Michelle Paulson

Medium & Blogger afourytale
Silicon Valley resident, Michelle Murnin Paulson is a spiritual medium. Michelle brings through messages from loved ones in spirit, spirit guides, guardian angels and even your own energy or soul.

Helping people is her main priority. Offering comfort to those who grieve while also creating a stronger faith in the afterlife is something that she strives to provide to her clients.

Michelle has experienced spirits since she was a young girl and has continued to encounter them on a daily basis. She is not a psychic, however she is gifted with being able to deliver messages from the other side.

Above all else she loves her family, friends, books, writing, converse and coffee.
Jan 8, 2020
A good friend of mine shared a little about her experience with Michelle and stirred my interest in scheduling a session of my own. After some pondering, I scheduled the visit. I will say that I was nervous....wasn't sure who, if anyone, would come through. In my mind, there were 2 individuals I was hoping to hear from! Michelle was extremely thorough in explaining the process and how she came to channel spirit, so I was immediately put at ease from the moment I sat down. Her ability to relay messages from both of the individuals I wanted to hear from was incredible. I had no doubt in my mind that I was receiving messages from my mom and from another loved one I lost to a motorcycle accident. To say that the session was therapeutic is an understatement. I had such an overwhelming sense of peace during and after because I truly felt as though I had conversations with both individuals. This helped my heart so much and I am forever grateful for the gift she gave me that day. I am even tempted to go back again! Michelle is awesome and is such a blessing to those who are mourning/grieving the loss of a loved one...because we all know it's not something we ever really get over. It's something we just learn to live with & carry with us, perhaps a little better with each passing day. Knowing they are in a good place and watching over us is more comforting than I can even explain. I truly believe in Michelle's gift and would recommend her in a heartbeat! I've already had several friends/family members book sessions with her. Thank you again, Michelle, for the gift you gave me that day. I only wish I had thought to record it so I'd have it forever!
Dec 23, 2019
Both Michelle and her gift are amazing! She has such a special way of connecting with "others". She doesn't just pass along and deliver their words; she also has a way of explaining and showing their personality and really connects with who your loved one was and is. Its because of her ability and being able to talk and connect with my Pops that I was finally able to start the healing process after his passing. But, just like any good get together you never really know whose going to show up. I was lucky that my Pops did, along with a few other special loved ones. Michelle was able to effectively get their messages across and bring peace to my heart and for that I could never repay her! She is a very special women with a very special gift!
Dec 19, 2019
I really enjoyed meeting with Michele. She is very open and easy to talk to. I left feeling like I got the connection I wanted and answers. Still weeks later I feel at peace. I would recommend checking her out it was a great experience.
Dec 17, 2019
I first learned of Michelle from an article written in the GMH Magazine. I made an appointment and am so happy that I did. She gave me so much peace and joy during our session, and I'll be forever grateful that our paths have crossed. She is a truly gifted medium! I HIGHLY recommend Michelle Paulson!
Dec 1, 2019
I was recommend Michelle by my customer!! My father had passed away since June of 2015 and I needed closure. Michelle was amazing. She’s very sweet too. I highly recommend her I had my closure of my dads passing. My grandfather came through. I knew he would of.. miss them so much. I will see you again.
Oct 6, 2019
I was recommended to Michelle by a friend. I highly recommend her. She is kind, open and very good at what she does. I have had one session and I would do it again! I got clarity I needed about my family
Sep 16, 2019
I was referred to Michelle by several family members who had worked with her previously - each family member had only wonderful things to say. I initially felt anxious about our session as this was an entirely new experience for me; however, Michelle has calming and peaceful approach that immediately made me feel at ease. The session brought about many emotions (all good) and left me with an overwhelming sense of peace, love and confirmation that our loved ones are always with us and supporting us. I look forward to the day I get to work with Michelle again!
Sep 14, 2019
I made an appointment with Michelle on a recommendation from a coworker.
My time with Michelle was a wonderful experience. She thoroughly explained the process at the beginning of the sessions. She lovingly guided me through my visiting spirits clarifying information along the way.
I received some closure as well as some things to think about.
I highly recommend a session with Michele. You won't regret it!
Sep 13, 2019
I reached out to Michelle after a family member had recounted their experience. At the time I found it intriguing and wanted some connection to loved ones who had passed, in my heart I knew who I wanted to connect to. I was nervous but never skeptical & very open minded yet still not sure what I was seeking from the experience.
I can honestly say that the time I spent with Michelle was life changing. I live across the country and we held a phone reading where we could not see each other but she was able to not only process messages but read my own feelings. Michelle was able to validate who I was speaking to in a way that no one would be able to. My reading and the messages given were an immeasurable gift. I honestly cannot begin to describe the emotion and love that she was able to illuminate. As the days went by afterwards I was able to email her and ask questions because the messages come through as they are communicated not necessarily as we expect. One thing that was gifted to me was my grandfather referencing a certain flower and Michelle was very descriptive. It took a day or two and recounting the story of my reading to know exactly what he was telling me. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in the summer and they had an orchard filled with fruit trees and these wildflowers. I have been so busy with life that I stopped looking around until I was reminded. I just had a painting made of these small white wildflowers to remind me of the love given through my reading.
Michelle is amazing, she truly has a gift and again the experience changed my life. I have no doubt that we are all destined for greater things in this life and we are surrounded by loved ones. I will reach out to her again and again. Do not doubt-if you are reading this testimonial it is your sign to book a reading, your message is waiting to be delivered. Thank you Michelle, I wish there were more words than that but thank you for the love.

