Amit Inamdar

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We got to know about Amit through his radio program and then as he suggested watched the First Time Home Buyer webinar. The webinar was very informative, and I was really able to get the “home buying” worry off my shoulder. It helped us jumpstart our process. 2017- was a hot market but we got our dream home at a price we were not even expecting. It was a great deal. Amit & Renuka were helpful providing solutions, proactive in giving information & guiding throughout the transaction. All the questions, concerns, process, negotiations with seller, everything was handled professionally and with our interest in mind.
Amit & Renuka have high energy and help you complete the entire home buying process.
Home Owner
Buying a home is a big decision for anyone, more so for a first time home buyer. You definitely want someone who is thorough and knows his stuff. We are so glad we found Amit through a common friend who recommended him. We bought our home in 2013, in a very hostile market. Competing against many offers was turning into an emotionally exhausting experience, and we appreciated all the help we got from Amit to keep our spirits high.

Not only Amit was patient with us through the process, but he also made sure we were ready before the process started too. We went through Amit's Webinar for First Time Home Buyers, which was an elaborative and informative presentation on what to expect. He patiently went through all the steps, never rushed and answered all the questions we had. During the house-hunting process, we had Amit's undivided attention. I am not sure how he did it while juggling with multiple clients. He was very cognizant of our needs and we could blindly trust Amit.

It was a very pleasant experience as a First Time Home Buyer. I will definitely give OSH a FIVE STAR Recommendation.
I will give Amit and Renuka a FIVE STAR.
If it is a scale of 1-10, of course it will be a 10.

When we were thinking of buying a home, a colleague at work highly recommended Amit & Renuka.

From the 1st email exchange to 1st meeting with them to closing on our 1st home purchase, everything went well and smoothly.
The First Time Home Buyer Webinar was very helpful. It gave us insight into the Market Trend in the Bay area.

2017 was one of the toughest for buyers with very low inventory and 20% above market price but we got the home we wanted! Amit & Renuka, both were very honest with us in their dealings, made the right recommendations and helped us make the right choices. They even went out of their way to monitor the market, showed us around even on weekdays. Both of them were with us every step of the way and we were able to close on time.

Amit's experience and knowledge on bay area market, and he being very detail oriented saved us a lot of time.
All the details regarding the real estate transaction, escrow, loan and bank transaction are taken care of. The entire process was smooth enough since both of them are very hands-on.

