Antonia "Adele" Hoffman

Realtor SIMPLY VEGAS Lic. No. 43906
A native New Yorker most of her life, Adele moved to Las Vegas in 1999. With over 40 years of experience in real estate as both a salesperson and broker, she enjoys working with both buyers and sellers throughout the Las Vegas Valley, with extensive experience in the Summerlin area, to help make their real estate dreams come true. Her success has always been measured by the number of relationships she builds along the way with her utmost goal of being a realtor exemplifying honesty, integrity and experience you can count on!
Nov 8, 2023
ADELE HOFFMAN OF SIMPLY VEGAS IS SIMPLY THE BEST real estate agent I have ever encountered during my 50 years of buying and selling homes. She can absolutely count on repeat real estate business from me in the future. Adele Hoffman distinguishes herself from other agents by providing the highest form of business relationship which includes being competent, detail oriented, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and courteous. She understood my requirements and provided proactive representation and is why I was able to buy the home I wanted most.

Without Adele's proactive efforts, I more than likely would not own this lovely home. I am grateful to Adele for keeping a watchful eye on the status of homes I was interested in purchasing and for driving the neighborhood and stopping to talk with a contractor painting one of the homes on my to-buy list. She was informed by the painter that the owner wanted to rent or sell the home. The rest is history, and Adele Hoffman made all the difference by her efforts on my behalf.

Adele Hoffman believes that the buyer should love the home they buy. She graciously persisted with my husband and me when we withdrew offers on two prior houses during the contingency periods. Afterwards, she never betrayed any frustration with us and continued to encourage us.

I met Adele Hoffman as a result of her proactive and giving nature. At the time, I was renting a home, and at the end of the one-year lease, the owner gave me a one-month notice to vacate the premises so that he could reoccupy the house. I emailed six real estate agents to inquire about the availability of rentals in the area. Among the six contacted, only Adele Hoffman responded in a useful and productive manner. She stated that the owner was legally required to provide a two-month notice to vacate because of my age. The other five agents either did not respond or just wanted to know whether I was already working with another real estate agent.

ADELE HOFFMAN OF SIMPLY VEGAS IS a high quality, solid, high performing real estate agent who provides the utmost care and ethics. She is SIMPLY AWESOME!!!
Aug 3, 2022
Even though Realtor Agents hardly make money helping clients finding rental houses, Adele did not hesitate to assist my 80 year old parents finding one on the golf course with views of the valley which they loved. When it came time for me to find a house, there was no question who my Realtor would be. She's everything you could ask for in an Agent and more.

Without giving away some of her secrets, she was able to help me identify and narrow down my house needs/wants. Then get me in early on those that met my criteria. I thought that once I found "The House" the work was largely done. But Adele helped through the offer process, worked well with the listing Agent to find terms and conditions that both parties were delighted with. Following a through inspection and associated fixes, she advised me with the Closing and Title company paperwork which seemed so much simpler than what several friends experienced with their buying team. I could go on and on about her professionalism and likability but her reputation helping people find their perfect house proceeds her. Sincerely, Don Burchell
Jul 12, 2022
We worked with Adele Hoffman for nearly three years looking for the right home in the Siena community. At the time inventory was low and we had a preference of floor plans. She was beyond patient and would not let us settle for less than exactly what we wanted. When the right property became available, her knowledge and honesty proved to be invaluable. She went above and beyond to ensure our questions were answered by the right professionals when it came to financing, inspections, and every step of the way.
When it came to selling our house to make the move to Siena we wouldn’t turn to anyone else. She made helpful recommendations to ensure our house was listed at a price we were comfortable with and was competitive in the current market. This led to a quick and successful sale.
We would highly recommend Adele to any of our friends and family in need of a real estate professional.
Jan 6, 2022
Wouldn't think of using anyone else; Except her duaghter of course.
Went to an awful lot of work & time to close my escrow. Very professional. Like I said; Wouldn't think of using anyone else, except her daughter; PERIOD.
Feb 12, 2021
I was introduced to Adele by a friend of mine in the late summer of 2009. At that time my husband had just passed away and I needed to find a new place to live. It didn't take long for Adele to find something for me. What a lovely lady to work with particularly in my time of need.
In the fall of 2019, again, at the last moment when I couldn't find a suitable place, after selling my home, Adele came to my rescue. In one day she found a condo for me to rent. One year later Adele helped me in purchasing my own home. This is one special lady who knows her business.
Jan 8, 2021
Home purchaser
I just completed purchase of a another home in Siena. Both transactions were handled expertly by Adele of the Hoffman team.

I am a longtime real estate purchaser in the Las Vegas area and I must say it would be hard to beat the service and attention to detail that Adele gives her clients.
Every aspect of the transaction ran smoothly!

I am very pleased and I highly recommend the Hoffman team.

Susan Houston.