Melanie Moline
Sep 13, 2019
Working with Michelle was great! Connecting with Spirit is a gift. Having the opportunity to receive the messages through Michelle brought joy and sparked much needed inner work I had been neglecting. There was so much information coming through; my notebook is full! Looking forward to reviewing it.

Thanks, Michelle!
Sep 10, 2019
SVP Marketing
My meeting with Michelle was life changing. I was able to connect with my great grandmother on the other side in a profound way. And knowing that she is my guide was very comforting. Michelle is the real deal and she enables conversations with loved ones who have passed-- what a gift. I'm forever grateful and can't wait to meet with Michelle again!
Sep 9, 2019
Salon Owner
I can not express enough gratitude to Michelle for her amazing reading. It may sound crazy but she connected me with a spirit that I was longing to talk to. I wasn't sad I was so happy and I didn't want to end the conversation. It was the closure that I needed. Its so hard to discribe what I happened that day but all I can tell you is that I feel like making this call to Michelle was one of the best decisions I ever made. Michelle, from the bottom of my heart thank you so very much!
Sep 6, 2019
Michelle came recommended to me because I had a dream I was sure was out-of-the-ordinary for me, and potentially a spirit making contact, but I wasn't sure about the second part.

During my phone session with Michelle, she immediately made me feel at ease, especially because I'd never done anything like it before. Sure enough, the spirit I thought I'd dreamed about came forward, and Michelle knew multiple, specific details of my dream I hadn't told her beforehand.

