David O'Hara, PMP

COO - www.emrcpr.com EMR CPR PMP, C-7 License#1022502
Seasoned COO executive for Program Management of bringing people and IT together.
Key Experience: Software/Cloud/Hardware Migrations and IT Logistics
Focus: Executive Sponsorship, Client Relations, Contract Negotiation, Financial Control, Key performance deliverables.

Extensive experience with strategic planning as well as tactical implementation including program and project management, and operations support. Highly motivated with a demonstrated record of achievement in developing company policies and programs to strengthen global project teams in support of corporate and business objectives. Admirable reputation for adaptability, exceptional performance, and fostering relationships vertically and horizontally throughout an organization. Consult and maintain relationships with clientele (Google, Yahoo, VISA, VM Ware, Facebook, EBay, Palm, etc), Including vendor management/relationships (HP, NetApp, Hitachi, Sun, Pillar, etc.). Program manage global IT projectswhich encompass developing solutions to engineering or technology problems.

Technology Proficiency – Cloud Migration, Data Migration, Software & Hardware Migrations & Deployments, Operating System Upgrades, Cloud Implication and Migrations, Continuous Managed IT Support, IT Logistics, AWS, GCP, Oracle, Networking, PAN, Cisco, Web development, HTML, Flash, Cisco Telepresence, Microsoft Business Solutions, eCommerce Platform.

We formulate your enterprise IT strategic initiatives as an investment of resources dedicated to accomplishing your organizational objectives either from an expansion in revenue or a reduction in your operational expenses. Our cloud practice provides best-of-breed solutions with world class IaaS, PaaS organizations such as AWS, Azure and GCP for scalable, elastic & cost effective global solutions.
Vice President
I have known David for approx 10 years. He leads the IT operational activity for EMR and has done a great job growing the company. I can rely on David and EMR with my needs fulfilled on rush activity as well as small to very large projects . He is committed to satisfying the customer's needs, which is why we are all in business.
I highly recommend David and EMR for IT services support.
Global Moves Program Manager
David O’Hara and his EMR/CPR team have been a preferred service provider for Cushman and Wakefield @ Symantec since 2014. Since then, we have we have worked together on national and international projects of all different sizes and complexity with great success. At this point, we all work so seamlessly together that David-EMR/CPR is considered an extension of our global move team.

David is always willing to go out of his way to ensure a project finishes on schedule and on budget. When things get tough, I have come to rely on him for his patience, willingness to listen, solution-based approach and customer service focused attitude.

I am highly pleased with the work that David has done for us and am personally and professionally grateful to have him as part of our program. Obviously, I strongly recommend him and EMR/CPR to anyone looking for an Enterprise IT service provider.
Director of IT
EMR CPR had a stellar team that helped with with a huge project in the Silicon Bay Area which included:

Install new Wireless Network with Firewalls
Configure and Procure Wireless Access Points Model: Must be HIPPA Compliant
Ensure Enterprise security
(Firewall/Router) - 100% Cloud Managed Teleworker Gateway
Data Back Up
Audit Access and monitor PHI in shared Drive documents
IT Maintenance – Preventative Maintenance
Security Risk Assessment to identify risks and vulnerabilities to electronic protected health information (e-PHI). Address criteria by evaluating the impact and likelihood of potential breaches, implementing security features, cataloguing security features, and maintaining security protections.

Their team executed all project deliverables flawlessly and much faster than anticipated. We will continue to use EMR CPR as our Managed IT Service Provider.

Executive Assistant/Office Manager, Beckon
Moving offices anytime soon? Well, for us, David O'Hara and his team were a one-stop shop super simple solution (mouthful). They handled everything from start to finish. If I would have done this one my own, there would have been stuff I would have forgotten. Floor plans/spacing for future expansion, logistics, and technology were all on his shoulders. They moved our entire company in one night! Our employees were able to plug-n-play the very next day without loosing valuable time. David is a rockstar and made me look like one too!

Office Manager
David & his moving team are awesome to work with and moved our entire company including technology in one night. We were even up & running that evening.

I would definitely would use them again & would recommend him to anyone.
Director of Inoformation Technology
We hired EMR CPR to assist us execute 2 move tasks within 1 week.
The first task involved moving our server infrastructure to a datacenter.
The second involved moving our headquarters to a new address.
David O'Hara took over the 2 tasks and managed them with complete confidence and fully took ownership of the 2 tasks.
David executed both tasks on time and was very efficient in managing them with almost no supervision from us.

