than incredible.

It's easy to sound like an exaggeration when describing the service provided by Rick and his team. We will keep it simple and say Above and Beyond Excellent. Out of a 5 star rating system Communication: 10 stars, Industry Knowledge: 10 stars, Patience: 10 stars, Follow through: 10 stars.

All email communications are precise, simple, easy to follow, easy to read and he is very accessible. Can't thank you enough Rick! From my family to yours a BIG THANK YOU! My recommendation for Rick and his team come at the highest level.

~The Hamel Family
Nov 17, 2022
Selecting a real-estate agent in an important decision. For most of us, that agent will facilitate the largest financial transactions of our lifetimes.

We knew several agents including Rick, but Rick landed the job because he presented the most detailed, well informed, and thorough sales presentation.

As we came to market, we faced an unexpectedly aggressive downturn in the market, rising interest rates, and a great deal of uncertainty. It was a very challenging situation.

Throughout the process Rick kept us up to date, was excellent in his detail oriented follow up, enumerating the remaining steps, and keeping us apprised of progress and future schedule.

He also struck the right balance in assuring that we understood the facts to allow us to make all the incremental decisions along the way. He informed us, he did not decide for us.

Rick acted professionally, communicated all things in a timely manner, and we would recommend him without hesitation.

Jul 6, 2021
Rick is an outstanding realtor and we cannot recommend him highly enough. We just completed the purchase of a condo in San Francisco and Rick has been fantastic, every step of the way. We gave him a very broad mandate of finding us a place in the Bay area. He helped us see all our potential options and then get to clarity on what we really wanted. He is a very skilled listener and I think he can actually read minds. At no point did we ever feel rushed or pressured, just understood and supported.
Rick is also a very skilled negotiator. Once we found the right place we were glad to have him on our side in the negotiations. He paid personal attention to every last detail and looked out for us every step of the way till close. And, he is also simply just a nice, respectful person – so we always felt at ease and enjoyed the process. He is truly an exceptional agent.
Mar 29, 2021
Rick is an amazing professional and individual through and through. If Rick is not your realtor on the buyer or seller side, then you should highly consider obtaining his services. My husband and I worked with Rick for the sale of our condo AND the purchase of our new family home. I must preface this review by stating the plain fact that I am not an easy person to work with. I can be very demanding, knit-picky, and to make matters worse, during this time I was in my third trimester so multiply my stubbornness times a million. However, I was pleasantly surprised and stunned, that I needed to do almost nothing to ready our condo for sale. Rick had a thorough report detailing exactly what needed to be done to our condo and he kept us informed on a consistent daily basis of when we should strike the market to obtain the highest possible bid. Rick also has an extensive professional network that was absolutely amazing. He had various contacts thus enabling us to choose from high quality providers as we fixed up our home and prepared to list it. We were blown away by his research, knowledge, skill and his tactics. We are eternally grateful that he sold our condo in less than three days of being on the market for the highest possible bid. This enabled us to have a higher purchase price as Rick helped us find our new home. Please keep in mind that at this point, I was now closer to my due date and even more ready to get settled into our new home, or at least demanding that we have a plan in place for proceeding. Again, I cannot emphasize how Rick worked with us on a daily basis, including completing extensive research of homes, pros and cons, and the ability to market us as potential buyers that would give us an edge. In truth, I became one of those SNL comedy sketches where I was sending Rick listings that I was interested in daily, even at late hours. I knew better, but my nesting mama instincts were taking over. Nevertheless, Rick replied within the hour or early the next morning to give me a fully informed brief of the pros and cons of the multiple homes I had sent to him. I am talking about full and detailed reports. I have no idea when he had the time to do all of this as I know he is working with and balancing multiple additional clients. He was even there to assure me that even though Zillow was