It was quite a lovely experience, and Michelle helped the spirit communicate with me effortlessly. I've always been a believer in things out-of-the-norm, and Michelle is no different. She's got a gift, and you can tell she genuinely enjoys helping others with it.
Sep 6, 2019
I reached out to Michelle after being referred by a family member who had a memorable experience from their time with her. I wanted to hopefully connect with some loved ones that had passed. I was pleasantly surprised by how many of them I was able to receive messages from. I’m so glad that Michelle has this gift to help people heal when they lose someone. I would absolutely recommend Michelle - the way she delivers the messages is with a kind, caring and sympathetic heart.
Sep 6, 2019
Executive Coach
Michelle was highly recommended to me by a close mutual friend, so I knew she was special. What I wasn't prepared for was the emotional response I had to the reading. She very quickly connected me with my mom who passed away 4 years ago. Through Michelle, it felt as if I was having a live conversation with her, and tears flowed freely as I experienced the opportunity to 'talk' with her again. Michelle's gift is very powerful, and the impact it created for me was unforgettable.
Aug 21, 2019
Michelle is truly amazing! She has a fantastic gift and I am so grateful that I met her and had some closure in my life. I had been wanting to meet a Medium for some time. I wasn't sure what to expect when I met her and how the experience would all go but it was beyond my expectations. I have had a lot of loss of people in my life the past 10 years so I wasn't sure who would show up that day but it was my Dad who died of cancer in 2013. I was skeptical, uneasy, unsure but as soon as Michelle started to talk about him, I knew it was him. He talked about things that no one else would ever have known. It was just an amazing feeling and such a gift that 60 minutes with my Dad and Michelle. I feel so many parts of me have healed now. Now I feel like since my appt with my Michelle that I miss my Dad even more but connecting with him on this level has truly been inspiring and healing. I highly recommend Michelle! She is professional, friendly, caring and overall just has this amazing gift with connecting with others that have crossed over to Heaven. It's just beautiful! I hope I get a chance to do another Medium appt with Michelle!
Apr 28, 2019
My husband and I saw Michelle a couple of months ago for the first time and I was a wonderful experience. I have lost immediate family members and the connection that came through w my brothers and my Mom and the unborn child I had lost was so healing for me. I strongly recommend her. In fact I am about to make another appointment with her.
Mar 11, 2019
I was introduced to Michelle by my cousin, who was introduced by a friend. My 22 year old son (only child) recently passed on after a year and a 1/2 battle with cancer, preceded by a week with the passing of my 93 year old mother. Needless to say this was a difficult time for me. While in CA, I took the chance of seeing if I might be able to meet with Michelle, and was happy to find she had an opening. During our meeting, she quickly connected with my son - who took full credit for arranging our meeting! Michelle's vibrant personality and joy for life helped turn a heart-wrenching situation into one interspersed with laughter, and lots of love. I know that as I continue to review what was said, it will continue to provide comfort, love, hope, and the knowledge that they are both still with me - just in a different manner - and still offering assistance. Michelle would have to be an AMAZING actress if she were faking this (not likely). Thank you Michelle, for offering your gifts to help myself and all others in need of comfort and communication with those we ourselves aren't capable of seeing and hearing the way that you can. (PS: He was right about the airline tickets!) I hope to see you again in the relatively near future.
Mar 8, 2019
My meeting with Michelle completely changed my life. She gave me a connection to my late brother that I really needed after his unexpected passing. Michelle told me things and made gestures that no one besides my brother would ever know about. It was an emotional and rewarding meeting. I look forward to working with her again soon.
Mar 8, 2019
I was recommended Michelle from my moms best friend. She called and told me she had gone to Michelle, and had been able to talk to my mom. Obviously, I was skeptical at first, but, also very excited. My mom passed away 7 years ago.
Michelle made me feel comfortable and loved, immediately. She explains everything so that you understand. She has a true, loving spirit, and is such an empath of feelings.
I honestly can't wait to go back so that I can visit with my mom, and grandpa, or whomever, again.
Mar 4, 2019
I cannot recommend Michelle enough. In fact, I can't stop talking about what I experienced with her and I encourage anyone and everyone to see her. I would say that I was open to what she had to say, but also a bit skeptical. However, after meeting with her, I am no longer skeptical and a big believer in Michelle's gift. Thank you, Michelle!
Mar 4, 2019
Michelle has such a gift to connect with spirit. I was so grateful for our session that enabled me to connect with my grandmother. Michelle has a clear and kind way of communicating the messages. Highly recommend. 🙏❤️
Mar 3, 2019
She made my heart smile! An amazing and wonderful experience that I will most certainly experience again in the future. Thank you Michelle for giving my loved ones a voice for me to hear. K
Mar 1, 2019
Grandmother of 6
I made an instant connection with Michelle when I saw her at a local event. During my session, Michelle answered questions from my grandson that had been haunting me. I did not mention who I was trying to connect to nor how he had passed, but she was able to bring answers from his spirit. There were so many accurate messages from both my grandson and my mother. I cannot even begin to say how much comfort, peace and happiness I came away with after our sessions. I've seen Michelle twice and look forward to seeing her again. Thank you Michelle for helping me during this heart breaking time.
Feb 26, 2019
I spoke with Michelle for an hour and she was fantastic. SHe explained how she works and was very calm and clear. It was amazing speaking to her and getting to speak to my father through her! I highly recommend her and plan on using her again in the future!