Feb 20, 2020
Client Success Manager
My wife and I never envisioned purchasing a property in Las Vegas during an extended stay to avoid the bitter cold months in New York City, so it was quite by happenstance that we met Adele at an open house she was hosting in the beautiful community of Siena. We were immediately impressed by her knowledge of the area and the thoroughness of her understanding of the local housing market. She invested several hours one Saturday showing us multiple properties and educating us on the value points of the different models and layouts. We knew we were in good hands when we decided to make an offer, and Adele deftly navigated us through the purchase process with great recommendations of resources at every turn. I would highly recommend partnering with Adele if you are considering selling or purchasing a home.
Oct 24, 2018
Are you contemplating to buy or sell your house? Here are some things to check off before you hire the right agent. Some of the expert agent’s qualities are: good communicator, work with you to price the house, proactive, good listener, client motivated, adapts to their client needs, negotiate with the home buyer and closing the sale. Adele Hoffman who was our realtor when we bought and sold our house in Siena has these qualities and more! Thanks to Lynn who helped market our house.
Mar 23, 2018
Home buyers
Adele Hoffman was far and away the most professional, extremely knowledgeable, caring, and attentiveness to detail agent we have ever dealt with in our long history of buying and selling real estate (we have bought and sold over eleven properties). After a number of months and numerous showings, when we finally saw the property we wanted, Adele went to work negotiating a price we could live with and she followed thru helping us thru escrow and beyond. You have a tru winner with Adele and we will certainly recomend her highly to anyone in the market for a real estate transaction.
Mar 14, 2018
Business Owner
Adele had found me a lovely comfortable home in 2010 ,now she is helping me with an other challenging opportunity. I am please when I can recommend a professional in their field who cares about my requirements and budget.
You will never meet a nicer salesperson that cares about you.

Ray Sabourin
Feb 9, 2018
VP Finance
Adele is a true professional and did a great job selling my house in Las Vegas.
The house had been on rent for 5+ years and was not in the best of shape. Adele put in a lot of time and effort to get the house back to shape (i do not live in Las Vegas). She brought in contractors who did a professional job at reasonable prices to fix up the house and the house showed very well.

As a result of her efforts and a very good understanding of the local market in terms of pricing the house, we ended up with 10+ offers! Adele did a thorough job of assessing the offers and the buyers credentials. We closed the house shortly thereafter.

All in all a job well done. I got a very good price for the house and the experience was excellent.

Dec 29, 2017
Investment Manager
Adele did a great job for me. She and Lynn worked tirelessly to sell my property. They are honest and knowledgeable. In short, true professionals and i recommend them highly if you're in need of a realtor in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas.
Oct 26, 2017
I met Adele through a listing that she had in my neighborhood. I contacted her to discuss the pricing of the property and during the conversation I mentioned to her that I am a real estate investor. She told me that she would keep her eyes open for any deals. within three weeks, she contacted me with a super buy. it was a cash deal and we closed within three weeks. She was very professional, knowledgeable and had my back throughout the whole process. it was a very smooth transaction. I would highly recommend her to any buyer or seller and I look forward to working with her again.
Oct 6, 2017
John and I first met Adele at an Open House that Adele was conducting. We were very impressed by her professionalism and courtesy. Several weeks later, when we were ready to focus on buying a home, we contacted Adele. Throughout the entire process, from start to finish, Adele had so much patience, was very knowledgeable, and very flexible with regard to our harried and hectic schedules. We were so impressed by her relentlessness and dedication, that we asked her to represent us in the sale of the home that we had lived in for 28 years. Once again, Adele was there for us. John and I are so happy that we chose Adele. She is, indeed, a remarkable realtor and person. Thank you, Adele, so very, very much!
Jun 18, 2017
It was a pleasure to work with Adele and Lynne. Adele stayed in constant contact with every party that was involved with the purchase of our new home. We also used her services to sell our prior residence. Adele displayed the same diligence while working on the sale of our previous home. We highly recommend Adele!
Jun 11, 2017
"Adele" she wakes the sun up in the morning and puts the stars to sleep at night. She is the epitome of what anyone would want to have for a real estate agent. You cannot work any harder than Adele. Always; I mean always goes the extra mile. I no longer refer to Adele as my real estate agent; she is my friend. Thank you Adele for all your help!!!
Jun 11, 2017
Adele Hoffman was recommended by a family member approximately 9 years ago when I was looking for a smaller home in Siena. She was patient and helped guide me with my purchase during a very difficult time in the real estate world. Adele has always stayed in touch and now helped me make the decision to sell the Villa.
Adele was thorough and really knows and understands the market. She is an excellent communicator. Her follow-up including the return of phone calls is better than any realtor I have ever worked with. She is a real pro and I would highly recommend her services. Thank you.
Apr 8, 2017
Retail Consultant
If it was possible to evaluate the purchase of the perfect home with the finest real estate agent, I would rate the service and support of Adele Hoffman greater than 100 percent. The service provided by Adele is rare with a level of knowledge and professionalism that makes the purchase of a home a pleasant experience.

As a newcomer to the Las Vegas area, Adele provided both the positives and negatives when reviewing areas and specific homes. She takes the time to know her clients and more importantly, to show them exactly the type of home they are interested in purchasing. When the time arrived for that perfect purchase, Adele's knowledge and years of experience provided a smooth path for negotiations, financing and the final closing. In between this process, whether for an appraisal, home inspection or the many issues that arise, Adele and her contacts make a difference in smoothing out any difficulties.

My appreciations for the support and patience during the home exploration process and always available to answer questions in a timely manner. In the end, we found the perfect home, perfect location and perfect price.

Dec 2, 2016

Just wanted to tell you that you were both totally professional and a pleasure to work with. You did everything in your power to make sure that my needs were met. I will definitely be working with you in the future. Thanks for all your efforts.
Nov 21, 2016
Dear Adele,

We want to express our appreciation for all the services you have provided for us. You were sensitive to our particular wishes and needs, and showed us homes that fit. Your suggestions on how to manage purchasing a new home in Las Vegas while still living in New Jersey helped us over a lot of rough spots. We are very happy with the new home at Siena that we now own. You have advised us about how to handle the adjustment to living in a new state with different requirements. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the benefits of your experience.

With many thanks for everything,

Harriett and Marv Herscher