down for about an hour, I was not going to miss any new listings. Sure enough, Rick was able to tell us when we had to present our best position at the outset if we truly wanted to be a contender. Due to his impeccable knowledge and guidance, we were able to secure a contract within one month of selling our own condo. Rick's professionalism and unwavering dedication to his clients is unmatched. Rick has continued to help us throughout the close of our new home. We unfortunately encountered some quite distressing hiccups throughout our close, but Rick remained strong for us and navigated every possible thing that could hit the fan with determination and a no-nonsense mentality which helped me remain calm in the midst of such frustration. We had to make strategy decisions with only a moment’s notice, and Rick expertly guided us through the decision making process at every turn, thus allowing us to maintain our timeline and close on time. My husband and I slept soundly the night our escrow closed and we sincerely owe it all to Rick for his tenacity, diligent work ethic, and superstar qualities. So, if you are still wondering who to choose as your realtor, you better get moving to getting Rick on your team or else you are missing out on the chance of a lifetime!
Mar 7, 2021
I had a pleasure to be Rick’s customer twice. The first time, it seemed like a miracle, when we were able to buy a townhouse for my parents who relocated from the East Coast. It was 2015, the market was fierce and our attempts to buy a property seemed helpless. I think it was due to Rick’s positivity and persistence we succeeded and my parents got a house within walking distance from ours. We could not be happier.
This time, when we started to look for a summer house in Santa Cruz mountains, I knew whom to call first. Again, the market was hot, however, Rick lead us through negotiation and we got the property even below asking price. I was wrong to assume that we all can relax after signing the offer. There were so many questions regarding this multi-acre property and all pertaining County regulations. I am very thankful to Rick for being on top of every issue that came up and for helping us to sort them out.
I would highly recommend Rick Trevino as a very positive, diligent, energetic, and devoted realtor.
Nov 20, 2020
My wife and I worked with Rick Trevino when purchasing our first home and we could not have asked for someone better to guide us through the process. From our very first meeting with him, we could tell that he genuinely cared for our best interests and that he wanted to find the right fit for us. He was very thorough and always quick to respond throughout the entirety of our home search. Rick went above and beyond in his research on homes we had interest in so we were very informed before even touring them. When we found a home we wanted to make an offer on, he was very detailed in gathering relevant information on the seller and was able to determine the right approach we should take when making our offer. We were very impressed with his ability to identify items that would make our offer stand out in more ways than just the cash figure. My wife and I would not hesitate to work him again and recommend him to anyone looking for an agent.
Sep 16, 2020
When I reflect on our most recent experience selling our San Jose home, the first word that comes to mind is, wow! If you’re reading this and anything like me, there are few reviews you would sit down and sink your teeth into. For the biggest sale or purchase of your life, choosing a realtor WILL make or break your ability to do either. Let me explain why I’d choose Rick Trevino a million times over after our experience. Prior to purchasing our San Jose home, my husband and I looked for 2.5 half years. The market was challenging but so was finding a good realtor. We went through our share of VERY poor realtors and for context, I have now dealt with seven different purchase and sales of property in my life all in different states. Fast forward to this spring and making the challenging decision to sell our home. We had a lot of high expectations for the person who would not only sell our home, but sell it quickly, for the price we thought it was worth, during a pandemic and all while we, the sellers, currently live across the country! When we did the math on what a commission would look like on our sale price, I thought it was entirely too much money given likely one month's worth of work! How in the world could you warrant that commission when all you do is show our house a few times and write up a contract? Let me tell you why, in my opinion, the commission wasn’t enough for all the work Rick did! It was a steep ask and Rick Trevino over delivered in every possible way.

