Chen Ben Asher

Nutritional Consultant CNC., MA., FLT., GFP Mor's Nutrition & More
Aug 17, 2014
As a life-long dieter, I have tried just about every program out there and have worked with numerous nutritionists. I am so grateful that a friend introduced me to Chen. Rather than handing me a basic program to follow, Chen took the time to get to know me. She reviewed my lab tests for the past several years. She asked lots of questions so that she could understand how my body functions and how I respond to various foods. Chen's basic premises are that each body is different and has different requirements and that nutrition is the key to good health. If you are not open to making major changes in how you eat, Chen might not be the right person for you. She is not about quick changes and rapid weight loss. But, I am off almost all of my medications now and have never felt better. While I haven't lost all the weight that I would like to, Chen is always gently reminding me that this is a process -that as I heal my body, more weight will come off.

Chen always goes the extra mile in serving her clients. She offers terrific cooking classes. My family loves the new recipes. She is working with a relative of mine that lives several hours away by phone and asked me to drive with her to see my relative because she was concerned about her. She actually calls you to see how you are doing if she has a concern.

In addition to private and group sessions, I have attended Chen's free monthly lectures. I have been amazed to learn how nutrition is at the root of the problem and the cure for so many chronic issues facing our society. Chen is a great resource whether you want to lose weight or just be healthier.
Jul 9, 2014
Chen Ben Asher was literally a life saver for my family! My dad had been diagnosed with terminal metastatic prostate cancer that had ravaged his body quickly due to his poor nutritional and mental health. Chen gave my family hope by turning my dad's habits around through scientific nutritional changes to his diet. His blood tests came back improved, one after another, and the realization that this was not an immediate death sentence changed his life and outlook!

Without Chen I have no doubt that my dad would have passed over a year ago. But thanks to her unending knowledge of nutrition and support my dad is still here today, juicing vegetables taking his supplements and respecting the value of a body fueled by pure, healthy foods.
Jul 6, 2014

I contacted Chen due to severe allergies and GI issues.
Before contacting Chen I have been seeing multiple other doctors and nutrition consults, which didn't seem to help much with my situation.

The fist thing I noticed about Chen is her very unique approach to me as a person in general and my issues in particular. Contrary to my previous experiences, Chen seemed to have as much time as I needed to listen to me, ask me all the questions that helped her get to the bottom of what was troubling me and overall treat me as a human being rather than a 30min appointment that's running on the clock.

As we proceed thru the treatment I also noticed Chen's flexibility in accommodating my own constraints and preferences related to her suggested treatment. Her recommendations always entailed a dialogue where I could inject my own inputs to achieve a path that I could practically follow.

On top of it all, Chen has some fairly unique gadgets that I've never seen before that seemed to have done miracles for me. More specifically, she has this detox foot bath that extracts toxins from the body thru the feet.
I was amazed to see the quantity of toxins that were extracted from my body using this neat gadget not to mention the great feeling I got after completing each of these treatments.

I would highly recommend Chen to anyone who's suffering from allergies and/or food related diseases and is looking for a wonderful nutritional consultant to work with!