David was definitely a rock star and I highly recommend him for anybody who would like to take the headache out of a daunting task of moving.
President / CEO - Northgate Commercial
David and Edward have been excellent to work with. They understood our IT/IS needs and were able to help fix problems within our system. They have become and integral part of our company.
Lead Facilities Tech for Adobe Systems
David and his team are GREAT! Always a pleasure to work with, and never any complaints from my clients.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Program Manager Visa
I have worked with David on many move projects over the past few years. His is a dynamic and flexible manager and a fast acting and decisive professional with an easy ability to assess, evaluate and act on problems and challenges with consistently successful results. He has strong interpersonal skills and logical, and his solution based thought processes create a powerful team player. I look forward to working with him again.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Sr. DC engineer
I have worked with David a few times and each time all went very well. I would recommend his services and would tout his planning as well as execution. I have used other services like what David and his teams have offered will less than happy endings. I would say A+ on what he planned and delivered.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Datacenter Technical Manager
David provided great customer service. He and his team are very responsive and very professional. They were able to respond to our needs even at short notice or late in the day request. They also made initiatives to coordinate are project request over the weekend and make sure we have resource by monday...
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
PDIT Project Manager
For the Projects that I worked with David on at Intuit, his team has done a very good job meeting our requirement. His team followed up on any issues that required their attention and is available whenever we have questions.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Manager, SQA Engineering, Symantec
David managed our QA lab migration. Our migration included 65 - 75 devices. David called a few days before the move and asked very thoughtful questions which helped my team of QA Engineers and lab managers to think about some of the gotchas that we may encounter and helped to set the stage for his group of movers so we did not wait time once they were on site. The move went very smoothly. I would definitely look forward to the opportunity to work with David again.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Product Manager
Very responsive and prompt
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Lead Facility Tech
Always great to work with.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Brocade Engineering Ops, Lab Services, Sr Manager,
Great focus on deliverable and understanding of the customer's needs. Flexibility and excellent response time to unplanned changes dictated by business needs. Fully reliable partner at any scale project.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Facilities Manager
I have found that David pays very close attention to detail, which is a Facilities Manager's "need to have".and to see it coming from David is refreshing and puts my mind at ease when it comes to our projects here. In addition he is very proffesional and very hands on. He goes above and beyond the call of duty.We here at Activision only deal with the best. If you don't fit that bill, then we just won't have it.

Thank you for allowing me to share my view on David.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Manager, Server Operations at Palm
I was asked to provide feedback for David O'Hara and his upgrade team when they were here at Palm last year doing a MAC and PC OS upgrade. The team seemed experienced and technically competent to perform all the required tasks that Palm needed for the upgrades. In fact, they made good suggests that helped make the upgrade faster allowing more systems to be upgraded in a shorter period of time. David was great, he really knew his stuff and always had good control of the team and left no doubt the upgrade would be completed on-time with no tasks left uncompleted. David was very detailed and adamant about the accuracy of the upgrade checklist. He kept the schedule timeline up-to-date ensuring all tasks were completed on-time. David was also helpful and very competent from a technical perspective helping with the Windows 7 upgrade script which shortened the upgrade process while completing more tasks within the script. I’d like to have David back for the next upgrade or relocation project at Palm.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Brocade, Lab Services, Sr manager
Great focus on deliverable and understanding of the customer's needs. Fully reliable partner at any scale project.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
World Wide WPR Manager
David O'Hara is an excellent project manager. He is detail-oriented and possess excellent communication skills. He can head off problems before they occur. Always calm and in control, he is a valuable partner on any project he is a part of.
Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies
Project Director and President of Brown, Davis & Assoc.
The Loyola project was a complicated re-stack and I cannot say enough good things about your relocation team! They were always on-time even with short notice. They were diligent and technically proficient in the execution of all aspects of the disconnect/reconnect of any type of computer system that they worked on. Wil Ramey and other team leaders from your company often made excellent suggestions in the approach to various projects. Your teams were fun to work with and always worked to satisfy the needs of the client. I look forward to working with them on other projects we manage!

Recommendation received while at Milestone Technologies