We had our house occupied by tenants when we started discussions about the plans to sell with Rick. He not only laid out a very aggressive and detailed timeline for us to start the listing process, we didn’t have to make a single phone call. Rick even creatively suggested we request of our tenants, if willing, that we could begin the inspection process before their move out date. With his mindfulness of our tight timeline, we were able to shave two weeks off of the date to list on the MLS. Anyone trying to sell their home in not only an aggressive market, but one in which there are so many unknowns, can appreciate the importance of getting a two week jump on listing your home. Although we discussed our price point with Rick and he provided us with a thorough market analysis weeks prior to listing our home, he initiated conversations days before we went to market to readjust a higher price point, as he had not only been regularly tracking analytics, but he had also been in contact with other realtors on recently sold homes to understand what the market and those negotiations looked like. There was an incredible amount of work that went on behind the scenes that we never even knew about! From the date our tenants moved out, to the date our home closed escrow, 46 days passed. This meant our home had inspections, he contracted out repairmen to do simple home repairs/upgrades, oversaw the repairs, house cleanings, our home staging, landscaping, photographs/videography, detailed MLS write ups, and then coordinating showings. Anyone who has sold a home during covid knows these are not ordinary times. There are no longer open houses where you can hold a weekend full of showings and walk away with 10+ offers. Realtors now have to be aware of the regular and ever-changing CA laws associated with showings (ie, number of people who can see a house at a single time, the documentation that has to be posted, the documentation that must be signed prior to showings, etc). Rick was so on top of all the regulations as to ensure we were not legally liable in any circumstance. He managed an ever changing schedule of showings and even was diligent enough to notice other homes some of the interested parties were also viewing. This helped us tremendously when we got offers in, as we quickly recognized when some agents began some unethical practices with the way in which they made offers. He did not balk at having direct conversations with those realtors, always having our best interest as top priority. During the two week period of time we received and responded to offers, Rick talked to us each night (and sometimes throughout the day) in spite of our three hour time difference. There were nights we went to bed when he was still working on communications and we woke up to emails he had already sent the next morning (and we have 4 kids so we are early risers)! He did not miss crossing one "t" or dotting one "i" on documents, often catching mistakes on the buyer's agents paperwork that could have, in some instances, cost us time to close on our home.

The man does not sleep, does not stop until his work is not only complete but exemplary. As a former Marine, his work ethic and moral compass are unmatched. I have never worked with a more dedicated, upfront, analytical, thorough and comprehensive person in my life. I am a hard sell and not an easy customer in any stretch of the imagination and I’ve never had someone stun me with their ability to keep so many balls in the air while never compromising the quality of his work. In general, working with individuals in Sales is not an enjoyable experience as it traditionally feels disingenuous. I couldn’t have had a more contradictory experience after selling our house with Rick. He is probably one of the most ethical people I’ve ever met, he truly cares about the goals you are trying to reach and the obstacles you face and he’s a HARD worker. Some days he was even patching holes in our home and watering our grass. Rick will do what he needs to do to get the job done but you can rest assured he’s not taking shortcuts to get there. Don’t worry about reading another review; Rick is simply the best and you will not find a better man to do business with!
Aug 12, 2020
If Rick is not your realtor, you are missing out. He ticks all the right boxes and ones we didn’t even realize were options. From strategic advice to ensure we got the right home for the right price, to emotional support for us as first-time home buyers purchasing a home during the pandemic, to timely and quality recommendations for anything we needed related to our new home (painters, contractors, you name it), Rick pulled all the stops to make sure our home buying experience before, during and after went as smoothly as possible. He was always available and extremely attentive, and months later still reaches out to make sure things are going well and to ask if there’s anything we need. Rick is really something special and we wholeheartedly recommend him to our friends and family.
Jun 19, 2020
home owners
We first met Rick Trevino when he was walking by our Sunnyvale home distributing his personalized message pads We were impressed that this young professional was doing the “nitty gritty” work, learning the neighborhood, getting his name out, and stopping to chat. We saw him several months later, and he remembered us, our names, and our family. That’s when we knew this guy was special.

When the time came for us to sell, we considered one of the big names you see on dozens of open house signs all the time, but in the end we got the sense that we were the product, and that what motivated them was getting another sale in the drive to be the #1 seller in the region.
We are so glad we went with Rick. He gave us the individual attention and made it clear that our success was his motivation.
But it was in the sales process that he really shined. Four days before our first open house the Covid-19 lock-down started. Rick was undeterred, finding ways to get the word out and cultivating potential buyers.