Amit and Renuka are very reliable and passionate, really really trustworthy and very efficient. You couldn't ask for more, it was a great experience working with Own Sweet Home!
I rented a house through them and I had a very good experience. Renuka was always there to respond to my questions and requests. She did her best to make the process easy and smooth in a timely manner.
"Buying our first home through Amit and Renuka was a great experience. Being first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions/concerns about the home buying process. Amit's video for first-time home buyers as well as our initial consultation helped outline the important steps getting us a clearer picture of the market and the steps we needed to take, to be successful in the competitive Bay area market. Being real estate as well as mortgage brokers, Amit and Renuka are very knowledgeable about both these aspects of home buying. They were always available to answer all questions whether home related or mortgage related. We wrote few offers with Amit and Renuka and each time they helped us package our offer in a unique way so as to maximize our chances of winning our desired home while working within our comfort zone.
One of their strong points is providing you with a cost analysis while guiding you through each offer, which helps you assess the right value for the property, so that you don't feel that you are overpaying for the same property. Amit is also very knowledgeable in the post offer acceptance phase and was very generous to answer all our mortgage and closing related questions. Amit and Renuka have a very strong knowledge about what each area has to offer, which helped us narrow down our area of preference as well as the home we were looking for.
We are impressed with Amit and Renuka's professionalism as well as transparency during the home buying process. We highly recommend them as both real estate agents and mortgage brokers and would be working with them again in the future.".
Senior Scientist
Had a great time during the info session. It was very informative and had built my confidence several times.
If you want to be a first time buyer then Own Sweet Home Is the place to go.
IT Professional
Thank you Amit and Renuka. It was a very informative session, specially for us being first time home buyer. We are more confident on the buying process after this session. Thank you!
Had a great session! I literally moved from being critical to confident about home buying!! Would love to build this relationship further!!
He explained really well the inner workings of the real estate market and how in 30 years YOU can become a millionaire.
Thank you Amit and Renuka for selling my house !! Which sold in Days, highly recommend you both for everything you have done to help smooth this transition Thank you again.
Delighted Sellers
Dear Amit and Renuka: Thank you once again, to you both and your team, for all your hard work, the helpful insights, the smooth, and quick sale of our Fremont house.
The team was very knowledgeable, personable and made themselves always available throughout the selling process. The 30 minute video online was quite helpful as it gave us an overview of the listing and the sale process. The team's knowledge/awareness of the Bay Area Real Estate Market, their responsiveness and dedication toward their clients is commendable.
The specific knowledge of the neighborhood & the market, plus the effective negotiations got the property sold $150,000 above our expectations.
Wishing Own Sweet Home the very best!
Happy Buyers
Both Shubhra and I felt it was a time well spent talking to you. We feel we are at good hands. We both appreciate that you know buying is something very emotional and financial investment and your attention to details and the passion to understand our needs made us feel very relaxed. We really feel confident that we and you will together find the perfect home for our needs. Lot of new learnings and clarity of thoughts after our meeting. Also lot of great resources on your website, great job! Looking forward to owning the sweet home :-)
Happy Buyers
We had been considering the idea of buying a home in the Bay Area for a few months and were trying to gather as much knowledge from the web as possible. Before meeting with Amit, we found that the information that one can find from the web regarding real estate and the whole home buying process is disoriented and unorganized. We spent over 20 hours of research through various blogs and videos and managed to gather some knowledge, but more confusion. Amit's webinar on first time home buyers is the best resource that gets one off the ground very quickly. In the webinar, Amit shares his experience that he gathered from dealing with the real-estate market in the Bay Area for over 15 years. It also covers general knowledge of how home purchases in the United States work. His claims and statements made in the webinar are crisp, to-the-point, and backed by logical reasoning, real-world data and core math. To summarize, Amit's first time home buyer webinar is Home Buying 101 and a must watch for all first time home buyers.
Happy Buyers
Want to take this opportunity to thank Renuka and Amit for their guidance and outstanding service in helping us buy our home in Cupertino. Amit has a very systematic and step by step approach to the whole process. In the initial consultation, he inquired about our goals and preferences and gave the options available for us. He helped us write the first offer which got accepted. He even managed to bring down the offer price after talking to seller agent. Due to personal situation, the loan process was very lengthy and there were lot of complications. Amit helped us navigate through the process with his expertise and kept us updated throughout. I would definitely recommend Own Sweet Home Realty. Thanks for the service and best wishes.
Happy Buyers
Thanks for helping out us to find our dream house. Writing in few words will be very small, for the things that you have done for us."Looking for a dream house was one of the things that we were thinking about. When we actually started to look for one, the first name that came to our mind was Amit Inamdar. We got his reference from couple of our friends who had great experience with him while buying their houses. After looking all the options we thought to seek his expert advise in buying the house.When we called Amit for the first time, he was very soft spoken and provided his excellent inputs. He shared few presentation/webinars for us to go through before we had our first meeting.These webinars are very helpful and helped us to understand the real estate terms. Amit spend good amount of time with us to understand our requirements and gathered all the necessary information in first meeting itself. Along been a good Realtor, Amit is also a knowledgeable loan broker, which helped in at loan pre-qualification calculation. His website ( is very good & provides all the required details at one stop. You also no need to check yourself for any upcoming new houses in the market as his auto-mated mails helps during this time.Amit does provide his expert advice while visiting the house. Before writing our first offer we met again in his office & went through all the details and he explained each and every point to us. He was also the single point of contact for all the financial matter which helped a lot during this process. And by God's grace we won our very first bid on our dream house. This is the house that we both loved and our daughter Swara as well.All thanks to Amit for helping us in finding our dream house and making this procedure very smooth. Me and Ashwini want to say thanks to Amit and his organization for great support. We will definitely refer him to our friends and family."