Rick impressed us with his integrity, his knowledge of past markets and the current trends, his contacts for home improvement/repair and his willingness to help out personally should we need it. His negotiation skills were excellent. We appreciated how Rick never passed us off to an assistant - he did the work. He kept us continually in the loop throughout closing and personally shepherded the closing process. We wholeheartedly recommend Rick Trevino of Intero Real Estate as an agent.
Nov 18, 2019
Restaurant Manager
As first-time home buyers, my husband and I could not be happier with the service Rick provided. Rick has great knowledge and understanding of the Bay Area housing market which help to make the purchase of our home extremely smooth. Rick was always willing to answer any questions that came up during the process and was informative with his answers. In addition, Rick was extremely responsive via text, emails, and scheduled phone calls. My husband and I would highly recommend Rick to anyone that is looking to purchase a home.
Nov 13, 2019
I cannot say enough positive things about Rick. He helped me with a challenging home purchase. I needed to buy a home for my daughter as part of a 1031 exchange, meaning there were more timelines and details to manage than usual. My daughter is developmentally delayed so we had some unique requirements as to location and the interior. On top of that he took myself, my daughter and my ex-husband, her father, out on several occasions to look at numerous houses, wonderfully accommodating our different personalities and needs. He was incredibly patient, upbeat, empathetic and helpful in all my interactions with him. When we had to break a contract on an offer I made due to changing financial information, he was professional and kind with all parties and kept me updated throughout the stressful process. In the end, we found a great house for her and met all our requirements. As so many have said, he is the epitome of integrity and a kind and good person on top of it! Don't hesitate to hire him. He will do his best for you and that is very, very good!!
Sep 6, 2019
There is no one like Rick. His knowledge and determination are unrivaled. He is incredibly generous and loves what he does. Whether you are buying or selling a home he wants you to be happy and can help you achieve your goals. Rick is the only realtor I ever intend to work with.
Jun 2, 2019
If you were to look up the definition of integrity you would find a photo of Rick Trevino. His strong sense of work ethic, ultimate professionalism, patience, and belief in true customer service is a rarity in today’s market. As a client of his for over two years while he helped us sell our Townhome in San Jose, we witnessed him create individualized plans which he executed efficiently, considerately, and with the flexibility necessary when dealing with the fluxes inherent in Real Estate. Rick‘s extensive education and knowledge of Real Estate coupled with his excellent client relations make him an outstanding agent - one we recommend with the highest of honors!
May 23, 2019
We recently sold our home in Sunnyvale. Our real estate agent was Rick Trevino. He did a great job in guiding us through the home sales process. Rick is very knowledgeable about the sales trends in our area. He gives you his opinion on how to best market your house for the best price. He helps arrange painters, handymen and gives you a time table so you know every step of the way the sales process. He is great about checking in frequently with the painters and handyman to keep everyone on track. Rick will come out in the evening to discuss sales details. He was very good about keeping us informed on the details of our sales process. He went over and beyond in making sure our house was staged well and even came over and spot cleaned our house prior to the photographer coming to film our house for the sales brochure. Rick took care of all of the multitude of details leading up to a successful sale of our house. Rick is personable and works hard for his clients. We would definitely recommend Rick if you are selling your house.
May 21, 2019
Sales Executive, Fidelity National Title
If you're seeking a sophisticated and intelligent agent with the highest degree of integrity, look no further than Rick Trevino. When working with him through the escrow and title process, he has always been responsive, professional and accountable. Rick has demonstrated that he knows and understands the local real estate market, values his clients' best interests and backs it all up with charm and class. I would trust him with my own mother's home sale!
Sep 27, 2018
rick is awesome. the sale of my house involved other people and rick coordinated it with the least amount of hassle for me. i am so glad we found him. i would absolutely recommend him. thanks again for all your help!
Sep 16, 2018
Rick helped us sell my mom's home, in a multi-party sale. Rick was detailed, patient, thoughtful, and a great communicator, and we got a great price for our home, guided by Rick's excellent preparation. We had a few bumps on the buyer's side in our sale, and Rick guided everyone fairly and calmly through those developments. We were also remote sellers, and my mom has limited computer skills and access, and Rick accommodated her with no trouble. I would work with Rick again, for sure.
Sep 11, 2018
Dentist Owner
I have seen Rick's work for the past three years. I can unconditionally say that he is as honest, reliable, detailed oriented, committed, and hard working realtor and individual that you will find. Whatever challenge you give to Rick, he will give you results that you will be more than happy with. Rick specializes in helping seniors downsize, move closer to family members, or transition into assisted living communities. He has special training as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (65+). His area of expertise is in the Sunnyvale and Willow Glen communities; but he does work in other areas. His negotiating skills ranks up there to get you top dollar or the home of your dreams.
Sep 1, 2018
Rick did a simply fantastic job helping us sell our home! From the very first day, he gave us a top-level view of the process to set expectations, offered knowledgeable suggestions without pushing us in one direction or another, and communicated very clearly throughout the process. With well timed open houses and market research, he followed through on a sale that obtained an absolute top price for our neighborhood in record time. After accepting our top offer, our buyers repeatedly hit administrative roadblocks and tried to delay closing. Rick was firm but fair in keeping the urgency to close high, providing us with updates every single day and being prepared with alternatives in case the buyers fell through. Last but definitely not least, Rick is one of the nicest and most sincere people you'll meet, a real pleasure to work with him. Selling a home a can be difficult and stressful event, but with a professional like Rick, you'll sleep easy knowing it's covered!
May 6, 2018
Home Buyer
I worked with a Rick while buying for the first time and am now all settled into my condo. From start to finish, working with Rick was very enjoyable! He did an awesome job of explaining all the steps of the process to me, whenever I asked - from pre-approval to what the final papers I signed were about. Every time I had a funny request (mostly: can we check if a gas fireplace can be installed in this condo? And how much would these things cost to fix?) Rick called in a handyman/HFAC person as necessary to get the question answered. During the search itself, Rick never hovered and yet sent some great homes to look at, was always very on point for answering questions, and very successful in getting answers for me out of various HOAs and associated people. When the time came in to put in an offer, Rick’s advice was very on point - my winning offer was neck and neck with the second offer. Rick’s support continued even after I moved in - the carpet store and handyman Rick recommended were amazing! Essentially, once I decided to work with Rick - I didn’t have to look for another contractor of any kind because Rick always had great recommendations. Long story short - Rick made the process of buying a home for the first time almost stress-free and quite fun!
Jan 4, 2018
Solutions Consultant
Rick did an excellent job helping my mom sell her Willow Glen home. He is very knowledgeable about the market, can offer great suggestions about ways to maximize value that are user-friendly, and for the big improvement jobs, can help to streamline an otherwise overwhelming process by suggesting a variety of vendors and procuring competitive estimates to allow the seller plenty of options. He takes so much off of your plate and makes the process as seamless as he can. We didn’t know where to start and he gave us all the tools we needed to get hit the ground running. Additionally, he is very sensitive to your budget and will work with you to improve the things that will give you maximum return without going overboard unnecessarily. He is trustworthy, reliable and a very hard worker.

It is worth noting that my mom has some memory issues that impacted her ability to handle all the moving parts that are inevitable in the sale of a home and Rick is uniquely qualified to assist in such a situation, and did so with unexpected diligence, perseverance and care. I cannot overstate this point. Rick went above and beyond to not only take as much of the burden off of her as possible, but did so in such a way that it was clear he genuinely had her welfare at heart. The level of service that he provided was staggering and I cannot thank him enough.

When it came to the actual sale of the property, he brought in a handful of highly competitive offers and ultimately got about $250K over the asking price. Rick really delivered in every possible way and I would recommend him as an agent to anyone without hesitation. Thanks for everything, Rick!
Dec 19, 2017
home owner
Rick Trevino is awesome! He must be the hardest working realtor in town. Our neighbor needed to sell her house, which needed a bunch of fixing up. She is ill and could not handle the projects that needed to get done before sale, so Rick stepped in and oversaw all the work, checked on contractors, stopped by regularly to see how things were going, and even helped load her car when the time came to move out. Without his help her home would have sold for a whole lot less.
Sep 26, 2017
Proud to be retired Grandparents!!
It was a pleasure to work with Rick Trevino, he helped us in selling a home in the last few months. A charming personality goes with his expertise in real estate. Just what you need to accomplish one of the most important transactions in your life, going the distance from beginning to end with a smile even if there is a hiccup along the way. Although being reluctant to stage the home due to cost, we did, with his referral and it made a huge difference in the showing of the home during open house. He will also look into any unique, out of the normal circumstance and come up with a solution.

If you need someone to help you whether you are buying or selling, Rick’s the one to call. Real estate agents are a dime a dozen, so why hire just anyone, when you can hire a special one. Rick can make your experience an easy one with an outstanding outcome.