Happy Buyers
I first heard Amit on his Radio Show and found his show to be very interesting and informative. Another thing that struck me was the professionalism in his talk. Having talked to many Real Estate Agents, I knew that this is the person whom I want to do business with.I talked to him on the phone and he asked me to watch his webinar before our meeting. Watching the webinar cleared a lot of my doubts since I was a first time home buyer. After meeting Amit, I was assured that I am in the right hands now. He set me up to get listings via email and I was able to map the exact boundaries of my search. I found his tool very interactive and easy to use. My experience with it was even better than Zillow or Trulia and this allowed me to flag houses that I liked and accept or reject houses.Amit did help me negotiate before getting into contract and was able to negotiate a further discount after the inspection report came in. This is something I was not expecting and I was pleasantly surprised to save some money. Amit also is a one stop shop and served as my mortgage officer and he was the only person I needed to deal with.Thanks for all the help and good luck for your future.
Delighted Sellers & Happy Buyers
Shivani and I worked with Amit and Renuka for three transactions (2 buying and 1 selling) over a period of 5 years and every time we had excellent service. They always offered great advice, had excellent negotiation skills and helped us with great recommendations on how to prep our house for selling. Throughout the process both Amit and Renuka have always been a phone call, email or text away. Extremely responsive and helpful. The results speak for themselves. With Amit and Renuka's help we were able to purchase both our houses in a multiple offer situation. They also helped us sell our house with multiple offers and way over asking price. All credit goes to Amit and Renuka for shepherding us through this highly emotional process! Thank you. We are recommending this team to all our friends and we'll sure be back for our next home purchase.
Happy Buyers
We got to work with Amit and Renuka when purchasing our first home. Home buying is a complex process, buying your First Home is whole another story. There can be enough things to get you carried away which will either delay your decisions or confuse you enough to make no decision. You need to be educated, do a reality check, take timely decisions and follow the process. Having a professional expertise like Amit to guide us through each and every step is the best thing happened to us. We are more than pleased to own our sweet home through OWN-SWEET-HOME Realty. Thank you very very much for making our dream come true. Their attention to details, local market analysis, negotiating skills and timely responses helped us seal the deal in right time. Their combined real estate and mortgage broker experience helps you to be in a win-win situation. They put us in a best loan program available for our situation at that time. With them it's really like one-should-stop-no-need-to-shop experience where you get crisp and clear information on variety of situations and practical advice which you can trust. Amit and Renuka are always there for any help even after home purchase, whether it is refinancing, fixing or upgrading your home. We would highly recommend Amit and Renuka for any real estate transaction.
Delighted Sellers
We chose Amit from a list of agents given to us by our relocation company and we are very happy with our decision. Amit was quite knowledgeable about our area and extremely responsive to our questions and concerns. He is technologically savvy and very organized in his working style. Amit was prompt enough to recognize upcoming issues quickly and suggested mitigation strategies. Our home was sold with multiple offers. His 7 Step smart move program is above and beyond what we have seen with other agentAmit handled rest of the process quite smoothly and was very important in making our relocation smooth
Delighted Seller
I am a tech guy so it was a nice that Amit has all the latest tech tools available from eDocuments to eSignatures. The available technology streamlined the process of selling my house. We had multiply offers and since Amit has a good understanding of the loan approval process as well, he help us selected a strong buyer. With the right buyer the sale closed on time, no last minute glitches. A timely closed was very important to me
Happy Buyers
Amit was really beneficial and streamlined in the process of buying a home turned out to be as everything right from initial consultation, market knowledge, pricing the home to negotiations and closing of the home. Amit's expertise on loans helped us save money during purchase of our house. In short thumbs up to Amit's help
Happy Buyers
Working with Amit was great! We were first time home buyers and he walked us through every step of the process, was always patient and professional, and seemed genuinely interested in making sure we were happy with all of the decisions we made.
Best qualities of Amit is that he is very responsive and answers all of questions with logic that makes sense, especially in the beginning when we needed the most hand holding in the buying process. We get replies from him night and day, it felt like he was always there with us in the process. When we got involved in some tricky properties (the one we liked, but somewhere had doubts) his years of experience showed the right path. He is simply awesome to work with!!
Happy Buyers
We purchased a home from Amit Inamdar in Fremont. The home we liked the most, had multiple offers and Amit gathered lots of information to guide us in regarding price and terms of the offer. His due diligence resulted in we securing the home of our dreams at the price we were comfortable in a great school district. Amit is a great negotiator. He also helped us with mortgages and has saved us over $100K in mortgage interest by continuously monitoring the rates and advising us on refinancing on right times. We have peace of mind knowing Amit is our side. We highly recommend him for home buying, selling and financing.
Happy Buyers
We have worked with Amit to purchase our home. The whole process became very smooth because of Amit's commitment, his knowledge about local market and his willingness to listen and understand on buyers requirements. His quick responsiveness and great negotiation skills get you the best deal in a given timeline.I would highly recommend Amit to be your realtor. Always looking forward to work with you Amit..
Delighted Sellers
Amit helped us sell our townhouse even in a down market. He provided great insights into getting our house ready and was very professional when presenting the house to prospective buyers. Being a townhouse most of the prospective buyers were first time home buyers and he took the time to educate them about the process, features of our property which would make it attractive to them and the neighborhood. He researched the market and helped us determine the best price for our property. His understanding of the mortgage market helped us vet the potential buyers and the offers we received. I have recommended him to atleast 3 other friends who chose him to represent them and have completed real estate transactions with him